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  1. My OH much prefers the Kardesiac  sachets we buy in France as they dissolve instantly . The UK ones  we used to get from or doctors take forever to dissolve .  So we do the opposite to others and stock up when in France for our return to the UK !!!!!!!!
  2. we also have a very similar Saga policy   GG by the sound  of it - but we pay over £200 more than you !!!!!!!!!! yours is indeed a bargain  !!!!
  3. OH has been watching this as well - and we wondered if they had to start a course of antibiotics a few days ago     !!!    David Walliams wasnt too well during his swim down the thames !!!
  4. well  - I tried again with all the noughts - and guess what ?????  it just shot through without me having to use the card reader  !!!!!!!!!! So whats all that about then !!!!!!!!!!
  5.   Thanks for your advice Chancer   - I will try again with putting  pound  shillings and pence  !!!   - It has to be that as I have tried every other way of entering all the other info -but as Im trying to transfer £2000.00  it would just be my luck to be bankcrupted by them trying to get £20,000.00 out of me - so i hadnt dared try that .  But  suppose I could try first with £10 ( £1000) and see if that works     Ho Hum I did fall foul of the ref no having a space - but at some point having read the page more carefully I noticed it said enter number exactly as quoted but dont leave a space !!!!! Wish me luck
  6. I've got steam coming out of my ears over my nationwide card reader -  I have been trying to transfer money from my nationwide account  to my husbands account with another bank - and of course I now  have to use a card reader - SO  the scenario is as Chancer describes - including putting glasses and bright light on to see  - and everytime I get  the message My card reader details have been entered incorrectly - Please try again     grrrrh   -  I must have tried  50 times   !!!   I found 4 card readers - tried different banks - different amounts - grrrhh  ..   Of course there is no advice as to what to do --   no e-mail number to contact for help - no phone number - grrrrh -   I will have to go into a branch and ask for help . I think I may have to change my bank if this sort of carry on continues .
  7. I sold my wedding ring  from my first marriage - got £7 for it - I always felt sorry for all the poor ladies who must have had their wedding ring slip off their finger at the seaside  and lost them  - as folk with metal detectors are always finding  them - I never realised that so many people have actually thrown them in protest .
  8. Well we did get ONE day of a heatwave last wednesday and gradually its returned to  drizzly grey weather. We  still have a GREEN lawn - it never usually lasts ito june let alone into july !!!!!
  9. Its a no-brainer for me Ive got a front loader in the UK and a top loader here in france which was passed on to me by a couple returning to the UK .    I never would have chosen one  otherwise BUT I have been so impressed with it . The front loader - a good one bought from John Lewis hasnt got nearly the range of temperature and spin combinations like my french top loader as with that I seem to be able to set any temp I like with any wash type - gentle -vigerous - quick- and and spin speed .  ( im sure there is much more - if only i could understand the french on the dials !!!)  Ive washed double duvets - pillows in it .  all super I havent seen any differance in cleanness either.     I much prefer it to my front loader in the UK   BUT it wouldnt fit in my new super duper integrated kitchen - shame I
  10. Heatwave - what heatwave ?????   we put the fire on last night and I sat in my fleece - it rained during the night  and was very overcast this morning .  However today its been the warmest it has been for weeks - I actually went for a walk in the sea - very warm - a couple of days ago -too cold -walked on promanade with fleece on .    So fingers crossed the heatwave is on its way to us . Had to water the plants just now for the first time for ages .
  11. I agree - I think it is the one they will sell this year - but it is such a deep pink -whereas the Zinfandel was quite pale so its got something else mixed in .  I do like the fact it has a screw top - as a girlie I find it so much easier to manage when my friends come by . I expect I will take some back when we go as the Zinfandel is twice the price in the UK I too sometimes add Cassis to Rose if its a bit sharp - I have recently bought the creme de pamplemousse which is being promoted as the one to add to Rose  - but I cant say that im impressed . Has anybody else tried it and what do they think ??
