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  1. Thanks Harnser. May well resort to that.
  2. site and wonder if we can fill in the paper forms then download them, otherwise you have to have the buyer and seller together putting the info into the form online unless I am missing something. That is not really convenient as OH's PC is in a corner of the bedroom ... Sorry to sound so useless!
  3. I have been into the ANTS
  4. sorry pressed too quickly through ANTS or through a garage. I don't know if you can just hand over the papers and then advise ANTS without going through the code process. I have been into the site to try and get info but unless your questions is on of the FAQ you can't get any joy. We miss the process at the Prefecture ! I could go to the Post Office but we should be able to do it ourselves. I remember you saying, Dave, about an electronic signature so we have to work that out. Thanks anyway for the input.
  5. Thanks, guys. We sold our caravan by just handing over the necessary papers but it was to someone we knew so felt we could rely on them to register it. I did wonder if someone we didn't know could be relied on to re-register it. It's probably not as complicated as it seems so I suppose we could do our side, get the number, then give it to him and it's up to him how he does it, whether through ANTS
  6. In selling a car, can we just hand over the documents, ie his copy of cession form, cancelled carte grise, sale contract, non gage, etc to the buyer for him to go to the garage to re-register it or do we have to also independently inform ANTS even if we don't go through the 'code' route? I know the procedure is to get a code to pass on to the buyer but most people seem to prefer to get a garage to do it. I just wondered how we know that the buyer has, in fact, re-registered it? Do we have to supply the buyer with OUR copy ID (passport) and justicatif of domicile or is that something just he has to supply to re-register? Am just anticipating the easiest route and suspect the buyer will be the same! Thanks for any info.
  7. Thank you SS. I hadn't thought of that for covering the cars but it is indeed worth investigating. In fact, it sounds that it may be a possibility - I will follow up with the Notaire. We will be seeing her shortly with our updated Wills. Many thanks for the suggestion. Definitely worth asking the question!
  8. That link you provided, Dave, is really useful. However, I am still left wondering if there is any possible way we can register our new car in joint names so that it automatically reverts to the other in the event of one's death, i.e. a sort of 'en tontine' for cars!! We both would want to take it over without having to revert to reserved heirs! Is there a way to overcome that?
  9. We changed when the 'engineer' who eventually arrived to rectify a physical fault with the line into the house, wouldn't go up the ladder. Friends still with SFR seem to put up with a service which cuts out very often. I'm wondering how the mobile offshoots will be affected? I am with Pixel who, I believe, use SFR, and they are excellent,so far.
  10. Can I ask whereabouts you are in the south of France? We are in Normandy which we enjoy but I always had a yen to go a bit further south if and when we downsize. Now, am not so sure,with the heat and humidity.
  11. Thank you, Dave, that looks to explain exactly what is required. I will print it off tomorrow and read it in detail. Clearly not as easy as I thought. SS - thank you, I think the link Dave has given is the one I need which refers to death and the succession. I definitely need to read through it as I thought it was a clear cut transfer if both parties were on the title.
  12. I understood that a car in joint names could automatically revert to the other person in the event of death without needing permission from any reserved heirs. Does anybody know that this is definitely correct? I remember the subject has been covered before somewhere. The reason I ask is that a widowed friend has been told by the Notaire that she must get permission from her late spouse's son to transfer the car into her sole name.Our own Notaire, who we were seeing on a different matter, also didn't know the answer. I can't find a way to write to ANTS to ask as it doesn't fall into one of their FAQ. When they say 'joint names', it seems the car is in the one name with the other person noted as the second owner/driver, etc; Thanks.
  13. Thanks, guys, for taking the time to give so much useful info. So informative. Interesting that you mention several things we would have to compromise on. OH loves his workshop and presently is able to perform miracles in there. I just love public transport and would use it all the time if available and miss that in Normandy. I used it a lot in UK years ago. If we couldn't drive, we would be stuck. The thought of being able to walk to some facilities is attractive. We have tried to visit a different corner each time to see where we could settle and we also feel we couldn't tolerate extreme heat. We know we should downsize while we have all our faculties but don't know when we reach that point. We do love the wider Loire area and also think we couldn't consider any further south than that. We have been lulled into a sense of security in rural Normandy so it would be a balance we need to find. In a sense, it would be easier if we had family or friends in another area to give us a 'pull'. Thanks again - it has given me some focus, and really interesting seeing where other people have settled.
  14. Interesting - have been to Amboise, thought it very nice. Maybe an idea to investigate further. Yes, we also like Caen and are familiar with it.
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