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  1. If it makes you feel any better my last tax bill (when I was employed) was 25k
  2. Gluestick, I am very repsectful of the IR as I realise their seemingly limitness power. I fill in a tax return and declare my earnings, thankfully they don't take anything from me
  3. The only reason they don't tax gambling in UK is for that reason. Imagine how many would file tax returns with all their loses on to offset other earnings.
  4. I am interested in moving to France, probaly for the same reasons as everyone else who has / or are moving there. My question is regarding how I make my living. At present I use Betfair (betting exchange) to trade on sports markets, I am fortunate enough to make a very comfortable living (tax free - as in the UK gambling earnings are not taxable.). We want to move to France and I see no reason why I cannot continue to earn as I do. I am completely ignorant to how the French tax system works, but I am guessing that although the money I make will be paid directly into my British bank account I will need to declare that to the French Inland Revenue. Am I on the right tracks? Also, what rate of tax would I pay on £100,000 pa Incidentaly, I am not or would not try to avoid paying tax or contributing to the society I live in, just want to know where I stand. Would appreciate any help on this Regards Steve
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