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  1. [quote user="Chris Head"] Dunno Alcabob, never tried...I think Dicks lads are more qualified than me!   [/quote] Hey...............I may drink a bit, but I'm no alky[:D] Spongebob
  2. http://www.mailonsunday.co.uk/pages/live/articles/news/news.html?in_article_id=410449&in_page_id=1770&ico=Homepage&icl=TabModule&icc=NEWS&ct=5 Yep, I KNOW it's the Tory mail, but................... Spongebob
  3. [quote user="Chris Head"] Well Gay's still away so we should take advantage and have a bit of a riot tonight? [/quote] Right, I'll start it: Chris Head couldn't carve a joint.........[:P] Spongebob
  4. [quote user="TWINKLE"]Just spoke to her husband (she's out shopping) and he promised that he would sort out the computers today so hopefully she'll be back online tonight - I can't wait!  She's gonna die when she sees the rubbish response to her thread compared to mine!!![/quote] Cheers Twinkle, LOL[:D] that's one of the funniest things I've seen in a while. Brought a smile to my face after the last three weeks of pure misery. [:(] Spongebob
  5. The Mobilis cartes come with a small ticket-sized pass, that fits into a small part on the front of the plastic wallet holding the carte, IIRC. You then use that bit as you would a metro ticket. So pleased for you that you're sorted. Spongebob
  6. [quote user="Sunday Driver"] Oi, Spongebob..... Unauthorised use of Sunday Driver's posts is punishable by a large single malt of the most expensive kind.......[8-|]   [/quote] One's in the post, (Royal mail, of course[;-)] ) Spongebob
  7. [quote user="Ron Avery"][quote user="Spongebob"] OK, but don't blame anyone else if you cause an accident due to dazzling drivers behind you, or someone mistaking your fogs for brake lights and braking and losing control, etc etc. FOG lights are for use in FOG;) Spongebob [/quote]   In your opinion???? [/quote] Code de la route Art R.416-7  Use of fog lamps. In case of fog, falling snow or heavy rain, front foglights may be used to replace or complement dipped headlights. They can also be used to complement main headlamps outside built up areas and on twisty roads, but they must not dazzle other road users. Rear fog lights can only be used in the case of fog or falling snow. Failure to comply is a class four offence (135 euro fixed fine). Yep, in my (correct) opinion[:P] Spongebob
  8. EDF? Don't even get me strated on them!  They prevaricate, they tell lies and their right hand doesn't know what their left hand is doing. A typical example of a company with a monopoly who just don't care[:(] Spongebob  
  9. OK, but don't blame anyone else if you cause an accident due to dazzling drivers behind you, or someone mistaking your fogs for brake lights and braking and losing control, etc etc. FOG lights are for use in FOG;) Spongebob
  10. Spongebob

    cherry tree

    [quote user="vab"]I have just bought a cherry tree , very samll one. I have read my English gardening book and some cherry trees need a "mate" Is this correct or can I expect an abundance of cherries one day. For all you experts out there the name on the label is Cerisier Bigarreau Coeur de Pigeon. Any advise truly welcome !!![/quote] Got one two years ago. Last year it produced about ten cherries, which we, and the birds, shared. This year, nothing. Everything else is LOADED with fruit, but no cherries. Spongebob
  11. If there was an emoticon for rolling eyes, it'd be HERE! I find headlights on in daylight, especially in brighter conditions, incredibly distracting, about on a par with front foglights and rear foglights when there is no fog. The worst HAS to be rear fogs in the rain, though, and what are governemnts doing about that? Nothing. Spongebob
  12. That's why Screwfix keep replacing mine: the led ones are supposed to be good for 30,000 hours!!! Spongebob
  13. [quote user="Le 47"] My father in law is considering changing from 3 phase to monophase supply. The only issue remaing is the 3 phase water heater.  My take on this is that there would be no problem because if there is a monophase supply to each of the 3 phase points on the heater (3 seperate elements I presume) it will work OK. Thiswould be different for a 3 phase motor though. Am I right about this as EDF seem to think I am barmy. Thanks [/quote] Can FIL not do as my neighbour does, and have both? She has monophase throughout the house, and 3-phase for the cooker and water heater. Spongebob.
