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  1. Hi there Does anyone know of a Scottish bag pipe player in or around Agen/Villeneuve area?  If so I would be delighted to hear from you.[:D]
  2. i was the same, 65% for presciptions and 50% for docs.received list of remboursements yesterday stating the % paid [8-)]
  3. is their anything similar in france .i,ve worked for the same employer for over a year .
  4. hi david ,were in a similar situation as you .its went up twice in a year, they mentioned the euribor rate over 3 months,and our rate is about 6.5 p/c .we thought to that any differance would be sorted out at the end .i checked the euribor rate on line and it was not 6.5 will have to phone tommorow
  5. Might seem a bit of a daft question, but could anyone enlighten me as to whether wood burning stoves/chimneys emit carbon monoxide  fumes?  My neighbour seems to think so.......[8-)]
  6. how  easy/difficult is it to increase the amount of plug sockets . we have only two single sockets in our living room ,adapters help but not practical
  7. what are the pros and cons of setting a buisness up at home .my wife is a qualified beauty therpist[itec]   .we know setting up is exspensive but welcome any other info regarding insurance etc.
  8. our dog is a cocker spaniel . i need to get from gare d,nord to montparnasse
  9. can you take dogs on the metro [&]
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