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  1. Gardian asks 'why ask on here?' Well it was the Easter weekend and the insurance offices are closed and I thought someone else may have had the same experience. In the past when I've looked at the forum there have often been helpful, not to say sympathetic, responses but perhaps times have changed. To all those who did respond, in whatever tone, many thanks.
  2. Hello, I hope someone can help with this. We came over to the UK for Christmas and have been stuck here ever since due to Covid. I am wondering if our French car insurance remains valid, a) because of Brexit and b) because of the length of time we have been here - more than three months. The green card says that the insurance is valid in GB and we haven't received any ommunication post-Brexit to notify us of any changes. Any advice greatly appreciated.
  3. Hello, hope someone can help with this. I was in the process of filling in my declaration on line when I noticed a new form had been added to the list to fill in - 2041E. Never seem this before but it seems to be a form for non-residents but we are resident. It's impossible to remove it. Anyone else come across this? Patrick
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    Hello, I hope someone can help me. I've got in a complete stew thinking that I have previously filled in the tax form incorrectly. We have two types of pension - the OAP and the teachers' pension (on which tax is deducted in the UK). Am I right in thinking that the total of both pensions should be entered in section 1 of 2047 and the teachers pension only entered in section 6 of 2047? I would be grateful for some advice.
  5. A British friend resident in France has recently been to see a notaire about drawing up a will, taking account of the new provision from Aug 17th - in other words requesting that the inheritance regime of the UK should apply. The notaire told her that this cannot be done because the British have not ratified the agreement. My understanding is that that will affect foreigners living in the UK, not foreigners living in France. Has the notaire got hold of the wrong end of the stick, or have I? Patrick
  6. Finally discovered the problem. The channels had moved. Did a factory reset and then a scan and there they all were. Hope that helps if anyone is still struggling. I know C5 is mostly rubbish but the cricket highlights are on there, which I like to see. BTW talking to someone in the TV business, it seems a lot of these lesser channels - he gave E4 as an example - don't have cameras, studios or even any staff. They just give the recorded programmes to a company that broadcasts them on their behalf, and on behalf of a lot of other channels. Patrick
  7. Thanks for those replies. what I can't understand is why it is only the 5 channels which are affected.
  8. I live in Burgundy and I can only get Channel 5 TV, or the other 5 channels, intermittently. Everything else is ok. Anyone else having this trouble? Has something changed that I don't know about? Patrick
  9. There are certainly fouines around here but to get into the roof space it would have to climb a vertical wall and get through a tiny hole. Also, I doubt very much if a fouine would be interested in apples. It could be that we are putting two and two together to make five. The noise in the roof may just be a loir and the objects left outside on the ground nothing to do with the noise. So what then would leave this stuff? The fat is the biggest mystery. We are very isolated, the nearest place this might conceivably have come from is a kilometre away. Patrick
  10. And to think, I tell others how helpful people on this forum are. But of course I was forgetting about the odd ten-year old who likes to make himself look clever at other people's expense. Patrick
  11. Thanks for the reply. A web search brings up nothing for this animal. Do you know the Latin name or is there an English name? Patrick
  12. In part of our house there are noises in the roof space. On the ground below where we hear these noises we have started to find strange things. First of all apples - large ones, clearly from our trees (which are 50 metres away), which appeared then disappeared. We working on the idea of a vegetarian living under our roof but what could be small enough to get through a small space but large enough to carry an apple? This morning the mystery deepened considerably when we found a huge lump of white fat on the ground - must have weighed at least half a kilo - like a jumbo sized block of lard. What is it? We just cannot thing of anything that fits the bill. Any suggestions very welcome. Patrick
  13. Just a follow up to this. I noticed that our cooker gas rings were not burning evenly, and with less force than when new. I took off the spreaders and inserted a very fine wire into the single central jet. I needed different sized wires for the different jets. It's made a big difference. Clearly over the years some kind of gunge gets deposited which partially blocks the jet. A word of caution, don't force wire into the jets if it won't go. All it needs is  gentle up and down movement. And, as with all gas appliances, leave it alone if you're not sure. Patrick
  14. Yes, butane, and yes, kept in a cold room. Now working ok after a night in the kitchen, so thanks for the tip. Curious though, because all the other bottles have been kept in the same cold place without any problem. Patrick
  15. For the second time we have had a problem with a new cylinder of gas. The gas will only come out at very low pressure. It's not the reduction valve as the previous bottle was fine. Does anyone know the cause or the cure for this? Patrick
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