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  1. I have finally have a full refund for my order [:)][:D] I received an email claiming that many orders to France have gone missing !!! and all have been refunded. So time to check out another supplier suggested on here, thanks to you all.
  2. [quote user="Fridgeman"]Hi Paul How you keeping, thought you where popping in for a curry, I'm about to start up a secret curry restaurant, if your interested give me a shout All the best Stephen [/quote] Hi, If only you lived closer !!! good luck with the resto. cheers
  3. quick update,  I had a reply to my email, they claim the packets were posted early May, and as I had not received them they will post another. I will post again if and when it arrives. 
  4. yep sure am hungry  [:(] otherwise know as 'the curry bros' seen the site but not tried yet.
  5. Hi, Anybody know if they (packetcurry.com) are still in business, I placed an order beginning of May and still not received it, and no answer to email. thanks
  6. Hi, Anybody bought some of these in France ?? if so where ?? http://www.screwfix.com/prods/66650/Building/Builders-Metalwork/SS-Wall-Multi-Starter-Kit My local builders merchant had no clue !! cheers
  7. [quote user="Fridgeman"]Hi Paul Leave me your number, will give you a call when we next have a curry evening (It's the real thing British Indian Restaurant Curry) Hot as you like !!! or mild if you can't take it, Regards Stephen Dept 86[/quote] I have sent you a pm thanks
  8. [quote user="Gardener"]Is it still hot when it gets here? The website doesn't give a lot away in respect of who they are etc other than having an address in UK and one in France,and a google on the uk address throws up a completely different business http://www.charlotte-charlotte.co.uk/about-us.htm and the French one this http://www.mydelhiproperty.com/buckup/directprojectors111/directroprojectors.html ?[/quote] Ok thanks, I'll look a little deeper.
  9. Hi, Has anybody ordered a curry from the UK, I have been busy on google and found this site for takeaway curry delivered to France www.uksupermarketsdirect.com    Is it worth a go or is there another ? thanks Paul
  10. Hi, Does anyone know what happens after the 4 years is up for a TNTSAT viewing card ?? thanks
  11. [quote user="teapot"]Because I am such a smart alec I have put in two light switches, 1 for the main light and fan and the 2nd for the lights above the mirror allowing me to use the mirror or wash my hands without activating the fan. [:)][/quote] wow, now thats scary, we must have the same bathroom  [8-)]
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