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  1. Mine is being set up in Malta so I'm ahead of the game for once  
  2. A quick question to those that have moved to a QROPS How much say did you have in choosing a portfolio of investments ? Did you just go with the flow with what the "experts" said (they always seem to have fingers-in-pies) , or was there scope to come up with your own plan.  I've had a couple of portfolios placed in front of me, recently created ones. They have a mixture of investments from all over and were performing at 10-12% last year, although the previous couple of years were averaging 1-2%. I know they can go down equally well in this volatile market but is there somewhere you can go to get a more even balanced view of what is on offer.  
  3. we use a plastic dip stick. crude, but effective.  
  4. I thought I would report back with an update.   All the reports were done. As one of the pensions was a final salary scheme it had to be reviewed by independent "experts". Anyway, the upshot of it was that it was borderline if I moved (that one on it's own, but with the other defined benefits on...maybe). Apparently, the new QROPS would have to perform at 8% if I had to buy an annuity to replace it. (Is anyone buying annuities now?)   However.. due to the Brexit vote I asked for another transfer valuation as the other one had run its 3 months guarantee and was given before the vote. They are not obliged to give another one within 12 months so I had to write to the trustees. They agreed and I was quite surprised as the value has increased by almost 30% ! ... and that is quite a substantial amount.... in 3 months. I think they want to get rid of me :(   I am beginning to think that the UK is going to become a financial basket case in the coming years and I would not be any worse off my moving the pensions out.
  5. and yet when you have to fill in anything,  or present documents, they always ask for place of birth and normally a copy of a birth certificate. So I don't understand the row to be honest. Uk is different of course  
  6. [quote user="NormanH"]"No taxation without representation", but "No representation without taxation" also?[/quote]     Would that mean that all the "immigrants" paying tax in the UK would get a vote as well ? 
  7. when they fly over Luxembourg close to Christmas they are going Nor East , over the top of Auchan and heading to Koblenz. Nothing so far though as it's a little early As an aside, I was back home in late August and we went up to the Col du Soulor to watch the migration, absolutely superb.
  8. there you go ... Importing pets into France         
  9. Some interesting information, thank you.   Our "local" office is 90 mins away in Toulouse, but it might be useful to go and have a chat with them to make sure we know what they need (and I do understand very well that each department may interpret the rules differently !).   All the boys are over 18 so they have to do it themselves and not rely on us.   As to the point raised by CT as to why. It's not tied to Brexit (per-se) but they would have an advantage being a French national, certain employment opportunities will be open to them, e.g. pompiers, gendarmes etc, in fact I think any Public role would be available, whereas it wouldn't if they just held British nationality (....my interpretation). Besides, they've been in France for more than half their lives and this is their home.  
  10. Hi all   I'm looking for info from people who have been through the process of gaining French Nationality w.r.t the documentation required.   Wife and 3 kids are looking at going through the process and we've read the blurb and it talks about "Original Copies" of things like Marriage certificates.  Each child needs to present a dossier of their own, so do we need to "buy" Original documentation from the UK Govt website, get each one translated and submit them.  Or can we just have one "original copy" and then get 4 translated copies.  We can't obviously send the actual "original" of everything as we would have to wait for it to be returned before the next dossier can be started.   It seems daft to shell out money for 4 copies of Birth/Marriage certificates and then get each one translated.   Much obliged
  11. I am in the process of moving 2 pension pots to a QROPS in Malta - I think you can take up to 30% on transfer. It maybe worth looking into that as well 
  12. Thanks to both of you for some very good information.   I will take the weekend to have a think about it all and I will be raising some questions with the pension bloke next week.
  13. I've been talking to a Financial advisor about pensions over the last few weeks, and as the events of last Thursday have taken center stage I'm asking for advice/opinion on moving an English private pension into a QROPS scheme somewhere in EuroLand. I have an current transfer valuation from one pension company that is binding for 3 months (which was given before the UK voted Leave). I have no idea if the state of the economy in the UK will hit the value of pensions and whether moving the money out is a good idea, or that rules will change.   Has anyone does this and are their pitfalls I should consider ?  Non of us have a crystal ball so we have no idea of what will happen to UK private pensions to ex-pats if the UK does actually leave the EU. My gut feeling is that Pensions are an easy target to raise money if the economy gets a rogering.   It will be another 15or so years to retirement age (with today's current rules !) so it's not something that is imminent.
  14. [quote user="alittlebitfrench"]Get out in terms of being racist or get out to better yourself ?[/quote]   Racist - or rather Xenophobic as we are technically the same race   She isn't a very nice person and shouldn't be anywhere kids never mind being a teacher  
  15. Some of our neighbours are worried about the EU having more of an influence.   Some of our neighbours are farmers so are more than willing to continue as-is   My youngest son's French teacher has been telling him to get out of her country ever since he started in her class
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