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  1. Tommy Simpson.  Should we remember him as the rare British sporting hero he was or as another drug filled corpse... There is a monument on Ventoux to this man who died as a result of the stress of his sport and the cocktail of drugs that buoyed his success...  Me...   I stick to bananas, mineral water and the odd picon beer...        Ty
  2. Hello,  Most lovely of hedge material has for me to be any one of the mnay species of Willow used for 'tressage'. If you first cultivate a trench during the autumn for to plant the cuttings in they will root by the spring and by the summer will have put on 1m+ of growth and by year 3 more than 2 metres!  Each cutting can cost from nothing (pinched/donated) to £1 a stick which I feel is a bit pricey...  You can weave the stuff into a thick living fence and create living pergolas and other garden sculpures with it.  Unfortunatly I am too much of a Luddite to post any links but google willow/living fences and see what pops up.  There are many firms in the west of England who sell willow...  and one firm that makes coffins from it!  Ty..
  3. Why not delete it all forum quisling chefs...?
  4. Deleted me for nowt...  Boring b a s t a r d s....
  5. Damn! All I did was go out to work and its all gone down the pan...  As I was the one who introduced the thread about another forum can some-one tell me what went on during my absence...?      Ty
  6. This is all rather girly isn't it...  I don't care what colour your hair is so long as your cuff matches your collar love... No peroxide blondes in my little black book.... RAAAA!!!
  7. Slates, blocks, cement and some larger stuff is actually a good price at C.Q.M  I thought the U.K was a police state until I started shopping and driving here in France! I have been searched several times by security staff and stopped 6 times by the Police and I haven't been a new age traveller for years!
  8. Last week, I took a client there to buy plasterboard using my van and trailer. The price of the board was 3times the price in Brico marche or Leroy Merlin.  That is a FCUKING ARNAQUE!!! But I never told you before the biggest arnaqueur is in fact Francois Quimo who promises to give you 25/30% off if you take out an account for your project but never actually does...  If I hadn't already installed the slates and other materials by the time I recieved my facture then I would have sent them back...  There.... the truth is out.
  9. Hello,  C.Q.M sell some excellent materials but are unbelievably expensive for many things. They seem to give individuals different prices on a whim...  However, I bought my slate there, 1st quality 42p each 20cm x 30cm... However, do try and negociate a discount by opening an account there. You will need a R.I.B and need to talk to Francois Quimo  Ty
  10. Hello,  For 5 acres you would be better off contacting 'Travaux agricole' via the page Jaune...    Ty
  11. However...  You could have hired a compact tractor and flail mower with a total weight of under 750kg to do the work... Or... sprayed glyphosate over the whole area a couple of times and left it for a couple of months... Hand cutting brambles...  OUCH!
  12. Hello,  Unless they where totally herbivorous then there would be no problem to release them after 24 hours. They are unlikely to take on enough herbicide to cause any ill effects and the taste is offputting also...  Ty
  13. Ewa,  Contact via the Yellow pages a Paysagist or Entretien Espaces Verts or Travaux Agricole...  I used the latter as I am good friends with the local contractor and for the last job of 4 acres it cost my client 150euros and took 30min to mow down 4ft high weeds and grasses... I have a sythe bought from Point Vert... Alternatively there are plenty of muppetts at the local brit bars crying out for such work at 10euros cash per hour...    Ty
  14. Yes, Sodium Chlorate is very cheap but thats because it ain't clever!  Good on paths, patios and gravel areas but rendering ground unviable for 6 months+  Really for the little difference in cost, glyphosate based herbicides are excellent and you can cultivate again very soon afterwards.  5 litres for 36 euros treating 16500m2 from Gamme Vert...   Ty
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