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  1. Hiya

    We have 4 lovely kittens who are looking for new homes, and was wondering if anybody in the area would like one. And yes I have had the mother sterilised now! They are all girls, 2 white, 1 black and 1 tabby grey. If anyone knows of a good home please pm me.

    Thanks Dee

    Sorry forgot to say they are FREE to good homes. I am near to Marciac/Mirande in the Gers. I've not worked out how to add a picture, but you can see them at :



  2. Hi

    When we recently bought our property, it was reported in the survey that the only internal door we had, had lead paint on it. There was no requirement for the seller to remove the paint. But I believe it is a requirement that a buyer knows it is there.


  3. Must admit it seems expensive. We got 2 quotes for 3000l tank, bac a grasse and filter bed, and both were around 5500 euro's. We ended up doing it ourselves for 2900 euro's! Backbreaking work though! Good luck.

  4. Hi Tillac

    On a completly seperate note, do you live in Tillac in the Gers? Thanks Dee
  5. Hiya

    Just done all this ourselves, and after 2 weeks of backbreaking work we have our very own fosse complete with working toilet!

    We had to apply to the Marie for the declaration de traveaux, but the plans had to go to the syndicat Des Eaux first, and for them to visually approve them before they went to the marie, who then duly sent them to the S D E again for approval! We had no appointment for them to come down during all this, it was all done on the basis of our plan drawings. We then got the form back with approved stamped on it, and a few recomendations to our system from the S D E. We then had to notify the S D E 1 week before work commenced, and she had to come down and inspect what we were looking at doing. She has since been down in the last 2 weeks a further 3 'surprise' times to see what stage we were at, and has now said she is happy with our works, but she has to provide a report with all the photo's she's taken of the stages.......jees more paperwork...and thats about all I know...

  6. Hiya All, I am pleased to report that we have today found a 2nd hand kitchen (from a couple who are taking theres out) discovered over lunch would you believe! Thanks so much for all your time and responses. And Opas I am SURE of what I brought just presumed think that the 2 free standing double units would stay. Thanks again folks. Dee
  7. Thanks so much for all your prompt replies! I will certainly look in the local supermarkets (hadn't thought of that), and all the other places you have mentioned. And Yes we were kindof expecting the kitchen units to be there, but I am not sure if there was anything legally binding to say they were included in the sale, as it wasn't exactly a 'fitted' kitchen that they had! Cheers Dee
  8. Hiya All

    We have just completed our house purchase in Marciac, and have found that even the kitchen cupboards have been taken! Does anybody know where I could find some 2nd hand ones, or cupboards to make do for the time being. I don't want to rush into deciding what kitchen cupboards I want just yet. I have tried a few local Brocantes, but they seem to just have antique items.... Any ideas gratefully received. Thanks Dee
  9. Hi Gabe

    We have just insured ours through Generali Insurance via Phillips Schreinmachers office in Eauze. Ours was 255 Euro's, so yours does seems steep. Also they have English speaking staff at the branch, and your policy documents can be printed in English if you request it.....So much easier to understand if you need to make a claim. If you want tele numbers etc, pm me. Thanks Dee
  10. Hi, are you talking about credit agricole Normandie as its now called? I use them and although others may have different stories, I am very happy with how they have treated me, especially recently when I 'accidently' went overdrawn. There is always an english speaking person to talk to you, and online banking is free...even though the website is in french it is pretty easy to find your way around. In my book it has been a nice introduction into french bank accounts, and at least you don't have to worry about language problems. Dee
  11. Hi Bluebee

    How about advertising at the local Marie, or town Hall on their local notice board, most have one. I have been looking for rentals, and found quite a few people advertise this way, especially with their telephone number listed about 10 times at the bottom as strips, so that people can just tear one off to take home with them. Also local supermarkets have message boards. I hope this helps.

  12. Hi Cathy

    Sorry havn't been around for a few days!

    Marciac is in dept 32 Gers , on the D943 from Maubourguet heading towards Auch,or D3 heading from Plaisance South other towns around are Mirande, Bassoues, . Does that help?
  13. Hi All

    My sons private french teacher has had to stop lessons due to a full time job. I have searched everywhere to find a replacement teacher...for me also...

    Does anyone know of someone who teaches french in the area. Chantalle is full with classes in case someone suggests her.

    Thanks folks
  14. Hiya All

    Our 6 month rental is coming to an end, and as we still havn't found a property we are looking for a further temporary rental. I have scanned the local papers, looked at supermarket ads etc. So does anyone know of a rental property (2 bed min)available from end of March, near Marciac for 3 of us. My son is in Bassoues school so needs to be local to that. Thanks all in anticipation.

  15. Thanks for your responses. It given us food for thought!

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