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  1. Thanks Cendrillon

    He needs to get to Calais, but I think he may have sorted something now. I had a look at Bla Bla Car and it looks like a great site.

    We've been looking at all options this afternoon, and as he won't fly, needed an alternative.

    Thanks for your help though.

    Jan xx
  2. Is anybody driving back to the UK in the next few days (from tomorrow to 28th August) as my husband needs a lift back fairly urgently.

    Pick up would be at either Lubersac or Junction 43 or 44 on A20. Happy to pay some costs and maybe share driving.

    Please let me know asap. Many thanks.

  3. Thanks Clair

    Will pass it on to person asking.



  4. Is there an organisation in France that deals with child cruelty?  Someone has asked the question and am trying to help out.



  5. Thank you - will  send link to friend.


  6. I've never seen it in France, so being able to buy it everywhere doesn't make sense.  Can you buy it in the supermarkets and if so, where would it be because it's not with the fizzy drinks or the cordials and syrops.  The only other place I can think of is Go Sport or Decathlon but having looked at their websites, am not seeing it.  

    I was just asking if it was available in France as I have a friend in hospital with cancer who is currently craving lucozade and if it hits the spot for them, then I would like to try and get some asap.



  7. Does anyone know if you can buy Lucozade in France and if you can, where?

    Jan xxx

  8. Heard them flying over tonight.  Always such a pleasing sound.  Wish they would change their route timings to daytime so we could see them.

  9. Thanks everyone, that's really useful info.  With the dongle option - would you be able to use SKYPE though?

  10. Asking on behalf of a friend who would like internet access while in France at their "renovation project". 

    Is it possible to get an internet package that is like Pay As You Go, with no monthly fees, here in France.  Friends only come over maybe 3 or 4 times a year for a maximum stay of a fortnight and would like to be connected and pay for only what they use while they are here.

    Any suggestions?



  11. It's been fine all day today and then this evening, about half an hour ago, it dropped out again.  We have been having problems with the internet phone dropping out, but it comes back on when you turn the livebox off and then back on again.  Same with the internet, turn off livebox wait 10 seconds turn it back on, and it eventually boots up.   I didn't bother ringing Orange today as I thought the problem had been fixed.  Tomorrow, I expect everything will be closed, but will try later on.

    Happy New Year to everyone.



  12. Thanks Quillan - will do that.  I'll have to try the English speaking helpdesk phone number as I don't think my French is up to explaining the problem.  The box is only 18 months old, but maybe it has developed a fault.

  13. Has anyone else been having problems with internet connection through Orange livebox.  For the last three days, the internet connection has been lost and only sometimes comes back on when I switch the Livebox off and back on again.  Can't see any maintenance messages on the website, but it's getting a bit annoying now.


  14. Further info re dogs being stolen in the Charente "Not just from

    gardens, some were taken on walks. Be vigilant for vans parked near

    homes or known dog routes. Not the white chasse vans, ones with side

  15. I am just passing this message on, which appeared on my FB page from Phoenix Association, to make sure that everyone is aware:

    Hello Everyone,

    Very sadly, we have been advised of a recent, very active spate of dogs

    being stolen in the Charente, directly from people's gardens. It is

    thought that they might be being used as bait for dog fighting. Please

    keep your eyes on your dogs at ALL times and report any suspicious

    behaviour to the gendarmes. Please share this notice if you can.

    May all the dogs who have been stolen in the last few days be returned to their loving owners.

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