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  1. Daffie

    You may fall into a category of inactives whose position has yet to be clarified.  I.E. those having E121 cover as a consequence of receiving UK Incapacity Benefit,  who were legally resident in France before 23rd November 2007 when the new French Residency laws came into effect.

    The following is an excerpt from the French Health Issues website :

    If your form E121 is withdrawn

    If for any reason your form E121 is withdrawn, for example, because your lose your entitlement to UK disability benefit, then:

    If you became resident in France after 23rd November 2007, upon the withdrawal of form E121 you will be obliged to obtain private health insurance until either you have been resident in France for five years, receive cover under a subsequent form E121 or are able to “piggy-back” onto a partner’s form E106 or E121.

    If you were resident in France on or before 23rd November 2007, then the position is unclear, but:

    • The Minister’s latest concession, as per her letter dated 23rd January 2008, referred only to E106 holders. Strictly, therefore, upon expiry of form E121 you will be obliged to obtain private health insurance until you have been resident in France for 5 years, receive cover under from a subsequent form E121 or are “ayant droit” (able to “piggy-back”) onto a partner’s form E106 or E121. However,

    The view of the British Embassy is that all EU citizens, resident in France on or before 23rd November 2007 will be entitled to affiliate to CMU.

    Equally, as it is unlikely that either category would be able to obtain private healthcare on E121 expiry, to cover their conditions, then they may be granted CMU entry under the “accident of life” provisions, outlined in the December statement.

    End of excerpt


    If it is the case that you were legally resident in France before 23rd November 2007,  then it should follow that you are afforded the concession of being allowed to affiliate to CMU, a concession specifically stated for those holding other E forms, but not for those holding IB E121s.  To my knowledge this has yet to be tested,  although the British Embassy is on record as stating that the cases of people in this position would be 'considered sympathetically'.  There is a principle of propotionality in european law and it could be argued that the penalty of losing one's residency as a consequence of a law being applied retrospectively is disproportionate.

    Perhaps the British Embassy's commitment that, those who were also fully complying with the law prior to November 2007, will be treated sympathetically, should be tested now.  Good luck!

    Further information can be found here :


    Mr Cat


  2. ali-cat


    [quote user="velcorin"]

    Unfortunately brianagain "Aerospace" is not within the scope of the "Manufacturing" catergory, so officially is not considered "Manufacturing" ! Bizarre, I know, that was my point in an earlier post. UK strengths in Defence, Aerospace, Pharma, Petro, Plastics, the hi-tech, hi-value, areas of an economy are not considered (internationally) as "Manufacturing" which is just low value metal bashing, inorganic chemicals, etc. The definition needs dragging into the modern world.



    Are you sure Velcorin?  UK Standard Industrial Classification SIC 2007 places Aerospace manufacturing firmly with Category C - Manufacturing under heading 30.4.  Same as the Eurostat NACE and North American NAICS systems.  Unless you're talking about technical consultancy which would be a service activity or the media's use of industrial classifications which are typically all over the place.

    Slow day, I know.


    Mr Cat


  3. Just been announced that ALL Eurostar trains from St Pancras have been cancelled, today. 

    Edit: Make that all trains from all stations!!

  4. Dodged the bullet this time but now Gordy's promising to tour the world to drum up a better deal along the lines of the rich countries (including us) needing to fund the developing countries (including China and India) to grow more sustainably.

    Now, I believe that the major creditors for the massive public debts run up in the UK etc include China and India.  So Gordy's intending to borrow billions from China and India at extortionate interest rates so that we can then give it back to them to spend on 'green technology'.

    Is he 'aving a larf?

