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  1. hire cost of a digger near me 120euros plus delivery 30 euros ,plus fuel,i have one and a tipper for wich i charge 300 per day for me and machines ,i only work within a thirty km radius of chalais so you probably need someone close by,you might find someone cheaper  ive seen a advert for man and machine 25 an hour but i would bet this lunatic is very busy
  2. you can do it yourself without problem,any builders merchants supply them,cost depends a lot on size of system kind of filter bed, type of ground ect,bon chance
  3. yviers dept 16, fernando portuguese chap used to have a burger bar in london married to a french woman,he does best fish and chips in france that ive come accross,and lucky for me ,walking distance
  4. looking to rent a place around montpellier out of season for six months or so or more, we are a couple 52 years young with two small dogs.im a smoker,need somewere with a bit of outside  or garage space as im a engish but french regestered builder and would want to bring transit tipper ,mini digger and other building tools with me as well as a car. we have lived in dept 16 for two and a half years renavating a large barn into three appartments wich we hope to have finnished by july august.,so any time later than that,                                                                         if any one as any work avaliable for me at this time in this general area be great to hear from you
  5. i was very surprised at the price of property in sweeden ,the cost of living is really high in comparison to housing,thats were id put my cash ,ticks all the right boxes for me
  6. its the sand that gives it the colour,try a few very small mixes and let it go off
  7. hi, dont know if this will help but the cost of block laying in france works just like it does everywhere.big building few openings long runs less cost to lay per block or metre,small building four corners a lot more,how much more i cant speak for other builders but i wouldnt personaly give you a price over the phone or on the net and i dont think i should quote prices i would charge maybe someone near to you whoes had similer work done would be kind enough to let you know,tiss the season of good will and all that sorry cant help more bon chance and all the best
  8. Another year gone by,everyone making new wishes wich i hope you will get,me im thinking of the past year a little bit,i think in general ive had a good year,not great,but good,got lots done on the barn we live in,got regestered for work here and had enough to keep the wolf from the door,had a couple of weeks holiday with the grand kids in spain ,needs some thinking to reflect on everything thats happened,i thought there was more negative things happend but decided they wernt to bad and just part of life.Looking farward, i will just try to make life better for me and mine,happy new every one and luck with those wishes
  9. vindaloo,very apt name i would have thought,did you think that one up sat on the toilet,c--p coming out of both ends at once ,must be a first for even you
  10. sorry penny29 didnt see your post, good on you for stopping the habit wish you lots of luck and determination,my better half stella packed them in three years ago and i think its a great thing to do. i will just point out that 29% of males still do smoke in the uk with wemen quickly playing catch up. most smokers aged between 16 and forty four ,these stats come from government statistics and clair thanks for the answere,i think i got it, but not sure ,
  11. i think the person who started this thread was asking a question,rusethouse as a oppinion and states he dosnt think it will be detremental to bookings,i on the other hand disagree and have said so one percent of hotels pubs and resturants in the uk are none smoking at present,the only possible way the anti smoking brigade can increase those figures is with a total ban as for the person whoes just got back from the irish republic ,when a goverment start to command with harsh penalties,  tax paying publicans and other establishments do what we say or else, well the start of a dictatership as to start some were.
