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  1. NB: I read this thread: http://www.completefrance.com/cs/forums/840434/ShowPost.aspx -but couldn't figure out if I need a licence to ride my 125cc scooter in France. I did the CBT in the UK a few years ago, but that has expired. We're going to live in a rural area so I thought it would be a good idea to bring my scooter with me.
  2. Many thanks everyone. We're moving to Brittany.
  3. A nice and easy question, hopefully. We have a removal booked for a few weeks' hence and I've been told that the namby-pamby socialist French paints aren't up to the standard of our very own brave & hardy British Bulldog varieties. Is this true and if so, am I better advised to buy a job lot now as it will be relatively easy to include a few tins in the removal lorry?
  4. Many thanks to everyone for their contributions to the thread. I think we may as well wait til we get there and head down to the nearest Garden / DIY place on the second day of residence as by early May it will be growing like Topsy.
  5. I read this thread re ride-on mowers: http://www.completefrance.com/cs/forums/817046/ShowPost.aspx ...and I'd be interested to know whether they're cheaper in England or France. Also, any advice concerning specific models / dealership chains etc would be really helpful. We're making the move soon and have about an acre of lawn to mow which is reasonably flat and in pretty good general condition. I know nothing about this part of life whatsoever yet, but have a feeling I soon will!  
  6. Thanks Will and Gary. I'll have a a look at the FAQ and see about fitting French plugs - is this relatively straightforward? If I fit a French plug, is the application then surge-protected automatically somehow? Also, when I buy a French TV is a surge protection somehow built-in or does one need to fit a surge-protector? Thanks again.
  7. We're currently organising the move to France and I have a couple of questions re TV & electrical items that I'd really appreciate any advice on. The first is easy - will my TV and/or the DVD recorder-player work? I've been told that the system is different for some reason or other.  Also, how do I organise SKY TV? We subscribe in the UK at the moment and whilst we aren't TV addicts by any means, from what I've seen of French TV, SKY will be a pre-requisite for the BBC and some sport etc. Is it simply a matter of maintaining the subscription and bringing the box & card over with us? There is a satellite dish at the property. Does anyone have any idea where I can get hold of a quantity of neat, flush-fitting continental adaptors? The travel ones seem to hang out of the sockets and with children, I want the appliances we use to be flush-fitting and as safe as possible. Or can I simply fit French plugs to appliances? Sorry to be so thick here, by the way, but I really have no idea about electrical matters!  [:$] And finally... I've heard horror stories about "power surges" and that you need to protect your most important equipment (i.e the PC) from these. Is this correct and how do I go about this? I would really appreciate any advice on these matters. Hopefully, I'll soon be in a position to GIVE advice rather than receive only! Many thanks.  
  8. Thanks for the advice Will; I'll do that. Is the advice I need best coming from a French Accountant? If so, any advice as to about finding one? I'd kind of decided to wind the company up here, make the move and then invoice for the bits n' pieces of work I'll do from France on a freelance / sole trader type basis from a UK address as I will be splitting my time between France and the UK (though by far the greater length of time will be in France).
  9. I hope this is the most appropriate forum. I'm moving to France (permanently) soon with my wife and children. At the moment, we have a small business (a Ltd Co.) of which the two of us are owners and joint directors, which has about £30k in cash in the bank. I'd really appreciate any advice on what I need to do here. My preference would be to maintain the Co. and simply keep paying ourselves the tax efficient amount per month (it's around £1k). Are we "allowed" to do this - or do I have to wind the Co. up and pay us a special dividend of the whole amount? I will be doing a small amount of work from France which is the same kind of work the Co. does now. Any advice re my options here would be much appreciated.
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