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  1. Just to let everyone who was kind enough to reply to my thread that we have now sorted out insurance. We disclosed my husbands condition and he has been given additional cover  covering this as well as the insurance for us both. Obviously this was by paying quite a bit more for the cover but at least we now know we are covered for any eventuality. Thank you all for your advise and suggestions.
  2. Yes, I agree you with you as we are finding out. My husband has an ongoing medical condition and that is becoming the major problem as obviously we want insurance that will cover any events connected with that condition. We had a company in the UK but they would not carry the insurance to France hense desperately trying to find a reliable company. It is not a life threatening condition and he has had all the relevant checks here in France to clarify what the UK found, in fact they were far more thorough here. His medication was adjuted and that was that.
  3. Thanks you very much for all your replies. I will give them all a go and see what I can find  It was bad enough yesterday trying to get flights on line and after three hours of being told seats available only to find after trying to book them to be told all sold. or flights changed We nanaged to get flights but not on the dates we really wanted but at least it is booked now.
  4. Thank you for that and I will try to find them although I am travelling from France to USA but still worth a go.
  5. I remember reading a thread a while ago and someone recommended a company that would insure two people for £74 and I remember going on the site. I have been trying half the morning to find it again to no avail and I am sure the company was "travel.....something. Can anyone help as I need to sort some insurance out quite quickly so would be eternally grateful if anyone can find this thread.
  6. Hello all We were not given ay option of doing it ourselves as the DRIRE just said this was what they were doing. Yes, we will definately try it ourselves now. We thought it would have all been done by now as we started the process months ago but we have an "Grey " import car and we had to change a lot of things in the car. I will just have to ask our daughter to cross her legs for a while.
  7. Oh dear !!! Not what I wanted to hear but thank you all the same for the advise     
  8. All that was said was the we would hear within three weeks and  then go to pay the monies and collect the documentation for the making up of the plates
  9. We have just had approval for French plates and all documentation has been sent off. We have been told it could take up to three weeks to get the plates but we may need to dash to UK for an imminent birth and wondered if we can take our car with British plates but not on road in UK now. All very complicated and should we contact DVL about this or has anyone ever been in this situation.
  10. I stopped watching the rubbish about ten years ago as I find it very embarrasing and as for Terry Wogan...well, he should have been pensioned off years ago. I cannot stand listening to him on the radio and certainly do not want to hear his pathetic jokes on TV.
  11. I have been picking my own each day for almost a week now. I made an apple crumble this morning and it will be topped with fresh srawberries Mmmmmmmmm
  12. Having had four children and now have eight grandchildren and one more on the way, yes, it is not a thing we would have done and we have been abroad with grandchildren on numerous occassions BUT negative remarks are not helpful at this time. I am sure the parents bitterly regret their actions and it is a reminder to all that even in the safest of areas the risk is just not worth it. Unfortunately, unlike the majority of sane people who would never harm a child there are some evil people in this world and it always pays to be on ones guard at all times. I would like to send the parents my heartfelt sympathy and to pray that this delightful little girl is with them safe and well very soon. What they must be going through does not bear thinking about and I do not think they need anyone casting blame as I am sure they feel enough regret themselves
  13. vab

    tomato plants

    Thanks for that advice but I am now the proud owner of tomato plants. Took Cooperlola advise and went to Bricomarche, a large shop and was pleased to see the plants were in such good condition and then, thanks to Daisymay, I chose two varieties recommended.  It pays to ask advise here and always nice to get such helpful replies.      
  14. vab

    tomato plants

    One more thing before I sign off with this topic. I live in Dept 79 so does anyone know if plant fairs are held near Melle or surrounding areas ?
  15. vab

    tomato plants

    WOW !!!!!!  That has really blown my mind. I will go armed with all the names mentioned and I will look as though I know what I am talking about. Thanks to all who have replied as it has been very helpful.
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