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  1. We sign the Acte de Vente in 2 weeks.  I'm now trying to decide which to use to transfer the funds. Bank or Currency exchange?? Anyone had experience of this??
  2. Thanks for all your suggestions.  If Leboncoin fails, then I'll take them to Emmaus in La Chatre where I used to help out.  I know they have a few shelves for foreign books.
  3. Thanks for all your replies/suggestions.  We only use it to shoot coypu. Will probably try and sell it on Leboncoin.
  4. We have quite alot of paper backs - in good condition, in need of a home. We've sold our house and will be over in February to clear things out. On the Indre/Creuse border - ste.Sevére
  5. We are having to clear the house and have a lot of paper back books which are in good condition. Does anyone know of an English Library which would take them?  I tried selling them on Leboncoin. We're on the Indre/Creuse border ( Ste Sevére)
  6. We have finally sold our house.  We have rather high powered air rifle which we want to take back to the UK.  Do we need to tell anyone about this?
  7. Thanks - I've cut and pasted the report into google translate, which gives an idea of what the report contains. Some of which contracdicts what has been previosly stated. The potential buyer is asking questions. Over the last 12 years we've had various things done to the house which have required electrical work all done by qualified electricians.  However the house is over 150 years old and some parts still have old electrics. We never had any problems and have used the old staying ' if it ain't broke, don't fix it'. I am thinking of going back to the person who did the survey and ask him for a short report in plain French ( is there such a thing) of exactly what is wrong. Should I worry - Seems like I am!!!!
  8. We have recently had on offer von our house and the Compris de vente will be by procuration but not the acte de vente. We're still trying to understand the electrical part of the diagnostics - 20 pages of complete gobbledegook.  When we bought the house 12 years ago, it covered half a page of A4.
  9.  Brittany Ferries check the pet passport and microchip when leaving the UK.
  10. THanks for all your comments. We also have the house with French agents, one is English and is an agent for a French agent plus she has her own website. It is on leboncoin and green acres. I don't think some French agents are not as procative as agents in the UK. We don't get any feedback from viewings - I have to chase them.  I've asked their opinion about what we can do to kick start  but only the English lady has come up with any suggestions and has re-worded the details. We've also reduced the price.  Our problems is that it is remote, in a small hamlet. Still never mind it will soon be a New Year and things may change.
  11. Thanks idun. They say they deal with all enquiries so we should not get any direct contact. However, I'm still unsure.  We're getting no where with the French agents, Leboncoin etc. So it may be worth a try.
  12. Has anyone heard of Worldwide group enterprises Ltd.  They sell property on the web - charging £500 plus VAT.  They hold exhibitions in Russia/China etc. Their registed address is in Northern Ireland I first heard of them on thie site about 3 years ago.  We are thinking of using them to sell out house. We've beat them down to £250 plus VAT but I'm still having second thoughts.
  13. I did wonder - will have to google 'termites'
  14. Thanks all - we do get a lot of woodpeckers in the garden.  However the plum tree was definitely ravaged by some sort of bugs. The wood was all powdery inside.  A bit like woodworm damage.
  15. We had to cut down and burn a plum tree because it was worse than this - see picture.  I've googled but can find nothing.  Any suggestions??   At first we thought the deer had been attaching the bark
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