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DFDS Terminal at Dunkerque


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I can't recall seeing a dedicated area for caravans but there is a very large lorry park just off the last roundabout before check in. Obviously I have no idea whether or not there are prohibitions or anyone there overnight to enforce them if there are.

Have look around the area on www.geoportail.fr, far higher resolution than Google.

When you get there you could ask if they will check you in early and if

they agree then they can hardly say no you can't park anywhere to wait

can they ?

Inside the port the marshalling area is quite big and you might probably be able to tuck yourself away in a corner but it might be bit noisy with other traffic arriving and departing. I doubt that you would get away with parking up anywhere else inside the port, security and all that !

You could of course pull off at the last Aire on the motorway [;-)]

Bonne route.

EDIT: interrupted whilst writing so didn't see BAF's post !

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As I have just said, there is a huge car park in front of the terminal building, it is common practice for caravans to park up overnight on this car park,indeed I have done it on several occasions both on outward and inward journeys. The lorry park is NOT recommended, movement all night, no security nor is an aire.

Tip, fill up at Auchan just 5 km from the terminal, easy access off the motorway and good access for caravans..


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Diesel prices here locally in France seem to have risen very dramatically in the last few days.

Some long time ago I saw a site which gave the fuel prices throughout France, a Govt site I believe. I thought I had bookmarked it but now cannot find it, can anyone help with a link or reference ?
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