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    Possibly a very stupid question but, is it o.k. to put nettles into your compost bin ? If so should you shred and or crush them first ? Like most of us, we have ready supply of the b****rs. Gabe
  2. Any advice, albeit subjective, on best makes. I have about 4 acres to cut, very undulating and would like a larger cut around 48". I am prepared to pay up to £2,500 max and up to now have only really been considering a Honda ? Also anybody recommend a good supplier in or around 32 (Gers). Gabe
  3. Thanks, Gastines can I be rude and ask what you paid for the Falcon Classic, as this is the model we would like. Gabe
  4. Will, Any clues on what sort of cost we are talking about ? The only stoves I have been able to source so far have been much more expensive than an equivalent from England which seems strange. Admittedly you may be able to get the rebate, depending on the stove, but you do have to pay for the installation. However if you install it yourself, then the rebate doesn't count and the price of the stoves is then too high. Am I just looking in the wrong places ? Any advice welcome. Gabe
  5. Any body help, Need advise on buying range cookers in France. We had planned to buy a Rangemaster range cooker in England and bring over with our furniture. Reason being internet prices of £1475 for a model that would cost us £1900 in France, admittedly badged as Falcon, but basically the same cooker, in fact a slightly lesser model. However the warranty issue and servicing decided us against it. Therefore my question is, are there any internet sites in France, that I should be looking at, that over similar deals as to those available in England ? Alternatively can anybody recommend retailers that offer better prices than the ones I have seen so far. Thanks Gabe
  6. ThanksCassis/Chris, Info very helpful. At the moment I have a good supply of wood as a huge oak came down in the garden last spring, so want to make best use of the free source. Only problem is it will take me many years to cut the whole thing up, so for now will have to try to source some seasoned wood to get through the next couple of winters.I like the idea of the crouts and will investigate further locally. Thanks.....Gabe
  7. Chris, Assuming that you are using 15m3 per winter, what does this fuel ? Is it all your heating and water, just heating, or some of your heating requirements ? Also what sort of area are you heating ? Interested on thoughts of others on rough usage per winter. Thanks...........Gabe
  8. As Bob T says, the idea of the insulation is to ensure that the flue stays hot and does not allow condensation and collection of deposits on the liner before it is vented to atmosphere. Often smaller chimneys are back filled with a small bead thing called leca or similar. This is impractical in a large sized inglenook, hence the use of lagging/insulation. Anybody else got any ideas ? Gabe
  9. Any views, I am installing a woodburner into our inglenook fireplace, plus one other into a smaller fireplace. I am planning to use double skin/twin walled flexible liners for both. I was also planning to insulate both with Rockwool wrap around insulation and this adds about another 600euros to the job. In other's experience is this a neccessity, only required for the larger inglenook/chimney, or over the top ? All views welcome. Gabe
  10. Gabe

    Dental Implants

    Thanks for the info. Sandt, I hope everything goes well for your partner. Gabe
  11. Gabe

    Dental Implants

    Any advice welcome, We are about to relocate mid Jan 2007 and I am need of 2 dental implants to replace 2  failed crowns. Whichever way I go will have to pay for this treatment. I am wondering whether anybody has experience of having this type of work done in France. I am interested in the costs of the treatment in France, but equally I am interested from hearing from anybody who has had the work done themselves in France. Gabe
  12. Any advice, We move to France in January and after 4 years wait we are finally getting a new range cooker. What I would like is any advice on what and where to buy in or around Auch/Tarbes (32), or by internet in France. There are those brands which we just will not be able to afford, but any advice on models up to about 4,500 euros (preferably less) welcome. We are looking for dual fuel, electric double ovens, bottled gas hob. Particularly interested on views of buying now in UK and bringing with us. There are obvious downsides i.e. warranty issues, but are there any other technical restrictions i.e. burners having to be changed etc. Any advice welcome. Gabe
  13. Gabe

    Wasp Powder

    Have tried all the obvious, but all I can find are sprays, smoke bombs, special devices. Have used all before, but have always found that the powder is by far the best. Gabe
  14. Gabe

    Wasp Powder

    Does anybody know where I can get wasp powder from ? You know the type of stuff that you place all around the nest, or where the wasps land to go into the nest, they then walk it in and job done. I have used it often in UK and it is excellent, but cannot find in France. Have tried other approaches, but the powder has always been the best. Gabe
  15. Will be a hiring a mini digger at some point next spring and thought while I was at it I may as well dig out a pond. My question is this a good idea ? I have always wanted a decent sized one and now have the space to accommodate it. My concerns are two fold; Obviously it will attract nice things to the garden, but will it also attract lots of nasties i.e. mossies etc ?Secondly how often will I have to top it up with water ? We have two supplies to the house, one "potable" and one for the garden which varies in quality, but is relatively cheap and is mainly for irrigation, but does feed the toilet cisterns well. Nevertheless we do not want to have to replace gallons of water each summer. Any views ? Gabe
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