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  1. On form 2047 under 1. Traitements Salaires, Pensions et Rentes Imposable en France go to item number 11 Pensions, Retraites, Rentes and under the heading Pensions, Retraites complete pays d'origine ie Royaume Uni then the boxes next to it under the heading Nature Du Revenu Public Prive both need to be ticked then complete the Revenu En Euros (a line for both of you presuming there is two of you). Complete you box for your interest etc (2TR for me but may not be for you depending on your interest) 2OP is on form 2042 a bit further down from the 2TR box tick the box if it applies to you. On the 2042 which comes under Divers and you will find the 8UU to indicate you have foreign accounts then on the following page where you enter your total income for both of you in the box you need ie 8TV etc you will see below the boxes 8SH and 8SI which you must tick as you are on an S1 and so not to incur the Prev Soc charges on your pension income. Hope this makes sense (as I'm doing it from memory) and haven't totally misunderstood what you are asking!
  2. Yes, last year she forgot to include a ref to 2OP but did send an email a few days later with the info. This year I see that she hasn't changed the year from 2018 to 2019 but having been doing mine on line bit by bit all else seems to be the same.
  3. Would this be of any help? http://bh-assurances.fr/en/practical-informations/how-to-declare-your-tax-online/
  4. Yes you should tick 8SH & 8SI if you are in receipt of an S1 via your state OAP. Can't answer the other questions as I don't have a gov. pension or rental income but it sounds right. Hopefully someone will come along and confirm for you.
  5. Yes, but not on the boxes you mention as we don't have an S1 yet but on the 2047 8TX and the 3916 on one occasion lost all the info. I've corrected several boxes several times but still the 8TX box has lost it's contents! I was beginning to think it's my PC that can't cope memory wise but now I wonder if it's them and not me.
  6. Quite agree with you Laurier 'scary'. Also I much prefer having the paper version in front of me - for me it's much easier to read as reading the screen I tend to miss things for some bizarre reason. Hope your form filling goes OK.
  7. I have read all of your posts and can only say that I feel for all of you. What a terrible thing this is, I had no idea. Lots of luv to you all. xxx Mrs KG
  8. Just in case it is of any help to someone else, my mind now a lot clearer this morning I now remember that there is a small box where you can search for a form or box number and knowing that I must tick 8UU which doesn't appear on the 2042C I put in the search box 8UU that's where the information for using 8I Divers Page 4 and 8I Divers Page 8 came from. By selecting page 4 I was taken to the 2042, page 8 took me first time round to the 2042C (I printed off a copy originally). So I think a bit of the mystery is solved.
  9. Thanks for the link, now read and saved! I've been back into the system and somewhere somehow found a note that explained 8I Divers on page 4 of the 2042 and 8I Divers on page 8 of the 2042. Having read the information I needed page 4 in order to tick the 8UU box but didn't need page 8. I did the necessary and then low and behold I had before me a 2042 (not 2042C) which I've completed then picked up the 2047 and duly completed that and the 3916. The 2042 appeared to be the same as last years however the 2047 did not allow me to complete 8TX - section 9 (looking at last years 2047 ) wasn't there to complete but section 9 is on the printed copy - I give up! Anyhow I'm reasonably happy as I have the accuse de reception stating I have completed 2042, 2047 and 3916. I shall just see what transpires as I'm not doing it again - they will think I'm barmy - quite rightly so!
  10. Thanks for all your input David much appreciated. Yesterday I deselected the Divers and found my impot showed social charges on my interest only - no social charges on our pension. That frit me cos we are early retired and in Puma and I'm sure I read somewhere that we had to pay socials on our early retirement pensions which goes towards the health system as we no longer make payments to URSSAF. Our last payment request to URSSAF was December 2015 and we've paid nothing since. Maybe I'm just very confused.
  11. Yes, I said that I was rambling on! It's cos the box says 3.8%. Normally we pay PS on pension at the lowest rate due to never being over the bareme. 17.2 % on the miniscule interest! Sorry is that what you are saying? Oooh I think it's time for a nice glass of wine & a bit of cheese!
  12. Guess what, I have so confused myself & probably the tax office that I have re ticked the divers box and am more or less back to where I started. I've printed the forms and the 2047 now has nothing in the 8TX box, the 2042C is showing the amount in the 8TX box and the 2042 doesn't show an 8TX box. We do not have an S1 - we are early retired but hopefully this September one of us gets to apply for the state pension and if Brexit allows it we will also get the S1. I know that we should have no tax to pay which is usual but we do pay PS on our pension & interest at the reduced 3.8% rate. Why I can't shift this blessed 2042C I don't know but the PS calculations match my own workings. Think I'm rambling a bit now maybe I should finish for the day!
  13. Having unticked the 8 Divers box I have now managed to reduced by tax bill by only paying PS on interest and not on the pensions so I've obviously c*cked that up! Oh la la and I thought this year it would be so simple!
  14. I've found the line as you said and have removed the amount! So now I have a blank 8TX on the pink 2047, I have the 2042 and still have the 2042C with the 8TX amount printed in it! I think I may be losing the will to live! Edit: going back through the screens yet again I found I have a box automatically ticked ie 8 divers which I've unticked (not sure that I should have)! Off to have another look!
  15. Thanks, I haven't tried that but I will give it a go and will let you know!
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