    Mr Cat


  5. Could Peak Oil be the real reason behind Copenhagen?

    From Wiki :

    "Optimistic estimations of peak production forecast the global decline will begin by 2020 or later, and assume major investments in alternatives will occur before a crisis, without requiring major changes in the lifestyle of heavily oil-consuming nations. These models show the price of oil at first escalating and then retreating as other types of fuel and energy sources are used.[4] Pessimistic predictions of future oil production operate on the thesis that either the peak has already occurred,[5][6][7][8] oil production is on the cusp of the peak, or that it will occur shortly.[9] As proactive mitigation may no longer be an option, a global depression is predicted, perhaps even initiating a chain reaction of the various feedback mechanisms in the global market which might stimulate a collapse of global industrial civilization, potentially leading to large population declines within a short period. Throughout the first two quarters of 2008, there were signs that a global recession was being made worse by a series of record oil prices"


    Mr Cat


    Well worth a read before our illustrious leaders sign away billions more cash we don't have to keep the Maldives above sea level.


    Now I admit I'm in no way capable of understanding all the science - even if all of the information was available and uncontested. But I am old enough to remember the 1970's and being continually told that we were heading for another ice age.  Moreover I'm always suspicious when politicians and the media jump on a bandwagon and apparently stifle any discussion to the contrary.  But the clincher for me is that politicians worlwide are not exactly known for long-term thinking or altrusim.

    So whats going on?

    Mr Cat




  7. Rubbish in, Rubbish out![;-)]

    Mr Cat


  8. With the long winter nights once more upon us I have started to cross stitch a few of my favourite Xmas designs, normally a few cute angels and santas etc.  I then did this one which I think is particularly cute, so if there are any other stitcher's out there, they may want to have a go!!  I do them on plastic canvas, back them with red felt & attach a gold thread so they can be hung on Christmas trees!!


  9. For once in my life I agree with Roy Keane. [:D]
  10. So why have they said, since the takeover of Brawn, that they wanted an all German driver line-up?
  11. [quote user="Frederick"]Its no good Henry saying the ball hit his arm you can clearly see he opened his fist and with the palm of his hand hit and changed the direction of the ball .. There is enough film of it to be seen . Whatever happens from now wherever the French team end up in this competition Henry his team mates and the whole of France will know it was by his dishonest act . It will take the shine off any victory they may achieve . Irish Justice minister is demanding the game be re played such is the disgust in Ireland[/quote]


    Personally I think it will be forgotten about pretty quickly. These things usually are - by everyone except the people who have lost out.

    As for a re-match - do they also re-play every game where a goal was disallowed for being off-side, when it wasn't .... when a goal was scored, but a player was actually off-side ... when someone dived & was awarded a penalty ..... and on and on and on. Calling for a re-match is pointless & stupid – where would it end?!!

    Spotted this in the Belfast Telegraph ..... [Www]

    Croissant €2
    French Beret €5
    Bottle of French Red Wine €8
    Watching Thierry Henry playing gaelic football, PRICELESS!!!!!!

  12. Having not been on a plane for a couple of years I don't know what the restrictions on liquids (e.g. shampoo, shaving products etc.) in hand luggage are now?  If you can't carry these sort of products on-board & have to purchase them on arrival & dump them before flying back, surely that could cost more than booking a bag into the hold?! [8-)]
  13. Hi Scooby.

    Fibromyalgia translates as muscle pain and ME/FMS used to be used synonymously until some medics decided to distinguish between those where pain was the primary symptom and those where other symptoms predominate. They then replaced ME with the meaningless CFS catch all.

    My own view is that ME and FMS are just slightly different manifestations of the same underlying pathology and the positive XMRV findings in both 'groups' supports this.  For example I have muscle and joint pains but they are not my most debilitating symptoms and don't require painkillers plus I don't have the 'classic' FMS tender points so I'm labelled with ME.

    Hopefully this represents a step towards a cure for these 'syndromes' regardless of the label.

    Mr Cat



  14. Some important information for those directly affected or who have relatives suffering from M.E. or Fibromylagia. You didn't even have had to blink to have missed it!

    Despite an estimated 17 million people affected worldwide this inexplicably didn't make it onto the UK broadcast news :


    Further as yet unpublished findings are even more supportive of a causal link and promise both a diagnostic test and treatment becoming available.  It now seems unlikely that the UK government can continue its disgraceful failure to fund proper medical research into this disease and to fob patients off with psychological therapies and perhaps now my French GP will now "believe in" this disease.

