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  1. Hi Anna, Not too far from you, and the first frost is usually the first week in November for us. So at a guess if they are at least sheltered etc you may get away with it! I've failed miserably to overwinter geraniums- any tips on how you do it?
  2. Hi all   I have an English friend looking for a working holiday in exchange for accommodation/expenses/costs etc. Fluent French speaker, with own truck willing to help out on your renovation projects. Skills also include carpentry, landscaping/ labouring etc. Ideally in the South. But anywhere/ anything considered!   Reply by PM please. [:)]
  3. Yes i have been in contact with him. He's had a bit of a rough couple of months, so please don't take it personally if he hasn't got in touch about the books etc. Although i haven't heard from him since the beginning of last week as he was going away. So i'm hoping all is ok.
  4. Coops!! So glad to see you back online!! [kiss] [:)] XX
  5. Meg


    Frenchie, get it under cold water for a minimum of 10 mins. If it still hurts afterwards get it back under the tap. Yes its boring! Lavender essential oil will also help.
  6. [quote user="Gemonimo"] How right you are M&M and I hope you are all doing well. A couple of months after 'going public' on the forum about my late partner I met a new man and life looks pretty ok.  Don't lose courage everyone! Jen [/quote] Good for you Jen. I wish you heaps of happiness! Just goes to show, never give up, things do get better.
  7. Read this a few days ago........ scary. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/7703687.stm http://news.bbc.co.uk/
  8. I naffed it up a bit too. But there's a huge difference between failure and quitting. People make mistakes, people bugger up. Its called being human. It's the keeping on at it, no matter how far you get pushed, admitting when you went wrong, and never quitting that counts.
  9. [quote user="Pads"]To heavy for me ......[:(] How about ..... Mmmmm .... I dont know   ..... How about question or dare >>> We can ask each over any thing or you have to bare your bum on forum[Www]  [/quote] Ohhh bless ya! Banana slices then! Forum truth or dare.......that'll get the viewings up!
  10. [quote user="woolybanana"]We call that a 'banana moment'[/quote] I often have banana moments. Is that 'normal' for an under 30?
  11. Pads!!! Bananas aren't heavy!! Think up and start off a forum game!! I'll play!! [:)]
  12. [quote user="woolybanana"][quote user="TWINKLE"] [:)] Definition : to dry up and fall off Something that happens after too much 'sarging'[:)] [/quote] This is horrible. Once a banana has gone black and shrivelled it cannot be resuscitated. it just drops off and leaves a horribly empty space where once there was a thing of beauty [/quote] Thanks, i just spat beer over the pooter!
  13. [quote user="Pads"]Ok Im getting carried away now [:$] [/quote] She has a thing for bananas......she told me. [Www]
  14. Jeez Pads! I was trying to be subtle!! No.......... i don't get it, what are they doing on the third row? Sorry Twinks, if your lovely shrivlery thread gets chopped, i'll make you a new one. [kiss]
  15. Wooly....... bit off topic, but i came across this the other day.........  http://www.smileys4me.com/category.php?show=10 Any of them anything to do with you?
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