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  1. As long as you spray the cleaner on the cloth/paper, and not directly on to the screen (because it WILL go in places you don't want!!), and don't press to hard!!!!
  2. Chrome 4.0 Stable? So far so good, not one glitch in 12 hours, and usually by now I'd have had to reconnect 10/20 times. Have to say, it sometimes either takes a long time, or wont connect to certain sites, where Firefox was 100%, but hopefully something that will be fixed, I think I'll stick with Chrome for a while!!! Thank you everyone
  3. I've updated to Chrome 4.0 Stable, and will report back!! And I only get the small posting box on here with Chrome, so it's not specific to Safari!!!
  4. It's telling me, which is odd as I downloaded so recently! I love the way there are eight forums mentioning it, and yet Google refue to accept it may be them, yet there's fix in version 4, bless them!! I might try safari as my Itouch uses it as well.
  5. I only downloaded it on Jan'11th, so I'd guess it's version 4, but can't see a version type anywhere. It's a domestic set up, wifi to a lap top, no dongles! Vista os, all pretty basic stuff! Other than this persistant shutting down the wi fi link it seems pretty good?
  6. As a long time Firefox user, I've been trying Chrome, and I was very impressed, but there seems to be a problem with Chrome shutting down wifi connections. Has anyone else encountered this, or any other glitches?
  7. Super pictures. Anyone know where I could find pictures from the Dakar of Patrick Tambay? He's been looking for ages and can't find any. I suspect he was too busy to take any himself!
  8. [quote user="Stan Streason"]No it doesnt. As well as having 2 cables to the dish you need to be paying the £10 per month additional fee to Sky for the service (and then they will insist on phone line etc)[/quote] The phone line is usually so they can attampt to sell you pizzas, and not much else. As the recording hard drive is in the box, I've never seen why they charge an extra tenner, or am I missing something?
  9. If there was power near by, I'd suggest an Optimate, if not, then it would make sense to disconnect the battery and lock the doors with the key. One other point, and slightly more crucial in France than the UK, two months is more than enough time for the petrol to go stale, and it's easy to tell because of the smell. Stale petrol will work, but it needs a hotter spark. I usuallu run anything than is going into storage (car, bike, strimmer, chain saw etc etc) to very low, and then put as much fresh petrol as possible in before trying to start it, along with a freshly charged battry in the case of a car or bike. Most modern vehicles don't have coils these days, but spark genorators, and these don't work well with a low charge, so add that to stale petrol, means a difficult to start car!  French petrol seems more prone to going stale quickly.
  10. Michelle Mouton was a bit handy in a rally car, and my friend Catherine Legge did well in the States as is currently doing DTM. In the past many women raced Bugatti's, and there were many woman who raced at Brooklands, indeed Barbara Cartland organised a race solely for women at Brooklands, but that's history currently there are quite a large amount of women racing at all levels, so many in fact, I've never considered it odd!
  11. Indeed, the protest was started by a group that have fairly recently moved to the area. I worked in F1 for some years, Spa was a highlight in the year, but I am a little surprised by this, as the major shareholder in the Spa circuit (e.g those bits that aren't public roads) is my old boss, Bernard Charles Ecclestone, so I don't think it will go easily! I used to really enjoy driving around what remians of the old, full circuit, through Stavelot etc, much of which remains unchanged. Petition signed, and not just once either!!
  12. has it already got software to attach to a French ISP? If so, it wont work elsewhere. If it has a simple Wi Fi seeking software, it should pick it up.
  13. I can't say what happened to my post, but it doesn't look like what I typed in! I have contacted Espa in the UK, who sent me a lovely spare parts drawing, but it didn't include the motor or any of the electrics!
  14. I have an Espa Silen pool pump ESPA Silen Klixon Poland 3MP 1E 16301 It's no bigger than your little finger nail, but it's the third pump I have had, and it's always this little switch that goes. I've Googled it, and sent e mails to a couple of companies that list it, but none seem to what to even give me a price, let alone sell me some. Anyone got any ideas, it has to be cheaper than a new pump, again!
  15. [quote user="cooperlola"]Credit Agricole Pacifica seem reasonable to me.  But what they're like in the event of a claim, I do not know and that is where insurance companies are truly tested, imho.[/quote] Well I put in a claim four years ago for a swimming pool repair, and despite monthly calls/e mails, I've still yet to see an "expert". To add insult to injury, originally, very very reasonable, this year a reminder was sent, AFTER the deadline to stop it and go else where, with a HUGE increase (nearly double from 399 euros to 710). After a call, and a apology that I was now stuck with it because it was sent out late, but no reason why it's gone up so much. Needless to say, not best impressed.
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