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  1. A small but important point. You will not have a French address so will be unable to register the car or the caravan
  2. The form that you have seen on the internet is exactly the same as the form that you eventually receive in the post. It does want details of your employment with dates. I just completed it as best as I could remember. It also asked for your birth certificate(original). I sent them a certified photocopy certified by the Notaire. Re the France individual form which you complete so that you are not taxed in the UK I completed it, took it to my local tax office who stamped and signed it, gave me it back. I sent it to the address on the form and six weeks later received a letter from HMRC saying I no longer pay tax on the state pension.  Simple.
  3. Search has been stood down for the night resuming in the morning http://www.ledauphine.com/haute-savoie/2013/11/04/les-recherches-de-la-britannique-disparue-dans-la-montagne-au-dessus-de-mieussy-sont-interrompues-par-la-nuit
  4. The car has been found http://www.tdg.ch/geneve/faits-divers/voiture-britannique-disparue-retrouvee-mieussy/story/29933507
  5. I got mine today as well 124,13€ ,wife got the same.
  6. Works for me as well, and a little note to tell them you are not "a la charge" of the French SS if you have an S1
  7. The hand written bit does indeed state that a mortgage is not required however if a mortgage is required it is a clause suspensive in the compomis and that was what I was referring to. The reason for a 10 day cooling off period is a legal requirement in case you have a better offer else where. It is NOT a get out clause from buying the property if you decide not to take up that offer or any other offer. If you cannot get a mortgage within the time frame laid down in the compromis ,,usually 30 or 60 days, then one needs to prove that you could not get a mortgage, it is not sufficient to state "I did not like the terms so did not take up the offer"
  8. My take is this. The buyer signs a compromis as does the seller. This contains a clause suspensive that it is dependent on obtaining a mortgage. The buyer then has a 7 day cooling off period after which they can (but not a legal requiremet) pay a deposit ,10% being normal) Then the bank offers a mortgage with a 10 day cooling off . If the buyer decides not to take up the mortgage offer they cannot use that as an excuse not to go ahead with the sale so would probably loose the deposit.
  9. Am I being a touch cynical or does the OP smack of advertising.
  10. Would you not have to submit a tax return for 2012 in May 2013 thereby receiving your credit.
  11. Or ask them to transfer the money into your French bank account.
  12. We had no problem whatsoever,except from the UK end ,who made a right mess of our tax codes prior to us submitting the France Individual Form .We handed this form in to the impots in the Charente together with our Tax return and about 6 weeks later received a full refund from the UK.
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