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  1. best i can do , is ashford, kent to pas de calais, i do that every 3 weeks  kim
  2. thanks both for your help, im told that only orange 3g works in my area cheers kim
  3. I live primarily in uk, and thinking of investing in an ipad2.  I would then invest in a sim card in france to enable me to  access the internet via 3g at my maison sec, as an alternative to a dongle/laptop or a telephone connection. I assume you can simply buy the sim and wondered if anyone had any thoughts or experiances on the matter? thanks kim
  4. it all depends upon when you are planning to die
  5. chichester is in west sussex portsmouth is in hampshire
  6. i live in hastings nice road network in sussex generally poor only 20 or so  miles of motorways lots of coastline better than average weather london 50 or so miles north kim
  7. i use the tunnel, i think it depends whether its peak times etc.  Having said that at a weekend i leave an hour to clear customs.  During the week its fine kim
  8. its all very clever.  If i bring my uk sky card to france, it only works on a limited basis, and allows me to get a very few more channels.  |It wont let me get my subscribed channels and tells me im using the right card with the wrong box.  I assume that if i bring my uk card+ uk box, it will work fine.......... kim
  9. £3000 applied for........................................0 got
  10. oh i was going to say dell........ipad2? on contract?
  11. On 18th March I am driving with a group of friends to France, to stay at my house in Dept 62 and then on the Saturday, we are planning to drive to Paris to watch France v Wales at the Stade de France.  The match is in the evening and the plan is to then drive back, returning to England the following day.  Id appreciate any advice as to how to park up.  I think the train from Arras isnt an option tho I havent researched it so I was planning to drive, park up and get a train in.  Is parking at Charles de Gaulle an option? Thanks KIM
  12. yes well it must be me the last 2 times ive had to reverse back up the speedier shute kim
  13. just enquiring if anyone else is having trouble at the last paege, south of calais, travwelling north. Im forever backing out, and usually end up handing over the doofer to be scanned. The doofer is fine, well it certainly works at all other stations. thanks
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