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  1. Last time I was here that was months ago I only saw your posts and replies. Thought I would have another look in and this is what I find.. It is very sad that the forum has turned into this. I wouldn’t say you’re an alcoholic just a complete nutcase.
  2. OMG! I don’t have the words to respond to this. Can you imagine if a Jewish person said something similar about Pakistani Muslims as you just did??? I haven’t been on this site for ages and I remember reading similar statements from you Richard51 in the past, but this? .... “Road to Mandalay wearing a Kippa” and “Will you now accept that the Israeli Zionist enterprise is fundamentally racist?” That sounds very extreme to me. By the way, I am in the camp that I find burkas barbaric and should be banned.
  3. Patf, this has happened to me on a few occasions, when entering the supermarket and once when leaving. It was because I was wearing a new garment that had one of those sewn in security tags. They are huge so I now always check and cut them out. They say to do this on the label, I wasn't aware that it was possible to deactivate but thought you had to cut them out in order not to bleep. So in my opinion the cashier was being normal and suspecting you were wearing something new versus had something hidden when she heard the bleep. :)
  4. Poor thing was probably running from the chasse to begin with. I have seen this several times here this time of year. :(
  5. That is great news! Grecian, I know you went through a nightmare but it is so good to hear you have come out the other side. Hope you can get your hernia seen to quickly and your system eventually settles down and then by the sound of it you are sorted. :) Well done on your recovery.
  6. [quote user="alittlebitfrench"]Hi JandM. I am no snob. No expat/immigrant will choose to buy a house where I live in France. I do admittedly find the whole subject very interesting. I like your suggestion that maybe it is because SW France reminds them of home. But, I have been to most corners of France and that one does not work for me either. Stoke on Trent...Dordogne. Not really the same thing. So.....it is not the climate; most suggest it is not snobbery and well lets be clear Milton Keynes is not Sarlat. What else could it be ?[/quote] The Dordogne is stunningly beautiful at least the Perigord Noir region which is SE Dordogne. With it's beautiful golden stone it is very much like the Cotswolds but more dramatic perhaps. I have heard many British describe it as the Cotswold in the sun. :)
  7. The best shop and customer service in France is Amazon.fr by far. ;)
  8. They have changed the title of that thread. :) I certainly don't see ALBF as a troll and have defended him in the past but in this particular instance was perhaps being a bit sensitive. As Chancer said, it is a site for English speakers in France and it is a term commonly used. Are you banned again?
  9. [quote user="alittlebitfrench"]Oh...nothing special. Bit of a bust up on another forum with just fecin racist idiots that seem to have contempt towards France and everything French. Even those who run the 'Anglo/French' site are just anti France. How does that work ? Chancer your views are wasted on that idiot site.[/quote] Why, what has happened on the site? I look in regularly and haven't seen anything like you describe recently at least. :/
  10. [quote user="Chancer"]It was done at a high end "boutique" boot camp in a château in France as an expansion of an existing UK set up, they no longer run it in France except for large group bookings, another victim of the French desire to crush anything successfull. They still operate in Devon and I went there recently to do a video testimonial, the hypnotherapy is the glue that holds together the new regime of fitness and healthy eating, they are not just hypnotherapists that read a text telling you to eat less and exercise more, they really go deep down to find what is is Inside from the past or present that makes you turn to food for comfort, help you deal with demons that you may not have known have been there for décades. I think for me the hypnotherapy was the strongest influence, its what kept me on track and what made healthy food taste like the best meal I have ever eaten in my life, maybe it no longer has an effect perhaps I am now self sustaining but because I remember a lot of what was said in the séances (I was not 100% in the trance) I am aware of some of them still having an effect, when I run or even walk, when I come to a hill I attack it with everything that I have got, I'm not showing off, its just a deep desire Inside that I cannot resist and it goes against me on our very hilly half marathon or a maratrail I did recently where we had to scramble up a quarry face within the first KM when you should just be warming up and no more. I also attack challenges in life in the same way, I would not shy away before but now I really am on the attack and cant help myself. You would need to be hypnotised in your own language so you need to look in the UK, several French friends have asked me recently if I know of anyone for them, I told them to look in Paris or Lille. [/quote] Thank you Chancer , that is very interesting, I will look into it. My problem is I'm either off or on and this time around I'm finding it very difficult. It's fantastic that it has worked so well for you.
  11. I have sadly gained weight over the summer and now working hard to loose it. Chancer please do tell more about the hypnotherapy you said helped you so much. :)
  12. That wears me out just reading it! Well done on your success Chancer, it sounds like it is very well deserved indeed. :)
  13. Yes of course! Personally wouldn't proceed otherwise unless I was moving next door. :)
  14. NormanH, the difference between this and your situation with the car is the deposit is sitting in the Notaires account already.
  15. [quote user="AnOther"][quote user="NormanH"]The 10% deposit is forfeit if there is no clause covering the reason for not proceeding.[/quote]The only way it's forfeit is if the buyer agrees to it or it's ordered by a court, some sellers still have the quaint notion that a buyer dropping out without reason or out with the clauses in the compromis automatically means they get the deposit - dream on ! [/quote] That is exactly what our Notaire told us. After signing the compromis there is a ten day cooling off period (this is new until recently it was seven). There is a deadline of the day after the ten days to send the deposit to the Notaire, if after this period the buyer pulls out they lose this deposit. I presume perhaps the Notaire fees and perhaps taxes (I have no idea) would be taken from the deposit but this is then given to the seller. By the way, the seller doesn't have this cooling off period and I am told is committed the day of signing the compromis and would have to pay the agreed percentage deposit if they back out. This works just like an exchange in the UK.
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