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  1. Hello to everyone. I hope that this makes it onto the forum - I mostly can’t seem to post in this new format. It’s good to read that some old friends on here are soon to have their second boosters; my husband and I had ours a couple of weeks ago, Pfizer, and had just the usual sore arms afterwards. So pleased that we’ve had our boosters - still free from Covid, although our family locally had it mildly before Christmas, with our 7 year old grandgirl having it again in February.
  2. As we were stuck in the UK because if Covid, my husband transferred his state pension back to the UK, so now, on our first visit for 22 months, we are using my Caxton card, which I hadn’t used for a few years. I transferred a good amount at a pleasing rate recently, covering both house taxes and most living costs for the several weeks we’ll be in France.
  3. More lovely photos, much appreciated. We stayed at Olargues many years ago before much restoration got going. We were very lucky to get a bargain at a Silence hotel, beautiful room sharing private swimming pool with one other room, but nobody was staying in that. I can’t swim, but it felt luxurious to have it - we were much younger then and impressionable! It was a lovely area and so peaceful.
  4. Yes, Woolly, but all this ‘press this then press that’ really shouldn’t be necessary! For whatever reason, the website changed and has left us with a really shoddy version of the forum. If it’s the best that Archant can do now, then heaven help us all and will put all-comers off anything they produce. i’ve tried sticking around and will do so for a little longer but this is so poor that it really doesn’t warrant spending much more time on it. Some of us have been with it for a very long time, many of you even longer than me, but what’s on offer now really is abysmal.
  5. Interesting about bassins and pools, Lori. I found out that a pelvis was also a bassin some years ago when a newly-arrived neighbour in our apartment building fell as she entered the building when moving in and broke her bassin. Very nasty and painful. I can’t see me ever getting used to this new format.
  6. Another old one here - has there been an earthquake in Complete France land or something?
  7. Yes, tv licence still has to be paid even if no taxe d’hab is required. I’ve no idea whether or not there’s a form, others will know, I’m sure but a call, email or visit to your local tax office should clear things up for you if not. They always seem to be so helpful and quickly and cheerfully sorted out a problem I had a few years ago. Good luck!
  8. Gardian, sorry to read about your friend, hope recovery will be swift. We haven’t used public transport or been anywhere crowded, have only been in our son’s house once, with windows and doors open and he and his family only live round the corner from us. I also despair about what is happening here in the UK - it sometimes feels as though the government is on Covid’s side against the people. We haven’t been to our place in France for 21 months now - we left in December 2019 intending to return about 3 weeks later as usual. A visit planned for later this month has had to be postponed due to medical problems. I’m also concerned that the UK will be shut out of France and wider Europe by the time we can travel.
  9. It’s kind of you to ensure that he has the information he needs, even if he doesn’t act on it. I can’t imagine an elderly person being removed from France by order of the government, but things could become difficult for him if he doesn’t get his legal status sorted. I remember reading about various organisations providing help to people in your friend’s position but can’t find details - I know that one was for ex-forces. Maybe someone else has more information about the helpful organisations. I hope that you enjoy your meal together.
  10. Nomoss, you mention that your friend may not keep up with current affairs. I’m assuming that as he’s very likely a long-term resident that he already has his residence permit, or has at least applied for it, as the final cut-off date is approaching fast. I understand that it’s possible to apply up to 30th September with an explanation of why the application is late.
  11. Chessie, it must have been dreadfully frightening for you - the people who perpetrate these crimes are just disgusting. I guessed as I read it that it was a nasty scam, but how very frightening to receive! My husband had a similar message to Gardian a couple or so years ago and was truly shocked; when he told me I immediately said that it had to be a scam. It was - I checked, it was rife. I hope that you’re feeling calm now - I think you could do with lots of TLC, maybe a lovely bath with candles might be a good idea. ?
  12. I love listening to his voice, often listen to this version - he made several recordings: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0OrKMaeQUx0
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