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Calling All Petrolheads!

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Anybody interested in motorsport may have heard that there have been moves afoot to close the world's most spectacular racing circuit : Spa Francorchamps in Belgium, on the grounds of noise.  As most interested people will know, the circuit has been in existance since long before most residents of the area were even born, and it brings much needed money and investment to an otherwise pretty run-down part of the world.   A group of residents in oposition has formed a petition to help keep this historic circuit open.  Yes, of course everybody understands the environmental issues which we all face nowadays, but it's also true that many safety measures and energy saving technologies have been developed on the race course, especially in endurance racing, where the Spa 24 hours is world famous.

The diesel Audis and Peugeots, for instance, which are now heading the field in endurance racing, are barely audible as they fly past at unbelievable speeds, and the economy and cleanliness of their engines has much to do with their success.   If you care about motorsport, automobile development, and the local economy of this stunning region, please sign:


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great experiance i went to the gp 2 years ago, except although i booked 7 months before, had to stay in Brussels, nothing closer and it took 5 hours to walk down the mountain, to the car and to reach the motorway, never again


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Indeed, the protest was started by a group that have fairly recently moved to the area.

I worked in F1 for some years, Spa was a highlight in the year, but I am a little surprised by this, as the major shareholder in the Spa circuit (e.g those bits that aren't public roads) is my old boss, Bernard Charles Ecclestone, so I don't think it will go easily!

I used to really enjoy driving around what remians of the old, full circuit, through Stavelot etc, much of which remains unchanged.

Petition signed, and not just once either!!

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Rubens Barrichello signed today - number 14,372...  [8-|]

Jackie Oliver signed on Monday:

"Dear Andre, Please would you be sure to register my petition. I never got a reply from Antoine ...... Best I have raced at Spa since 1968 until this day. I finished 5th on the old circuit Belgium Grand Prix in 1968 and won the Spa 1,000 kms for Porsche in 1971 with Pedro Rodriguez. My Arrows Formula One team contested every Belgium Grand Prix on the circuit until 2004. I still race there with my classic cars finish second in the U2TC saloon car race this September. It is a great track and due to a minority complaining should not be diminished for both its heritage and commercial benefits it brings to the region. I have and will continue to spend my Euros Because of it there. Please be sure to register my petition attached. Thank you.Yours truly "

Says it all, really....


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