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  1. No I have a companion who will be with me all the time. The worst thing is losing one's independence! Thank you for enquiring.
  2. I have a PICC line inserted which has to have a saline flush every week and I want to come over to my house in France for firstly 2 weeks and then maybe 3/4 weeks in September. The D/Ns here are willing to give me all the relevant kit but I am not sure whether this can be done in France by one of the visiting nurses. Has anyone experience of this? I did think of perhaps going to the hospital in Tours. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Read in Connexion that other areas besides Paris affected by the pollution caused they are saying by diesel vehicles. As both France and UK have been pushing for diesels in latter years what happens now?
  4. Thank you everyone for your kind wishes, I too hope I will be back in France soon to enjoy life again.
  5. Thank you so much for swift answer.
  6. Please could someone help an idiot - I need to send a cheque for 619,61 euros to France and cannot remember all the words in French, am on chemo which seems to be addling my brains!
  7. Best advice above - definitely check out area in winter months, everything around me shuts at 7 pm and all the shutters go up and you never see a soul.    Summer and winter can be like 2 different worlds. Good luck
  8. I am not technically minded at all, but I have managed to have get all the books, newspapers etc on my Kindle onto my tablet via Google play - using the Amazon Kindle App.  
  9.   Confusing - for a numbers idiot like me can anyone please work out roughly how much at the end of the day one would expect to pay French capital gains tax and social charges on a sale at 250,000Es with purchase price of  100,000Es and expenses of say 50,000Es if the house was owned for say 12 years.  This for a residence secondaire. WendyG  
  10. Posted this earlier but it seems to have disappeared!   Please looking for advice. My late husband and his father-in-law had a vast collection of old (1800s etc) beautiful leather bound French books which unfortunately I am now unable to keep due to downsizing.  They are on a multitude of subjects - history, zoology, telephonic, electricity, medical, entomology, molluscs, theatre, lace, et al.  There are also many by well known authors such as Balzac, Georges Sand and so on.    In other words a very extensive library. They are bound in red, blue, green, gold tooled leather and are very beautiful quite apart from the reading matter. Any advice as to the best way to dispose of these books would be greatly appreciated.  I also have a series of books on all the areas of France, beautifully illustrated, these of course are more modern.  Also many art books in English, have given some of these to the charity Mind in the UK. WendyG
  11. Advice needed please. My late French husband and his family had a large library of leather bound French books on all subjects. I am having to downsize and no longer will have the space to keep them, likewise my daughter. I consulted a local antique bookseller who purchased 5 of the books and was not very helpful re what I should do with the rest, a friend suggested an auction.  The leather bindings vary in colouring - red, gold, green, blue and the subjects are very varied - entomology, zoology, theatre, archaeology, telephone, electricity, history, etc etc.   Also classics -  Balzac, Sands etc . Having lived with them for the last 50 years I am naturally very loath to part with them but needs must. Any advice would be gratefully received. WendyG
  12. The anti mice plug in little machines seem to discourage them without obviously doing them any harm.    The machine emits a sound which is not audible to humans but seems to dissuade rodents and encourages them to go elsewhere.  Nobody wants to harm bats but their droppings are unpleasant in the wrong place.  Obviously in a laundry room it is also very unhygienic.  
  13. No, a Frenchman told me this recently.   Apparently it used to be May before.
  14. Thanks everyone - the "tap" did the trick! Car is 24 years old so pretty basic thank goodness.  There is a little "buzz" when key first turned! Back to running normally now.  It is a beautiful car and usually starts and runs like a dream.  Very comfortable too on long journeys.  
  15. Used to enjoy Dave's posts - would be interested to hear how getting on if you have time.  
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