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  1. My OH much prefers the Kardesiac  sachets we buy in France as they dissolve instantly . The UK ones  we used to get from or doctors take forever to dissolve .  So we do the opposite to others and stock up when in France for our return to the UK !!!!!!!!
  2. we also have a very similar Saga policy   GG by the sound  of it - but we pay over £200 more than you !!!!!!!!!! yours is indeed a bargain  !!!!
  3. OH has been watching this as well - and we wondered if they had to start a course of antibiotics a few days ago     !!!    David Walliams wasnt too well during his swim down the thames !!!
  4. well  - I tried again with all the noughts - and guess what ?????  it just shot through without me having to use the card reader  !!!!!!!!!! So whats all that about then !!!!!!!!!!
  5.   Thanks for your advice Chancer   - I will try again with putting  pound  shillings and pence  !!!   - It has to be that as I have tried every other way of entering all the other info -but as Im trying to transfer £2000.00  it would just be my luck to be bankcrupted by them trying to get £20,000.00 out of me - so i hadnt dared try that .  But  suppose I could try first with £10 ( £1000) and see if that works     Ho Hum I did fall foul of the ref no having a space - but at some point having read the page more carefully I noticed it said enter number exactly as quoted but dont leave a space !!!!! Wish me luck
  6. I've got steam coming out of my ears over my nationwide card reader -  I have been trying to transfer money from my nationwide account  to my husbands account with another bank - and of course I now  have to use a card reader - SO  the scenario is as Chancer describes - including putting glasses and bright light on to see  - and everytime I get  the message My card reader details have been entered incorrectly - Please try again     grrrrh   -  I must have tried  50 times   !!!   I found 4 card readers - tried different banks - different amounts - grrrhh  ..   Of course there is no advice as to what to do --   no e-mail number to contact for help - no phone number - grrrrh -   I will have to go into a branch and ask for help . I think I may have to change my bank if this sort of carry on continues .
  7. I sold my wedding ring  from my first marriage - got £7 for it - I always felt sorry for all the poor ladies who must have had their wedding ring slip off their finger at the seaside  and lost them  - as folk with metal detectors are always finding  them - I never realised that so many people have actually thrown them in protest .
  8. Well we did get ONE day of a heatwave last wednesday and gradually its returned to  drizzly grey weather. We  still have a GREEN lawn - it never usually lasts ito june let alone into july !!!!!
  9. Its a no-brainer for me Ive got a front loader in the UK and a top loader here in france which was passed on to me by a couple returning to the UK .    I never would have chosen one  otherwise BUT I have been so impressed with it . The front loader - a good one bought from John Lewis hasnt got nearly the range of temperature and spin combinations like my french top loader as with that I seem to be able to set any temp I like with any wash type - gentle -vigerous - quick- and and spin speed .  ( im sure there is much more - if only i could understand the french on the dials !!!)  Ive washed double duvets - pillows in it .  all super I havent seen any differance in cleanness either.     I much prefer it to my front loader in the UK   BUT it wouldnt fit in my new super duper integrated kitchen - shame I
  10. Heatwave - what heatwave ?????   we put the fire on last night and I sat in my fleece - it rained during the night  and was very overcast this morning .  However today its been the warmest it has been for weeks - I actually went for a walk in the sea - very warm - a couple of days ago -too cold -walked on promanade with fleece on .    So fingers crossed the heatwave is on its way to us . Had to water the plants just now for the first time for ages .
  11. I agree - I think it is the one they will sell this year - but it is such a deep pink -whereas the Zinfandel was quite pale so its got something else mixed in .  I do like the fact it has a screw top - as a girlie I find it so much easier to manage when my friends come by . I expect I will take some back when we go as the Zinfandel is twice the price in the UK I too sometimes add Cassis to Rose if its a bit sharp - I have recently bought the creme de pamplemousse which is being promoted as the one to add to Rose  - but I cant say that im impressed . Has anybody else tried it and what do they think ??
  12. Ive just seen this post -  My friends and I all liked the Lidl Zinfandal as well and were a bit shocked when we could no longer get it in france  We have all now changed to Soleade  vin rose molleux from Aldi - it is only around 1.20 euro a bottle - is 10.5 vol   - it is produce of Spain but is bottles in France . We all think it is even nicer than Zinfandel - its only downside is its a long slim bottle and has a cork not a screw top so when opened with a stopper  in it is too tall for the tray in my fridge , We do find it is so nice to just drink on its own in a social setting - probably not good with a meal . Oh by the way Lidl now have a replacement Cimarosa  California rose  - about 2 euros - very nice - has anyone tried it
  13. Was it green  though - cant stand the white stuff
  14. Oh dear Id better bring some out with me - Although I have breadmaker in both places I rarely bother in the UK but as we dont like french bread ( shock horror) I use it  a lot in France and  use Aldi  packet mixes a lot of the time cos they are cheap and easy -
  15. Was this in France RR ?????  I live in Bracknell and they have almost reached us on the way over from Reading but the estates around me are very law abiding and dont chuck there rubbish around  (  Kites seem to be scavengers in other places) . They are one of our "things" ---  we always say "  Red Kite" and point when we see one
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