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  1. If anyone is interested and qualified to give input. It's almost certainly a waste of time given the lunatics currently running the asylum but.... [url]https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/241584[/url] The numbers signing have been increasing at a rapid rate even given the fact the website has kept crashing.
  2. And the good thing about the wind is that it creates the perfect opportunity for attacks and echelons forming. It makes the flatter stages a lot more interesting....
  3. I'm using Photinia both in the Lot and in deepest Surrey. More attractive than Laurel but forms a decent barrier.
  4. Isn't everything about this telling you to walk away. Why out yourself through all the potential problems and costs. It doesn't make sense to me. I wouldn't touch it with a bargepole. But, go ahead if you want, your choice but..........
  5. [quote user="mint"][quote user="Alan Zoff"]Saying that we should decide the matter in a second referendum would be just as irresponsible as was Cameron's stupid promise to abide by the first one. In common with other constitutional democracies, Britain's laws are made by Parliament. As the late Stephen Hawking pointed out, some matters are far too complex to leave to the man in the street to decide, whether a Remainer or a Leaver. (Even Dominic Raab, the former Brexit Secretary, admitted that he had not understood the implications for the Port of Dover!) The democratic way to proceed is for the elected representatives of the people (MPs) to take note of the feeling expressed by the electorate but to make the decision themselves after careful analysis of expert advice. That's how a modern democracy works. So rather than agonise over another referendum - and then what to do in response to that result - the government should have the balls to let Parliament decide what a majority of MPs think is best for the country. If that means withdrawing Article 50 and remaining in the EU, so be it. A lot of people would be upset but a lot of people are always upset by government decisions. The duty of Parliament is to use its best endeavours to look after the interests of the whole country, not pass the buck to the electorate.[/quote] AZ, you are absolutely correct about how representative government (UK system) should work.  But, alas, we now have politicians that will not and cannot do that which they are elected to do. The majority are wishy-wasy, no moral fibre and no guiding principles.  Don't know where we lost our way...........[:(] [/quote] I absolutely agree with AZ in principle... that's how it should work. However, given the track record of the current bunch (both parties) I wouldn't trust them or their judgement and principles one bit.
  6. [quote user="idun"][quote user="richard51"]At least for the second referendum (if it democratically happens) people will know what they are voting for. Power to the people - brother![/quote] And how can it 'democratically' happen....... we had a perfectly legal election, that was democracy and the vote was what it was. Any party who had won with such a majority would have been lording it over the others. I am enraged by your post, you have said some things which I have too often found irritating or bizarre, but this for me takes the biscuit. We who hate the EU the abomination that it is............ did not vote through ignorance, which you have suggested we did, and without putting words down for you, I imagine you believe us of little brain. I was young when I moved to France and already disliked the EEA and there were hurdles to jump when we moved, and that was OK.......... and over the years I subsequently grew to truly hate it. You are in good company with Blair, he too wants a second election...... Just  my opinion but as far as I am concerned he is despicable and as bad as Thatcher if not worse. [/quote] So that's OK then. If everyone understood what "Leave" meant at the time of the first referendum, and if nothing has changed, everyone will vote the same way and "Leave" will be endorsed.If you are Leaver why would you be scared to have another vote?
  7. [quote user="idun"]How on earth is the shooter a victim???? Victim of what, he chose to take a loaded gun out. At 22 he should have had good eyes and ears, unlike some from our village, vieux chasseurs, who would boie un canon or several before setting off for the hunt. And I was NOT brought up in the countryside, but frankly, when you hear guns going off, you  ask what is going on. AND our Mairie used to have a panneau where such info as the hunting season was shown. OK, for holiday makers it is different but the man who was killed, lived there. Just goes to show how 'interested' one should be about one's environs when we move to France. [/quote] I've got to agree. If you take a loaded gun out into public space you have to take FULL responsibility for anything that happens. If you end up killing (or injuring) an innocent person you should be severely punished. If you are found to be intoxicated the penalty should be even more severe.
  8. [quote user="alittlebitfrench"]Yes...but if they grew up there they know the score. I grew up rural UK, I know the score about rural life. What are you trying to say here ? I am fed up of reading threads about numpty Brits moving rural France and complaining about hunting and their neighbours barking dogs. You have a choice !!! Don't move there. When we lived rural we lived opposite a church. The hunters would gather at 7am ish on the square and they were already pîssed. That is French culture.[/quote] Get fed up all you like. There's a big difference between aspects of French "culture" like barking dogs and going out and murdering people.
  9. My story, FWIW..... Cycling up a steepish, bendy 2 miles or so climb in near to Marcilhac on the River Cele I came across a lunatic and his rifle. He was looking up through the forest that bordered the road. I called up to him to make sure he knew I was there. The next second there was a load of barking and a boar came charging towards the lunatic chased by a pack of dogs running parallel to the road. The lunatic fires his rifle, misses the boar which takes off at right angles further into the wood. The trajectory of this lunatic's shot was right across a hairpin bend further up the hill just at the time a car was driving down. By luck he missed the car and by luck I hadn't passed him (I slowed down). I gave him a mouthfull and got the usual Gallic shrug. If that's not enough I've some across quite a lot of hunt dogs running down the middle of the roads seemingly lost, plus, when they are trying to massacre everything breathes these idiots hair down the lanes in their 4x4s.
  10. Out early on the bike in this weather.... got out for a nice ride along the Cele to Marcilhac this morning, got going before 9:00 and it was really rather nice. Off to the Pyrenees next week and planning (I hope) to ride some of the cols so it would be nice if it wasn't too hot. Hopefully getting up to around 6000 feet should reduce it a bit.
  11. [quote user="nomoss"]The gendarme obviously didn't see the "Team Sky" on his jacket - obviously no-one else had a jacket like that [url]https://store.teamsky.com/products/aegis-waterproof-shell[/url] Maybe he should have a large message on the front of all his apparel "I am Chris Froome and I have special privileges" - in several languages. That should take care of riding the wrong way, as well as loading up on salbutamol before an event[:)] [/quote]You think he had special privileges do you... special as in being spat at, booed, having urine thrown at him, punched... these sort of special privileges I think I could live without. As to riding downhill to the team vehicles after a mountain top finish where there is no room for support team vehicles... they all do.
  12. And combine that with the piece of scum that leant over the barriers  just before the end of the stage and tried to pull Geraint off his bike.A tour that ASO and the French should be ashamed of.
  13. Where to start with this one. The slowing down and waiting when a major player has a mishap (crash/mechanical/etc) is a variable convention. Sometimes it will happen but not consistently. It's more likely to happen earlier in a stage before the real racing has started. In the case of Nibali the race was definitely "on". Remember, these guys had been riding for many hours and had already climbed two hors category climbs and were near the end of the third. They were testing each other out with the finish line looming. It's unrealistic that they were all going to sit up and wait for Nibali. They're there to win. This isn't a recreational ride but their job. Btw, Nibali doesn't have a great reputation for fair play and not taking advantage of others mishaps. As to the crowd... disgusting and the gendarmes were (as usual) pretty ineffective. They should have taken note of how the Spanish police dealt with these idiots on the Vuelta. They took no prisoners. The booing... pathetic. Not helped by idiots like Hinault.
  14. I think the testing of changes/modifications/updates to this website is a concept those responsible are not familiar with.
  15. Me too,,,, what a truly badly managed website.
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