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  1. If you can get in, visit the restaurant du dungeon next to the market. Great value and good food. Or if you fancy going a bit up market, also near the market up towards the mairie vist the table des saveurs. Would join you if I could but half hour away and busy with viewing for the house.
  2. Visited today and the letter was apparently sent to me by mistake. Thanks for the replies.
  3. It was registered in the first year.....then deregistered to a microbic.....which it still is....with a siret number.
  4. Received our first 'appel de cotisations premier trimestre' and they require 2,976 euros by 5th of Feb???? We have run gites for 9 years........filled out tax forms each year......only difference....last year our carte vitale run out and after endless paperwork......we were issued with a new one. However, can anyone explain why with no prior notice why we have recieved this and how did they arrive at the figure? Will be going to RSI next week to investigate but perhaps some kind person could explain. (have no income other than from gites)
  5. If  someone offered me a free ticket with air india.........I WOULD NOT GO![+o(][+o(][+o(]
  6. Went to a vide late last year at Monjean near Sauze Vaussais, may have been October! For a small village did not expect much....but we spent most of the day there as it was huge. Anybody know the exact date. 
  7. In France....it is the customer that is always wrong! A new site http://charenterestaurants.forumup.co.uk is worth visiting if you live in Poitou Charentes and want to tell people your good and bad experiences. I think it is a myth that the french are the best chefs.
  8. In our 8th year....about the same as last year 32 weeks between the two gites. Will never see the 44 weeks taken during the years of the 'rush to move here syndrome'. Had to accept one week bookings though during peak period as guests have reduced their time over here. Gave up b/b four years ago after we renovated the barn conversion.
  9. Yes we do for our guests in our gites. At first it was wi-fi but with walls being so thick we have now opted for ethernet.  A lot of work burying all the cables in the ground and not cheap to hire someone to install the box. 85% of guests bring their laptop with them on holiday.
  10. I am not saying I will not go again as I have enjoyed all of the bands, I have been from day one. However I have not had a reply from Gilles? Glad that you have and look forward to September onwards.[8-|]
  11. that's the kiddy!........but why just this year?
  12. No photograph though! I have been fishing out of my pool an insect that looks like a bee but in the middle of the head has one pointed antenna or like a humming bird hawkmoth the long thing that they pollinate flowers with? I managed to save many of them from drowning with the net. First time ever in 8 years of living here have I seen them! Looked up in books but to no avail. Also saw one on a buttercup in a friends garden and another friend said it was the first time she had seen them.......one for you Chris? 
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