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  1. loads of builders round this area some good some not so good,i have sent you a pm
  2. was it you who approched the companys or was it them who approched you?if it was them that approched you i wouldnt worry to much they are just scare mongers,the usual tactic is to drive about a district in disticly lettered vans and then call to say while they are in the area they will do a free survey,the firm that called on our barn wanted 16000 to treat it,after being told to leave speacial one off offer of 12000,again after being asked to leave i was offered a deal were by i gave them a lift to do the work and it would only cost 8000,there will be old sign of capricorn in most old houses and barns in france, it  does not mean its active but wether active or not ,it is easly treatable with a spray on soloution you can get from any brico or builders
  3. it was a barn conversion but classed as a new build,thanks for your replies
  4. does it all so follow that if weve been paying tax de habitation and fonciers for three years  that we must have filled in this form,
  5. thanks clair,could you, or anyone else tell me,in english what he form acheaves ie is it a declaration that a house is finished,liable for taxes,both?
  6. hi,can any one tell me who issues them what it says on them and were it goes to when filled in,and if you filled one in three yeas ago can you get a copy of it,thanks all
  7. have any  you got,or tried to get decennale insurance ,im a reg mason and ground worker but would like to get cover for doing a new build question is who from,how much,as anyone sold a new build without this insurance and would that be legal,pm me if you dont want to post any help apprecated
  8. its quite legal to have a bet fair account in france done with a french address and french card ive got one,also got a betfair account to an english address whats the problem,dont think its taxable in any country as you could lose every thing you had with one stupid bet,by the way bet youve had a few quid off me,just wish i had the patience ,bon chance
  9. nothing at all,as long as they are regesterd to work in france or they get regesterd
  10. you dont have to have insurance to have it passed ,if you did it yourself you wouldnt have it and you can do it yourself, i put my own in ,its been inspected and no problems,also put a couple more in for freinds that passed ,its putting them in right that maters
  11. ive got no argument with little guys having anything made as cheaply as possable any were on earth,but if they become big guys with multi moillions of profit becouse of doing this then they should be taxed accordingly
  12. great big fat companies and investers should be taxed to the hilt on all the cheaply made imports allowed into france and the uk,how can it be right to let these companies have massive profit margines and no workers in france or britain,be more people in work were they live if these companies wernt allowed to take the p,,,
  13. hi, on the one way st going into chalais on the left there is a architete mr jean batard,hes french but as a little english ,ive used him and you can negotiate on price ,
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