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  1. Chris wrote [quote]That's an easy one, Patrick - common sense born of study and realistic views and values, recognition of a monumental con when I see one and a resistance to greenie brainwashing (and any other brainwashing, for that matter). Works a treat, and I can highly recommend it - try it some time. Same goes for you, buelligan. Chris[/quote] ...and a Happy Christmas to you too Chris!  [:D] Tell you what tho', those brave souls working and campaigning tirelessly to save the poor planet from ecologists and to protect its dwindling resources for the exclusive use of "whosoever has the most dosh", must have been over the moon when you rode into town.  Someone with deep intellect, incisive wit and melting charm (and, I suspect, you're pretty darn good-lookin' - don't be shy!), to fight alongside them - they must have seen you as a veritable messiah!  Not only that, but you bring us the joy of laughter at this festive time!  All power to your elbow I say![:D][:D][:D]  
  2. I should like to get hold of some pink onions - pretty sure they're called Rose de Roscoff - to plant next year.   Seeds or sets would be fine.  Does anyone know where I can get hold of some?  Many thanks in advance.
  3. The Corbieres is covered.  My valley is silent and perfumed with woodsmoke. Big, soft flakes are still falling and the sky looks low and flat.  Here's hoping my citronnier doesn't suffer too much - it's too big to cover and planted in the ground so can't be moved.[blink]  Still, it's so beautiful![:D]
  4. Yep Chris, that sure looks like rock hard, A grade, solid 'kin science to me!  That's the kind of stuff to bet the farm on.  Why don't you hop on a plane up to Denmark and put them all right for us?![:D] ...and Chessie, I'm not going to waste your time or mine by replying, hope you have a peaceful Christmas![:D]
  5. That sounds incredible Mickie.  A real work of fiction!  What was the title and who wrote it? Talking about "the old african" is like talking about "the old human" - there's really no such thing.  Africans are individuals, just like humans everywhere.  Possibly, the author of your book was confusing the fact that the continent was divided by the imperial powers without regard for the existing cultures, kingdoms and tribes.  Take a look at a map of Africa and you will see a surprising number of borders between the modern countries that resemble lines drawn with a ruler.  Those greedy old buggahs divided up the land to suit themselves and without considering how the people in those new countries could live together.  In Kenya alone (my home country), there are about 40 tribes with different cultures and religious ideas.  All well and good until you try to elect a government democratically (or otherwise).  Obviously the tribe in the majority will choose the government, often with dreadful repercussions for the minority tribes.  Remember Sierra Leone and Rwanda.  And, if you think this is just an African problem, take a look at what went on in Ireland, Yugoslavia, the partition of India etc. The people who made these decisions are dead and gone but the problems they created are still there.  Whilst I do not see that any living soul is still to blame for all the trouble, I cannot shrug and blame it on the victims either - even if it would be more comfortable that way. I could write more about the habits of different tribes, some are nomadic, some farmers, fishers, some very primitive, some highly cultured.  And about the mind-boggling impracticality of enforcing border contols - the impossibility (even if one wanted to) of preventing nomadic behaviour -  in countries as large as many of these are.  I suspect it would be a waste of pixels though.[:D]
  6. Right on Hoddy!  [:D] Chris and/or Julie;  That all sounds just great!  If it's not too much trouble, perhaps you'd like to share this incontravertable evidence with us (and the rest of the planet).  It would be a great relief to many - and could possibly save a good deal of cash too![:D]
  7. Agreed!  Who's volunteering themselves and their family for early termination first?   You know it's in a good cause![:D][;-)] You might be interested to know Teggers that my Grandfather was a biologist based in East Africa for almost his entire life.  He wrote a paper (which I think is still around somewhere) on this subject (desertification resulting from tree loss) in the 1930's.  Of course, everyone laughed uproariously at such a ludicrous suggestion.  He did point out to me regularly though, that the planet and the ecosystems on it, are affected by many, many things.  It may be correct to conclude that goats or firewood collectors are responsible for deforestation.  But it is dangerously simplistic to take from that that they are responsible for all deforestation![:D] And finally...this makes for some interesting reading [url]http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/8057316.stm[/url]. If you do read right to the end and the "readers' comments bit", there is a thought from someone about the exploitation of  lakes like Nakuru by companies growing cheap flowers for the European market.  Next time you're in M&S, maybe those £1.99 bunches of roses won't be quite so tempting eh?
  8. I never have, and never would, drink and ride (I respect my motorcycle far too much for that - let alone my feelings about harming other living souls).  I thank the good stars that watch me that this has been and is my choice.  I am very grateful that I have not had to learn this the hard way and my heart goes out to those who have.
  9. Scoobs, if you want people to understand, surely, as in your proverb, they have to be able to listen.  If what they are listening to is a series of non-sequiturs, I don't see how they can be expected to understand  - you owe it to them, if you care about what you are saying, to explain clearly.  All I have read from you on this thread is that you disagree.  But, even when invited, you seem unable to communicate in clear language, why. [8-)] BTW, I don't think you're a closet member of the KKK or any other hate-filled, mad, racially intolerant or fascist group.
  10. MMmmmm....interesting thoughts, not absolutely sure how they really address any of the questions raised in this thread, but I'm glad you grabbed the opportunity to thrust them in front of us Scoobs![:D] 
  11. Teggers; please forgive me, but from the way you write, I would guess that you are plenty old enough to remember the focus on the "Service Economy" under St Margaret?[8-)]
  12. The New Economics Foundation (who wrote the report) are a charity.  I imagine their funding comes from individuals, private companies and grants - as with most charities.  But feel free to google them Teggers! I find it interesting that those who disagree with this report are (or have been) working in the employment sectors less favourably reviewed.  They do not put forward reasons why they disagree with the conclusions drawn (other than to say that it is all the Government's fault).  If they really believe it is "all the Government's fault",  I would ask;  how, then do they justify paying bankers as we do?   If bankers are truly just putty in the hands of politicians why are we paying them at all?  Why not get rid of these middle-men and simply pay the politicians to feck it up?   As a pure aside, IIRC Baypond, ludicrous personal borrowing, ridiculous mortgage loans and the problems with endowments, jiggery-pokery with pension funds and all the other greedy seeds we are now reaping the fruit of, were planted long before this current shower started raining on us. 
  13. I don't "drive" and am female - just don't want to.  Always ridden a motorbike.  I reckon, when I get too old to do it, it'll be time to turn in my licence.[:D]
  14. Hmmmm...I think anyones gait would be ungainly when encumbered by a gate (awkward or otherwise - though I thought they were porting coconuts!)..[:D]  Glad to hear you won't be eating octopus though.  I think they are absolutely wonderful creatures.  You only have to look into their eyes to see what I mean.[:D]
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