  14. It will depend on how good your wiring is at present. If each room has it's own mcb, no problem. Just find the cable feeding the room, trace it to a junction box, and wire in a couple more sockets as spurs. IIRC, the maximum number is 8 per room, (well, per mcb/fuse, anyway), but don't quote me on that, my books on the subject are in France[:(] However, if the wiring isn't up to much, not the right gauge, lots of sockets on one circuit already, you'll have more work to do. You COULD swap one or tywo single sockets for doubles, as I've done, but be careful not to overload the wiring. It should be 2.5mm sq and via a 20A mcb (Again, IIRC) or a 16A fuse, and no more than EIGHT sockets per mcb/fuse. If fitting double sockets, buy some cable too: French doubles need links fitting from one socket to the other[;-)] 2.5mm sq, remember. You'll want red, (or black, or brown), blue and green/yellow. Spongebob
  15. Just repainted mine last summer/spring. I did them the same colour as they were done originally, ie: a very bright mid green. They look good, I only hope the new paint lasts as long as the old. Apparently they were last painted over 50 years ago!!!!!!!!!! Spongebob
  16. [quote user="Pierre ZFP"]I'm in the process of replacing my spots.  As the bulbs blow (regularly!) I replace the bulbs with the white LED equivalent.  They are more expensive but run cool (and so less electricity) are just as bright and last forever - well almost[/quote] Hmmmmmmmmmm. I have TWO mains versions of these in a room at home in the UK. They have both been replaced (free of charge), by Screwfix once, and one twice. At nearly £10 each for the white ones, the jury is still out......... Spongebob. BTW: Inverted clay pots, now THERE'S an idea!  
  17. [quote user="missyesbut"] [quote user="Tresco"]  You're quite a girl, aren't you Spongey. [;-)] .... [/quote] Now is Spongebob a girl?... [:D] Just asking because our local window cleaner chap is nicknamed Spongebob! [/quote] "Oh! Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS! Absorbent and yellow and porous is HE. SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS!" From my theme song[;-)] Spongebob  
  18. Ah...........right, thanks. Anyone cvare to estimate the insurance on a xantia, group 13 car in France? Not that I'm thinking of doing this, of course[;-)] SB
  19. Unfortunately that stuff is thermo-softening, which means it's likely to melt, sag ONTO the light, and overheat badly. I'd stick to proper hoods, or plasterboard boxes. You could always "mass-produce" the boxes: sides (corners) held together with plastic right-angle on the OUTSIDE, and "No-More-Nails" type glue. The lid can be loose fitting or held with the same. If you cut enough pieces of plasterboard at once, assembly would be relatively easy...........after all, they will be out of sight, so don't even need to be all the same size. You DO have access above at the moment, I assume? BTW: hope YOUR low voltage lights don't suffer like mine. EIGHTEEN[blink] WOW! I've just about got rid of all my low voltage ones. I find the lamps don't last as long as they should due to the relatively poor contact area. Those contacts carry up to 6A, but are tiny, the springs are weak, and they get weaker as the lights get hot[:(] NOT a good combination. Now a MAINS Halogen? That's a MAN'S halogen lamp..........[:P] Spongebob
  20. [quote user="Chris Head"]LUV yer pisstakes! But don't you dare apologise CB....that spoils it! There was a time not long ago when the 9mm would have been an option....[/quote] You've actually GOT a 9mm? Can I borrow it, PLEASE? Pretty please? SB
  21. Patronising, ironic, or disengenuous? Or none of the above, but pleased to have TWO threads started about her? SB
  22. You know when you're popular when someone starts a thread with YOU as the subject! I'm sooooo jealous. Aha! SB
  23. [quote user="TWINKLE"]There - I've done it![:)][/quote] Done what?[8-)] SB
  24. http://www.screwfix.com/app/sfd/cat/cat.jsp?cId=102507&ts=12595 Spongebob
  25. [quote user="Bob T"]There is no road tax on a car or bike here in France. [/quote] No road tax? what is a "Vignette" then? SB
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