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  1. Thanks for all the replies, but as you can see on my original post, I do live in France permanently. I am going to the UK for a day in 2 weeks time and thought I would get an eye test done, then go back the following week to collect them. I'm not trying to cheat any system but if I can get an eye test free I will![:)] tuppence
  2. Does anyone on here go back to the UK for an eye test, if so do you have to pay. I am over 60 and need to get new glasses, however they are so expensive over here I live in the North of France so it would be more economical to go back to the UK to get them. tuppence
  3. Hi, I have been told that wood ash is good for the garden. Would that be for flower borders, vegetables, lawns or where? I am a novice gardener but would like to recycle stuff. I have a composteur which I put grass after mowing, vegetable and fruit waste, eggshells etc. But now the winter is approaching I will have loads of wood ash to utilise. tuppence
  4. Too right Chancer, DRIRE was €67,38 and Citroen want €135, so effectively double the original. I have to get mine done before September 7th as the UK MOT runs out. I went through my insurance company to find all this out, very helpful too. Mind you a tip for others in the same position, DO NOT go through the Google trap of googling 'Certificate of Conformite' as the prices some of these companies charge is astronomic. Cheapest one I got up for Citroen was €190!!!!!! Anyway off to La Poste with my cheque to Citroen, will return here if I have problems[:@] tuppence
  5. Chancer  I wouldn't be so annoyed but my car is a 2002 model not after 2006 so where's the problem I ask myself. tuppence
  6. Hi, Just a follow up to my original posting, I have today received a letter from DRIRE here in Pas de Calais to tell me that they no longer provide the service of identifying the vehicles and that this has only been operational since 1st July this year. I now have to pay TWICE  as much and go through Citroen. What a swizz!!!!!! tuppence
  7. Thanks SD, Always there when needed !!!!!!! Tuppence
  8. Anyone on here have the address for the office of D.R.I.R.E in Pas de Calais. It seems that they have now changed their acronym to D.R.E.A.L and I can't seem to find the address to send off for my C of E. Any help gratefully  accepted,[:D] tuppence
  9. No Coops, it was definitely the 2042, we had filled in the 2047 correctly. A mystery I think! tuppence
  10. Hi, Went to the impots today to file a tax declaration first time for 2 friends of mine. We were told that the 2042 form we had downloaded from the gouv.fr website was incorrect.The lady there inferred that a new form was available for non-French residents. Has anyone else come across this at all?  She then went away and came back with another form 2042 and completed it on their behalf.  [8-)] tuppence
  11. Hi, On form 2047 tax form, there is a section V111 at the very end where you are supposed to put that you are in receipt of a E121 and thus not 'a la charge de l'assurance maladie'. Does this have to be completed each year or just the 1st year of declaration???? Also I am helping a friend declare for the first time who has a local government which obviously taxed in the UK. Which section of the 2042 does this go in???? Many thanks tuppence
  12. Thanks again Coops for your prompt reply. After all this palaver I reckon I'll go down to the Impots tomorrow with the completed (downloaded) forms its so much easier. I can't see why they would estimate my tax bill to be €375 when my income is only £435 more than last year!!!!!  tuppence
  13. Thanks Coops, Done that one but they have worked my tax bill out at the stage where it is an assessment of said amount. However, I have never paid any tax since I lived here because they take 10% off my State Pension, and halve my annuity. Does the tax figure they estimate take these deductions into account do you know?  I have filled in the boxes as I did via the paper forms last year. And I have to fill in the 2047 form as well. Does that make a difference?  Sorry to be a pain but I really want to get this right. tuppence
  14. Hi, i am a first timer declaring online. Got so far down the 2042 but nowhere are there any boxes starting with a 7 for me to declare my mortgage interest tax relief. Any ideas anyone!!!!! roseysan
  15. Thanks for the reply, all monies (in and out) came in overnight and were sitting there very nicely yesterday morning.[:-))] Perhaps La poste is a bit slower than conventional banks, but alls well now. tuppence
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