  12. put the car on french plates if you live here,it will cost a few quid but the alternative could cost you more
  13. clair im not nit picking at all,if you state in your advertising that you are a none smoking establishment then all well and good,you are entitled to make your own rules im just asking owners to be clear on the issue  , i see you have again swerved round the issue,direct question .do you advertise your place as none smoking or are you one of the many establishments  that leave it till guests arrive before telling them the rules,i my self know what a none smoking sign looks like and abide by peoples rules ,but if i get invited to dinner at a persons house that as been in my company when i have smoked and they then say no smoking in my house,i have to question why on earth they have invited me   my rules are  i dont get on none smoking buses ,dont mind them being none smoking but definatly object when do gooders encourage governments to make laws that stop people from starting a more profitabe bus company that allows smoking   dont go in none smoking pubs or resturants for the same reasons, to many laws rules regulations ,i abide like i said with rules,but avoide them when i can
  14. clair apologiies if i came accross as aggressive,didnt mean to be but,;outdoors smoking only;,ive never seen that sign on any gite listings ,dosent that mean no smoking full stop.i wasnt aware that smokers needed permision from anyone to smoke outside. viva,it will affect your bookings,nothing wrong in going the none smoking route but remember that one smoker in a group will decide were this group will book and its a nonsense to suggest otherwise,every smoker looks at the listings just as non smokers do even more so in my oppinion, ive noticed that none smokers can be quite unfair people at times,not only do they want there own little world, they want every one else to join it aswell,we have doctors telling us we cant have opperations because we smoke,little matter that our tax as helped build health services accross europe,smokers more and more are demanding fair treatment and asking a gite owner to clearly state wether they are smoking or none smoking is not in my oppinion an unfair request  
  15. hi dave,what ever you think of to do for a crust, think of self employment,its the only way out here, im in the southwest but its the same all over france the chances of finding any job cards in is very nearly impossiable.nothing stoping you gardening for other people there is a demand but the wages arnt good.ive had a advertisment in a english paper for three months for building work and the only few calls ive had are from a hundred miles away or more wich i wont even look at,ive got a mini digger transit tipper scaffold all the tools and the know how ,there are lots of people by the way who do just gites or b/b and get enough to live on,depends on your curcumstances and wether you need a big mortgage,everyones in a different boat .bon chance
  16. i would hope for myself and fellow smokers that gite owners who expect us to stand out side like lepers in in the cold ,that you very clearly state in your advertisments, that you dont want smokers.ash trays outside? no thanks i would take my trade to some one who wants it .none smokers who wish there places to be none smoking great, stand by your convictions, but for god sake be proper about it and state the fact before you take smokers money,ps i have three appartments in a nicely renovated barn and if the freezing cold couples from last new years eve are reading, all three have ashtrays inside
  17. hi ali,dont no if you can get flights to manchester, if you can there are some very cheap flights from there to bordeaux
  18. hi dave,ive been sat here an hour trying to compose an answere to your post,and finely decided not to bother with any real reply,if they ever start doing brain transplants though i,ll have yours, its got to be in good nick and probably still in the origanal wraper never used,
  19. ty,ive never used it but you could try using plaster board glue its a similer consistancy to artex but it may go off a bit quicker,it will certainly hide bad joints if it does work, i have used it round some windows and the result looks fine
  20. [quote user="Mysfloss"]No building regs in france ,I'll tell the inspector from Apave that this afternoon,and then chuck my  copy of the DTU in the dustbin.[/quote]   bit nit picky that,since having my plans passed not one inspector as been, it certainly isnt like the uk
  21. what kind of agency? im not trying to take the micky but if you dont know the answeres to your own questions what advice could you possiably sell to other people.
  22. hi,ive been doing a barn conversion classed as a new build for two and a half years on my own more or less,completly striped it out and started from scratch,new floors ,new roof two inner gable walls splitting it into three parts,total four hundred sqaure metres of living space,six bedrooms five bathrooms two kitchens three lounges.never seen a building inspecter since i got here, they just send out forms for you to fill in every year to ask how far you have come if you do sell it,and i have been into this,then you have to prove it is your principal home to avoid cgt,this means you must live in it for a period of time and the prefared method of proof by the tax man is to fill in tax forms as soon as you can even if you have no income from any where while you are doing a self build, depending on how long you think its going to take you to do the build and assuming your going to need a job here at some stage it could be worth your while regestering for work from the start even if you cant do any work for any one else at the moment,its another proof you live here and the discount you get on matierials can out way the tva payable
  23. nick there are no capital gains payable on a house if its your principle home who ever built it,
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