    Mr Cat


  15. For the first time, Fernando Alonso has been implicated as being part of the Nelson Piquet 'crash-gate' scandal. 

    According to Piquet Snr. Alonso "knew everything". - http://www.motorsport.com/news/article.asp?ID=345109

  16. If you can pick up the August 2009 issue of Moto2 magazine (French) they have detailed maps of all the rear facing speed cameras in France.

    If you're heading to Dordogne could I suggest you take the D7 from Angouleme through Claix, Champagne Vigny, Blanzac, Montmoreau, Villebois Lavalette to la Rochebeaucourt rather than the main Periguex route from Angouleme to Brantome.  It may take a bit longer but much more scenic.  But not if it's wet!

    Mr Cat


  17. [quote user="Quillan"][quote user="Jay"]

    Recession in Britain 'at an end'

    So why has the exchange rate dropped to 1.147?


    Thats a bit misleading and not actual. What the first sentence said was "Confidence among business professionals has surged, suggesting the recession is at an end, a survey has said." The article says it talked to over 1000 Chartered Accountants in England, Scotland and Wales, that's about 1% so its not a true representation of them all.

    It does not say that the recession is actually at an end which is why the rate did not improve. You will know when it does because the exchange rate will hit around 1.20 Euros to the pound.



    Hate to be pedantic Quillan but probabilty theory 101 tells you that a sample of 1,000 is plenty big enough to get an accurate headline estimate regardless of the population size - IF properly selected.  By way of analogy, if you put three parts white sand and one part black sand in bucket and mixed it thoroughly then a teaspoon full will give you an accurate estimate of the proportions. You could fill a skip in the same way and a teaspoon full is still sufficient.[;-)]

    Mr Cat



  18. ali-cat

    Cat fleas

    You can get Advantage at your local French vet – as far as I know they all sell it. I would try the Frontline Combo first though (if that isn't already what you use), as we tend to find it works the best on our three. One word of warning though, you probably shouldn't be using a flea collar along with drops as it could overload your cat's system. Good luck catching & grooming her today!! [:-))]
  19. [quote user="Clair"][quote user="nectarine"]Hi there, when I want to reply to a message and press the 'quote' function I get the original script in my message and then type my response. Problem is, when my message is posted the original 'quote' doesn't appear as a light-coloured box but it appears with all the computer-thingy script before and afterwards, and looks really jumbled. Any idea why? I am using Google Chrome as my Internet program. Many thanks all a puzzled Nectarine[/quote]
    I suspect Chrome might clash with the forum software...
    This is quoted using Firefox [:)]

    That's just showing off!!  Opps, I'm doing it as well! [:-))]

  20. La Redoute have an 'up to 40% off' sale on household goods at the moment.  We've just received a large order ourselves (for bedroom furniture ...... plus a 'few' new summer tops [Www]) & saved about 300€ on the lot.   
  21. [quote user="Cathy"]Elton John can sing once more to me ...[/quote]

    I would prefer not to have sound ....... [Www]

  22. Can someone please give me a little information about the one hour max, blue parking area's which have recently been introduced in all of our local towns. I apologise for asking, as I know this has been covered previously – but there are still a few areas I'm not sure about.  Although it will hopefully not affect me directly I would like to be able to pass the information on to others & to friends coming over for the summer and don't want to be passing on misinformation!! [blink]

    Are the clocks/discs free for locals?  Are they usable in any town i.e. if someone from Jarnac (16) has one, can they use it in Saintes (17)?  Do you need to replace them or just be careful not to lose it?!  Has anyone any idea of cost of the fines, if you don't have one?

    I am sure there are loads of rules and regulations regarding them – so if you know of anything else that may be useful, please let me know!

    I really don't understand why a town like Cognac has now brought this in – it hardly encourages tourists to stay, have a look around, do a tour and spend their hard earned Euros if they have to leave within 60 minutes.   

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