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On line banking, becoming too secure?


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  Thanks for your advice Chancer   - I will try again with putting  pound  shillings and pence  !!!   - It has to be that as I have tried every other way of entering all the other info -but as Im trying to transfer £2000.00  it would just be my luck to be bankcrupted by them trying to get £20,000.00 out of me - so i hadnt dared try that . 

But  suppose I could try first with £10 ( £1000) and see if that works     Ho Hum

I did fall foul of the ref no having a space - but at some point having read the page more carefully I noticed it said enter number exactly as quoted but dont leave a space !!!!!

Wish me luck

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[quote user="Chancer"]

A couple of tips Cluzo which I would have thought that they would have shared with us by now [:@]

When you enter the amount for say £150.00 you must enter 15000 or you will get the error message, at the very end of course so you wont know what you have done wrong, think of it as entering the amount in pence, if you get out a very large magnifying glass you will see that after entering 15, when you press the next 0 a microscopic decimal place will have appeared as in £15.0, tap in one more zero and it will display £150.00 but not to the naked eye of course [:@]

next hurdle I touched on before, when the reader generates a code you are told to enter the code on the website exactly as it is show, - WRONG!!! [:@]

It will show for instance 4875 2390, you must enter 48752390 without the space or it will again be refused!

Usually Nationwide are excellent with customer relations but like most companies it falls to pieces when the 16 year old introverted spotty geek in the IT department is expected to share the same values.


Spot on, Chancer - I fell into the same trap the first time I had to do this  - but since I've almost cleared my NW of anything but enough to use on any return to the UK, with two very small pension amounts still going in each month to keep it live - I have not used the card reader - and always use my memorable data to sign on ....

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As a follow up now that I have recieved my new internet banking pin number.

It turns out that despite the screen telling me that I would have to re-register for internet banking once I had my new pin number I had not been locked out at all[:'(]

I could at any time have accessed the account using my debit card and the cardreader [:'(] I found this out only after trying and failing to re-register for internet banking [:(]

Its a feeling of deja vu as this has already happened once, they had given me a new pin but I had tried to enter my old original passnumber, note the use of two different words!

There is a window for change PIN so I decided to change it back to the original one which I still recall, I clicked on the tab "change PIN" and the instructions were "enter your old passnumber", "enter your new passnumber".

Is it too much to ask that they stick to the same phrase? [I]

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