  12. Ive just seen this post -  My friends and I all liked the Lidl Zinfandal as well and were a bit shocked when we could no longer get it in france  We have all now changed to Soleade  vin rose molleux from Aldi - it is only around 1.20 euro a bottle - is 10.5 vol   - it is produce of Spain but is bottles in France . We all think it is even nicer than Zinfandel - its only downside is its a long slim bottle and has a cork not a screw top so when opened with a stopper  in it is too tall for the tray in my fridge , We do find it is so nice to just drink on its own in a social setting - probably not good with a meal . Oh by the way Lidl now have a replacement Cimarosa  California rose  - about 2 euros - very nice - has anyone tried it
  13. Was it green  though - cant stand the white stuff
  14. Oh dear Id better bring some out with me - Although I have breadmaker in both places I rarely bother in the UK but as we dont like french bread ( shock horror) I use it  a lot in France and  use Aldi  packet mixes a lot of the time cos they are cheap and easy -
  15. Was this in France RR ?????  I live in Bracknell and they have almost reached us on the way over from Reading but the estates around me are very law abiding and dont chuck there rubbish around  (  Kites seem to be scavengers in other places) . They are one of our "things" ---  we always say "  Red Kite" and point when we see one
  16. Its funny this topic has come up as whilst we were away last week with OHs daughter the subject came up and she got very stroppy when I told her that if her Dad died in France I would get him cremated in France and brought back in a container. She expected me to get the body re-patreated ( sorry cant spell it ) . Im sure the cost would be horrendous . So it  is on my agenda when we get back to France to make some enquiries as to what to do if it does happen ( OH and I have had a good laugh about sitting him in the back of the car and driving back through the tunnel)  But it is a serious matter that we should do some research on .   It really does worry me at times as my OH isnt far off 80 and sometimes isnt too well . We agree with other posters not to waste too much money on it . But it is a good idea to let the family know our wishes ( cheap and cheerful)
  17. Yes I think Ill wait until we get back to France in a couple of weeks and hopefully get cheap ones at the supermarket - our kids who come over to visit are hoping we get theirs too !!! so they had better be cheap !!!!
  18. Ive sometimes used the shop that Wooly gave you details of .    They have events like coffee mornings and book swaps that get the punters in,   We are on their emailing list and they let us know when new stuff is in and when the events are . They always seem do do a roaring trade in kittens when I  go . My Husband is under orders to check my ;pockets and bag before we leave !!!.
  19. My cordyline in the UK caught by the weather last winter eventually showed signs of life by sprouting from the base in OCTOBER . So if you can leave it alone for many months it may eventually sprout from the bottom like mine did and you will finish up with  a bush instead of of a tall tree.
  20. I tried Halfords today - they didnt have any    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!   when I asked if they had had them but sold out - I got a shrug . I will try again another day - or maybe anothert Halfords !!!!!!
  21. According to my DM program guide tonights program is set at the 1910 olympics . Its supposed to be very funny and very saucy !!!!!!!!!!      Armstrong is a big favorite of mine
  22. I got a Delia Kit for free last week ( with a DM voucher and after spending a fortune on our Christmas meat) So how soon after making it can we eat it    ???- I was thinking making it in France to be eaten a few days later - but after reading all your comments perhaps I should reconsider and bake it soon.
  23. I also thought  Cancale .   OK then where was it then ?
  24. We are returning to the UK on the 5th of November and expect there to be already a Christmas frenzy with all the shops full of stuff and pressure from all sides to buy buy buy . We will walk right into it with total Shock !!!(as usual) as nothing much like that will have happened where we are in France . In fact even the advent calenders arnt in yet .  However we will continue to be insulated against it  .( I hope) I write a pile of £50 cheques and dole them out to kids and grandkids - and that is it .    But my between my OH and myself we usually buy something ourselves something we like and stash it away for christmas . In fact I bought  a bracelet I  liked the other week- and OH stashed it away.  Much better than getting a "suprise" that I dont like . When I was young I liked book tokens too . I dont remember getting anything that cost more than a couple of pounds .
  25.  Well the crepes afternoon went well yesterday with the men fighting to use the crepe maker  !!!!- I have to confess my neighbour  was superb !!!! . All that was left for me to do was squirt the lemon and sprincle sugar . It was a really good entertaining idea - the machine was in the middle of the table and we all sat round  - now if we had used a pan on the stove I would have had to stand up and cook them with my back to everybody . I had loads of mixture left - so tonight I mixed in mashed potato , onion in some - sweetcorn in some and made small pancakes - the hotplate could do about 12 at a time . I hope my OH doesnt  burst during the night as he had about 18 -  I think he must have liked them . !!!!!!!!!
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