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  1. My experience with my 2x Freesat receivers is that it's all in the post code. I'm set to my old address in Essex which gives me BBC East HD as 101 in the EPG Others I know using other areas are not so blessed! Here's a code you can try, CO11DU, it's Lloyds Bank in Colchester so should produce BBC East. TBH I'm on the verge of cutting the satellite cord altogether and going with a combination of IPTV and a Firestick, 600mb FTH internet helps in that regard!
  2. Not arguing the longevity of diesel, my previous MKI Skoda Octavia (1.9tdi) is still going strong at some 340,000 km without having had a single major component replaced, including the clutch. Prior to that I had a MKIV Golf with the same engine and that went to a gnats shy of 400,000 miles before it was retired due to money needing spending on the suspension. Neither burnt a drop of oil. Not without some regret I sold the Octavia before leaving France and as a temporary measure bought a cheap on owner 2001 Ford Focus 1.8tddi from a friend here intending to only keep it for a short time but with no pressing imperative to change that extended to nearly 4 years, it's only really because I've had to take measures to scrape it through the emissions checks at ITV (CT) time two years running I decided it's time had come so I sold it as soon as I'd got it through it's latest test and bought the Skoda Yeti.
  3. Regular heavy towing excepted diesel has only ever made sense if you did the mileage to warrant the additional costs associated with buying and servicing. The advantage of cheaper fuel is rapidly being eroded too. I'd been a staunch diesel user for some 30 odd years but a few months ago replaced an ageing hack with a modern (for me!) 10 year old but under 100k km petrol Skoda Yeti which, whilst only having the 1.2lt TSi engine, it still packs 105hp (77kW) and 129ft-lb of torque which is more than sufficient for the social and domestic purposes which now dominate my driving habits. Fuel consumption is averaging 41mpg and DIY servicing consists of no more than the scheduled 15,000km oil and filter changes and bi annual brake fluid replacement although I plan to do the oil changes at 10,000 which is what all I now typically cover in a year. On an annualised basis then servicing is probably going to cost me around €60-70 or say €150 at a garage but that ain't going to happen whilst I'm still capable of swinging a spanner! On this particular engine the timing chain, aux belt, and fuel filter are 'for life'. No more DPF's and EGR cleaning and 'Italian tune ups' for MOT/ITV's for me!
  4. If you suffer from range anxiety...... Make sure it will fit in the boot though.
  5. That mindset is what's causing you the problem. Depending on the amount it sounds like an ideal case for a QROPS with flexible drawdown - just in case you did need to draw from it at sometime in the future. Nothing 'complicated' about them, most are essentially a SIPP just the same as in UK except established elsewhere, commonly in Malta but there are other options. That's where my private pension is and take what I want from it when I want, anything I do draw goes down as income on my tax return so timing can be worked to advantage. I have two annuities with L&G, they won't send the payments abroad so are paid into my UK account. Tax is deducted at source however as a non UK taxpayer they refund it every year when they also send me a P60
  6. If you have health care in Italy courtesy of an S1 then the act of applying for that should have immediately triggered France to demand the surrender of your Carte Vitale. I know this from 1st. hand experience of moving from France to Spain in 2018. I was quite surprised how swiftly that demand came after applying for new S1's for Spain. It came by post to my (then) temporary address in Spain and the only way they could have possibly have learnt that was from DWP to whom I gave it in order for them to send me new one.
  7. "Eye opening thread" To be brutally honest it shouldn't be!
  8. The thing to remember is that in such circumstances the relevant authorities will absolutely not operate by email, they will turn up unannounced and mob handed on your doorstep at 4am in the morning! BTW I found the link in under 30 seconds by copy/pasting the entire address at the bottom into Google.
  9. https://www.cybermalveillance.gouv.fr/tous-nos-contenus/actualites/campagnes-messages-escroquerie-usurpant-identite-police-nationale
  10. "I don't do social media because, rightly or wrongly, I do not trust them. My choice." This site, and others similar, are 'social media'
  11. "Brexit has of course given us all of these advantages"..... . It's 'yer Brexit 'dividends' init, unfortunately few if any are to the advantage of UK or Brits abroad.
  12. Best part of 1000km further South where a 1.8m dish is required for reliable reception and nothing at all changed here for me and no chatter about anything on local forums either so I think you can safely dismiss speculation about footprint tweaking.
  13. Nonsense, just properly maintain what you have. Whatever that costs it will always be less than buying a new or nearly new car. I bought a 4 year old car in 2007 and when I left France for Spain in 2018 I'd put 250,000km on it (307,000km on the clock) in which time outside of regular servicing it had probably needed 'spannering' no more than three or four times.
  14. UK have yet to implement border controls for imports. https://www.thegrocer.co.uk/brexit/uk-delays-full-import-checks-on-food-until-january-2022/654093.article#:~:text=Import%20declarations%20will%20be%20pushed,risk%20plants%20and%20plant%20products Most of the foreign lorries are returning empty which is why the projected queues at the ports have not materialised and in turn providing BoJo with false stats with which to claim that everything is working normally which everyone knows they are not.
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