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  1. [quote user="richard51"]WMy new year resolution was to try and not insult anybody. What was yours[/quote] Not working so far.
  2. [quote user="woolybanana"] To be fair, the new iplod is much faster and better but quand même. I[/quote] You wait until its a couple of years old with a tired battery!!
  3. [quote user="richard51"]I don' t like marmite[/quote] So what have I done to offend you???
  4. What has the world come to, just because a white person is shown its classed as racist.
  5. Is there still an English language newspaper on sale in France, if I remember it is targeted at Brits who live in Dordogne shire, maybe an ad on that then you wouldn't have to travel there, I take it your French is a bit ropey then, wanting to deal in English.
  6. [quote user="alittlebitfrench"]We dont have a Tescos in Paris. We have a M&S...yum yum. The LH drives on Gumtree, I guess they are not registered in France with all the the documents ??? How does it work. Why would someone living in France buy a RHD from the UK ? Ours are all registered in Paris and ready to go. I never sold a car in France before so it is all very exciting.[/quote] Maybe not Tesco but our local Geant Casino has a notice board for ads. Re Gumtree, yes they still have foreign plates, must admit I would be cagey about buying one through them, our friend did see a nice one that still had Dutch plates on it, I phoned up a Dutch friend of mine to ask what docs should go with the car, he told me but by the time my friend actually phoned the guy he said the car was gone. Buying a RH from the UK, must admit that did get me thinking, he actually came back to the UK brought it and drove it back to France, plus the price for the car was so much cheaper here. Ok it was a few years old but still had plenty of life left in it. Horses for courses I suppose, I don't knock him as that was his decision.
  7. A friend of mine who lives in France has purchased a car via Auto trader ads and one on Ebay.UK, they were RH drive uk registered cars that he drove back to France, There are normally loads of left hookers on Gumtree. If you don't want that hassle maybe an ad in the local supermarket ( I have just sold wife's car through an ad in our local Tesco) or pop along to a local garage and take what they give you, but make sure there are no dinks or dents on it. Does it really matter if its an expat or French national as long as you get your money.
  8. [quote user="AnOther"][quote user="vivienz"] http://residential.edf.com/customer-services/contact/contact-us-by-phone-208807.html [/quote]Not here it doesn't, it brings up a Erreur 404 Page non trouvée and even if you click on the France Metropolitiane tab then Help and Contact then Contact EDF by phone all you get is the one catch all number: If you've really found actual departmental numbers (which I doubt as I can't believe EDF have English help lines in every department) maybe better you just publish them. [/quote] Well it works for me.
  9. [quote user="Archie"]I believe it is the case and it is something we'll need to face up to in the near future ... not really looking forward to it though[/quote] Archie it might be a good idea to gen up on the new regs, if you are expecting a visits from the jobs worth to look at you fosse by sorting out the waste before they come might save you a lot of grief. Yes waste from sinks baths etc have to pass through the tank  If its not to their satisfacation they might not pass but if done any other small infractions they might overlook. We had ours put in years ago by a local farmer with his digger, there was no vent pipe in the system ( because he hadn't one) I read that its now a requirement, so before our visit by mr inspector to check the fosse septic I put one in, he saw it and was very impressed that there was one there, he passed our system as acceptable.
  10. [quote user="Wils"]Why don't you go back to bed and get out the other side![/quote] D71 has got a point. Its a bit like saying my car won't start whats wrong with it.
  11. I am assuming Barclays might be aware/suspect he doesn't live in the UK, thats why they have frozen his account until proof comes.
  12. I also agree with ebaynuts comments, it seems that all the people who "didnt win" are now having a hissy fit.
  13. Mrs KG. Re the war records, I obtained my dads army records from when he was in the war 39-45. Can't remember where I applied for them but I can find out from all the stuff I received if needed. ( think it was army records) Although a google search would also assist you. I had to complete an application form plus a cheque for the search. I also had to prove he was family, I think I also sent a copy of his death certificate. The stuff I got back was amazing, all the details of when he went to North Africa and Egypt details of his trip up Italy with the 8th army all the little troubles he got in with his mates etc. You will have a long wait until they send the stuff back to you, in the end I sent them an e-mail complaining of the long delay, I reminded them that if the service was free I would just have to grin and bear the wait, but as I had paid for the service I expected all the details be sent in a timely manner, received the stuff a couple of weeks after my complaint.
  14. Although we have a C.A cheque account we only use it to pay required direct debits. We don't have any of their cards, can't see the point if they charge so much for the things. ALL our spending is via our UK cards Nationwide credit for purchases and Metro Bank debit card for any cash withdrawals from the bank cash machine, these two companies don't charge extra for use in europe and the exchange rate is near business rate.
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