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  1. An evening of Classic Rock Music At " Banana Park", Orsennes (36), on Saturday 25th July, Music by local Anglo-French rock covers band "Van Helsing", featuring songs by, ACDC, Purple, Lizzy, Floyd & many more. 8.30pm start, Free Admission, Bar & Food available.
  2. Hi All,   Bit of a longshot this but we are looking for a Bass player  for an  established, easy going Anglo French Blues/ R&Roll band based in Nth Creuse. Gigs in place for the summer season. Personality more important than playing ability. Gear can be provided but own transport essential. We are all mature players doing it for fun, not as a living, to a reasonable standard but definately not professional class.  If you fancy a few nights out in the summer playing some music, drop me a line,   thanks, Richard
  3. Can any of you legally registered artisans settle a question for me once & fore all?  Is it compulsory to give the decennelle insurance on new installation fosse septiques? Also what type of registration is required ( ie terrassment, travaux de batiment, etc ).  I am a registered artisan, but not equipped or interested in doing such works, but a friend needs one done & the enterprise concerned offers no 10 year insurance, hence the question.  If anyone can help or point me to official websites for an answer, it would be greatly appreciated. many thanks      
  4. Hi, We live in Nth Creuse & finished our renovations nearly 3 years ago. As previously mentioned, you should find a lot of answers on the forums. If your thinking of converting barns, don't forget you need permission, getting of which is an adventure in itself & that's before you start the work, plus depending on size, you may have to have plans drawn up by a French architect.   Do you plan to do all the work yourselves?  If not, make sure you employ fully registered/insured artisan with references. Good luck.
  5. Any chance that a frost got to it, or the sand was frozen prior to mixing ?  Either of these would account for the surface being as you describe.
  6. Hi George, We live in the commune of Moutier Malcard, which is about 10 mins from Pouligny, & I have been registered & working as an artisan for 18 months. As Alistair says, It would be difficult working for the French if you don't speak the language well.  At the moment there are still many brit's buying around here, & many would prefer to deal with a (legal) english tradesman. On the downside, the social charges are very high, as are the decenelle insurance premiums required for every trade you do & is obligatory. Public Liability ins' is also required, as in the UK. In the area ( as in most of France) there are a number of  builders, some registered & some "on the black" ( some with no building experience whatsoever ), so there is competition for work, but if your work is good, the work will come through recommendation. If you want any advice, just ask. Richard
  7.   Many thanks for the quick replies.  Liz, sorry, should have put that we live north of Gueret ,in the Creuse, so we are looking for something further South.  Miki, thanks a lot , I'll have a look at the website. Best wishes, Richard
  8. My wife & I, together with our ( well behaved ) dog will be driving down to Spain in mid January, & wondered if anyone could recommend a pet friendly B & B / gite , etc, for an overnight stay, in the areas of, Carcassonne, Narbonne or Perpignan. Many thanks, Richard.
  9. Fully agree with Val.  The decennelle insurance costs a lot of money but , to be legal, is compulsory. Also the more "skills" you have on your insurance ( ie roofing, carpentry, stonework & even decorating !), the higher the premium, which tempts some artisans to do certain tasks although they are not insured. If your contractor is reluctant to prove his insurance, try doing as Val says. Why is he increasing your costs by 50% ? When I took the course we were told that a devis is a legal contract , signed by both parties, & , basically, if you forgot to price for some of the work you agreed on the devis, tough, you had to do it. If it is additional work encountered, has he a clause for this ? It may be worth while going to your local chambre de metiers , show them the devis , &  ask their advice. Good Luck.
  10. It depends on what type of alteration work you are doing. If it is just new doors/ windows ( inc velux)  it is a change of facade & will not require a permis de construire. Ask for the form " sans permis". If it is an extension , or change of usage to habitation you will need a full permis, applied for on the appropriate form. Both forms tell you what you need to submit , with scales. Generally speaking, the more detail you give, the better, & will hopefully avoid you recieving the dreaded " dossier incomplet" letter. Good Luck.
  11. I am a registered artisan in the creuse & have never heard of anyone here charging for devis. Sure, they can take up a lot of time to prepare, both on site & at home, but they are a fact of life, & worth the effort if you get the work. If some are coming from French artisans, you could be in for a wait, so be patient. It would be worth you asking at the chambre de metiers in Gueret, as all artisans are registered with them, plus they can tell you what they are registered to do. ( recently heard of someone registered as "jardinage" , who was doing new roofs, very naughty, & no 10 yr guarantee, so just having a siret doesn't mean everything is ok ). To be sure ask to see their registration card, which should be carried at all times, & a copy of their 10 year insurance, which will state which works are covered. hope this helps, good luck, Richard
  12. Hi again, sorry, did not read your post properly, & now note you want to re-crepi, in this case don't use gloss because it may not stick without a sanding down, which break the sealing. U/C should be fine as long as it's oil based. Richard
  13. Hi John, give the stained area a coat of oil based paint, either u/c or gloss. This will seal over the stain, & you can emulsion over it when dry. Sous couche or anything water based will not work, as the stain will come through again. cheers, Richard.
  14. Hi, you don't mention whether you are retired, or intend to work, so I assume that you are going to register for work. There are 3 main social charges ( cotisations) you will have to pay, which are healthcare, retirement & family , plus income tax. If you are employed, your employer also has to pay contributions for you as well. If self employed, you would usually register through the Chambre de Metiers or Chambre de Commerce, depending on your type of business. I have registered as an artisan with the chambre de metiers & attended a compulsory 5 day course, which explained the system in great detail. You can attend the course before registering your business, & I would definately advise this before deciding what tax regime to register under. Mine cost 170 euro ,but definately worth it, & remember that you have to start paying cotisations from the day you register your business, not register for the course! Social charges are a lot higher than the uk, & in the case of artisan type work, are at a set amount for the first & second years, with third year based on the first year's actual earnings, & so on.( can't comment on whether this is the same in other types of work. Healthcare contributions do not cover 100% , but you can take an optional private "top up " insurance. I have heard that previous history is not taken into account & that there is no medical required. We asked about the tax rate, but the taxman told us that each case is different, with various allowances, & tax on net profit on a sliding scale, so can't help there, I'm afraid, but I believe it to be less than uk. Also , if your work is allied to the building trade, you will have to have public liability insurance, & also the insurance for the 10 year guarantee. I hope I have not painted too black a picture, as I don't intend to, & it is a good feeling (at the moment) once you have done it. Good Luck, Richard.
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