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  1. Hi all, I wonder please if some of you kind souls might offer me some advice, before I go find a lawyer..... A little time ago a rather violent hailstorm occurred in our village - hail stones as big as golf balls and peaches. Our roof (amongst other stuff) being canal tiles was essentially trashed. Artisan came along and did a 'revision' - all approved by assurance etc etc. We had some concerns at the time but were assured all is fine, despite every other property in the village with similar roofs receiving complete overhauls. We were later advised by one artisan at another property it's essential after such a storm - you can replace only those visibly broken tiles (as was done in our case) but many more will have hairline fractures not visible to the human eye, but come the winter weather will open up and leak. The best course of action is complete renovation. I wish he was our artisan but sadly he wasn't. Long story short - two months after work was done it rained for the first time since the storm - and guess what? Roof leaked like a sieve. Artisan has been back five times to 'patch it up', and now says there's nothing more he can do. We have 13 buckets in the grenier to catch water, we've had several other artisans come and laugh at the work and how poor it is. Our assurance 'Generali" are being less use than no use - its our problem and the artisan's according to them. Basically what I'm looking to figure out is who should I be taking on to get the job done as it should have been done in the first place? Our insurance? The artisan's insurance? or the artisan himself? Obviously it's going to take time now to resolve so I'm in the position of having to find the cash to repair the roof properly then try and recover the cost through the courts...... If anybody can recommend a good lawyer in Languedoc too I'd appreciate it - I work away in UAE so most comms will have to be by email..... Appreciate any advice - thanks a lot. R.
  2. I'm sure this has been covered before but I can't find it in the search engine. I brought my cheap and very cheerful Audi from UK to France a few months ago - but I'm having difficulty getting a c of c to register it here. It's a 1996 Audi Coupe - Audi UK won't issue the cert because it's older than '97. Can't even get a CT done without a cert..... DRIRE don't do c of c's anymore. Any ideas where I can get one :/ Thanks in advance ;) Ric
  3. Goodmans are referring no doubt to quad LNB's where the signal is split into four components for installation into an amplifier/splitter box normally for use in an apartment block where multiple signal feeds are used. If you're using a quad LNB with four cable sockets on it, chances are its one of these and should be changed either for a single output LNB or a true quad LNB with four stand alone output signals. Still with me? Reason I know about this is I was the dumbass who changed my single for a quad - but I'd bought the wrong kind of quad oops. My sparky kindly explained the difference.........
  4. Hi there, Anybody out there with a Blackberry on Bouygues telecom? I'm trying to find out if BIS services will work over Wifi if you switch off you mobile network or whilst roaming. My understanding is that Berrys will connect via wifi if possible, but only if the carrier has subscribed to that with RIM and sent out the appropriate service book. I'm sure mine was working last week on wifi but now it point blank refuses to connect to BIS unless I have mobile network on - and since I'm working in UAE and paying a ridiculous amount for roaming megabytes the network is staying off! Any help appreciated! Ric
  5. Just so you all know - DRIRE no longer issue attestations d'identity........since Jan. At least that's the case in the Languedoc - I assume its nationwide. maybe a mod will amend the registering a car in France sticky thread......... Makes it a bit more of a pain to immatriculate a car - I've been waiting two full weeks now for the c of c, DRIRE service used to be excellent. :(
  6. Actually Cityjet were a small Irish airline, started in Dublin, and have always been called Cityjet. They were bought in 2000 by Air France, who became Air France KLM. In 2007 Air France KLM bought VLM and combined their fleet into Cityjet's, under the one company name (Cityjet). http://www.cityjet.com/about-us/history/
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    I'm sure I'll be corrected if I'm wrong but I don't think you can just select a hospital and go ask for an MRI - you have to be referred by your GP/specialist who will advise the best place to go and write you a script.
  8. US releases proof positive of Bin Laden's death                   http://i262.photobucket.com/albums/ii118/Ric_Jacques/proof.jpg?t=1304676761 [:D][:D]
  9. Can we have this forum registered on Tapatalk.......? www.tapatalk.com
  10. Really great news I for one am happy these recorders have been found. Given that they are designed to withstand immersion up to 20,000ft I am hopeful the data will be intact and can provide some answers. Surely praise must also go to Air France and Airbus who have both gone way beyond their duty to keep searching after the ULB's went dead. Well done to both.
  11. My é is ALT + 0233 aswell......
  12. Click on where it says 'consultez le guide" When Le guide opens up theres a little Adobe symbol top right of the booklet - click here then on 'document complet' to download the complete guide as a pdf. Once you open it as a PDF you can save a copy from there same as any normal .pdf. Sorry I was rushing out to change a 737 brake earlier - didn't get chance to give you all the info.......
  13. Download this it's a very good reference. http://www.legrand.fr/particuliers/guide-pratique-l-installation-electrique-dans-l-habitat_1750.html 10 Amps is normal for lighting, 1.5mm cable, 8 lights max per disjoncteur
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