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  1. Yes, if your French is up to it and your circumstances and requirements are straightforward, write the French will yourself. Keep it as simple as possible. I wrote mine a couple of years ago, emailed a copy of my draft to our local Notaire (Lurcy-Levis), she approved it immediately (no charge) and it was done. Be careful to avoid revoking ALL previous wills if you have an earlier one in the UK or elsewhere which is to remain in force for non-French assets.
  2. I can second the Boots Lateral Flow Test recommendation. Worked very well for me online. Same with Eurotunnel procedure. All sorted before I got to Calais and went straight through showing only my passport. Even managed to find my way round all the bollards which seemed to have been laid out by someone who had had more than their fair share of Pernod
  3. I am hoping that now that I have swapped my van for an estate car they will take less interest in me in future. Not that I have anything to hide but it's a damned nuisance when the Douane soldiers take everything apart at services below Paris. I hope other travellers enjoyed seeing my smalls spread out in the car park. I was made to stand like a criminal while the boss man shoved his hands in my pockets to grab my wallet and ordered me not to move or speak.

    In their fruitless search beneath the van, they even managed to damage the fuel pipe (using MY tools! - the cheeky sods) so I was leaking diesel from then on and lucky to complete my journey. They disappeared from the site before I discovered the damage but a French lorry driver who had been watching the commotion told me that was probably just as well as you can never win if you get angry with armed Douane bods. I couldn't interest the gendarmes either so had to pay for the repair myself. Not impressed.
  4. I watched both matches, in fact. Was just being silly. Great entertainment.

    Mbappe should have been substituted early on as it just wasn't his day. But, like others, I was half expecting him to do something brilliant at some point. Wasn't to be.

    Yes, there have been great performances by underdogs. Hungary impressed, too for a while. Wake-up call for the fancied teams but France dozed off when they thought they had already won it. The normally reliable Germans have been uncharacteristically erratic - let's hope they haven't got their act together this evening.
  5. I missed it. It was obvious France would win easily and that Mbappe would be a hero
  6. Double whammy for me. It's also my wedding anniversary.
  7. Makes sense. Thank you for the clear answers
  8. Not for the first time I will ask what is probably a daft question but let me down gently, please.

    The media are full of news of London bankers being asked to relocate to Europe if they want to keep their jobs in the Brexit era. Does that mean that bankers are exempted from the general rules and regulations about moving to Europe from the UK?
  9. Whether or not it came from China, they have some disgusting practices when it comes to wild animals
  10. Alan Zoff

    Hearing aid

    It was admittedly some years ago but I had an experience which illustrates Theiere's point.

    A large national hearing aid dispenser offered free trials of their aids at a Cheltenham hotel. After carrying out a routine hearing test and explaining the marvellous benefits of some very expensive aids, the demonstrator went through a test exercise to prove how good they were.

    He began by reading out (mumbling) some text with his mouth hidden by a card (so that I couldn't lip read). This was without the new aids which he had handed to me to hold, together with the batteries. Not surprisingly, I understood very little.

    He then repeated the exercise after fitting his super dooper aids. This time I heard every word.

    When I said he had spoken much louder and more clearly the second time, he assured me that both deliveries had been identical. The difference was due to the superior hearing aids.

    I said that was odd as I was still holding the batteries for the aids which weren't even turned on.
  11. Alan Zoff

    Hearing aid

    I am surprised that Bose have discontinued with it. The feedback was generally very positive.

    As mentioned, others have entered this market, including Alango BeHear hearphones which are competitively priced. The technology is very impressive, allowing you to carry out your own detailed assessment via their app and to program the device accordingly. Unfortunately, the BeHear is not suitable for my low frequency (reverse slope) loss as, despite the programming feature, it has a definite bias towards boosting high frequencies, the exact opposite of what I need. This no doubt helps people with the more common high frequency loss to pick up voices but for me it makes everything sound raspy/metallic. I am currently communicating with Alango to see if I can encourage them with updates to cater for people with my type of loss.

    Interestingly, when I spoke to my hearing aid consultant about the Bose hearphones, he told me in confidence that his (large national) company was quite worried about the impact these devices were going to have on hearing aid sales and they were looking to enter the market themselves.
  12. Alan Zoff

    Hearing aid

    I have been let down by the NHS and ripped off by private hearing aid sellers for 40 years. I now use Bose HeaRphones which work better (for my hearing loss) than any hearing aids I have tried. Cost a few hundred pounds rather than the thousands I have spent over the years on useless aids.

    But of course each individual is different. What works for me might not be good for others.

    I have mentioned Bose before on here but I promise I have no connection with the company!

    I also find translation apps very useful, both for English voices and French, although some of the results can be amusing. French friends looking over my shoulder at my phone find them hilarious.
  13. Similar arrangement in our household, Idun.

    He might like to try Bose HeaRphones. They work better for me than any of the several very expensive hearing aids I have tried over the years and at a fraction of the cost. Bit more obtrusive and when the rechargeable battery expires, you are supposed to throw the whole thing away (I will probably slice it open at that stage to see if I can find replaceable batteries for it before gluing it back together). But they have made a huge improvement in my life and, using Bluetooth, I can patch them directly to my mobile phone - although, as your husband finds, some voice tones are always going to be difficult.
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