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  1. Viv


    Look, Is just katie  coming back or what? I'm fed up of waiting!  I don't want no twinkle substiture  ( no offence [kiss]) i want the real mccoy the real deal the real KKK, is she coming or not or is she on some Welsh spinning forum?
  2. Viv


    I feel like the bad fairy not invited to the christening [:P] I don't want you to go, I've got used to you now [:(]
  3. Chocolat , Ghost, Its a wonderful life, Amélie, Nemo
  4. Was it the one with the vertically challenged parent of the female species having a snap on it?
  5. I don't mean this in a bad / controversial way, but I do wish people would have animals castrated . It would stop a lot of heart ache. He looks a lovely animal [:D]
  6. I can see why some people have been sceptical....I've been amongst them in the past but I've been taking chill pills! However, doing research is one thing but I think his collating info is a wee bit over the top, most people who move to France have done some research but the wheel can still come off, the best laid plans of mice and men etc. As has been said, if you want / expect things to go swimmingly, you will be disappointed as there are always factors that you cannot control no matter how hard you try. just enjoy the ride!
  7. Viv


    I thought her PC probs were two teenagers who wouldn't let her on it! But Twinkle can have her epic post back, she won't mind the brief diversion anyway.[kiss]
  8. On the down side - the French don't do cards very often. On the plus side - when they do do cards, the variety is crap!  
  9. Viv


    Twinkle, you are very sweet and I wanna CD but where is Katie?
  10. Its a south american grain in vogue at the moment thanks to progs such as you are what you eat. I bought a fairtrade box of it from leclerc earlier this year, when I was on my New Year Health kick, but fell off the wagon before I even opened the packet  [:$] From what I gather its a fairly bland grain but will take on the flavours of whatever its cooked in. I might try in a casserole or stew just to use it up.
  11. The poster can talk about what he likes as far as I am concerned... but I don't know what the French connection is or if there is one.[8-)] I shall have to whizz off and find out!
  12. Oh you poor thing, Nothing worse that a disappointing holiday. Why do you think they will retain your security deposit? Nothing in your post suggests that you did anything wrong.
  13. There was a beautiful Marianne on eurotrash a few years ago, bouncing up and down on Antoines knee.... never saw her again. EDIT with shirt.... you will have to look at her webpage for minus shirt pics!   Laetitia Casta  
  14. I was just going to say yuk figs! I best not discuss the running of the forum here, or we might both get in a spot of bother [:)] but has he been banned forever - definitely?   can't he appeal?
  15. [quote user="verviale"]Talking of exclusions, I am suprised you have not been excluded from the forum Chris, your avatar has  an obscene slant in one paticular direction,  when glanced at from afar, lets hope the mods have not noticed, I wouldn,t want to dob you in or anything.[/quote] He has to have it like that to tackle this
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