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  1. my mum who has been trying to divorce her husband for 8 years through french law courts. she has proof from 8 years ago that her husband had about 200k in his accounts\ and was on a very uk good state and private pension. however because the divorce and financial issues have taken 8 years and still not finished and my mum is not even living on bare minimum she says it will be difficult to prove where his money is now but also french courts dont seem to be looking into that.

    question here how do we prove the money he had 8 years ago? she has bank statements etc.
  2. thanks for response so far . will put timeline for your comment. mum has no base apart at friends house in uk so reluctant to go back to uk but i have mentioned is one option.
  3. my mum has been tryign to divorce and sort out the financial issues with her husband for 8 years in french courts. even though they got married in the uk under english law and then went to live in france because he was violent she went to solicitor in france. however this has been dragging on for 8 years and has caused my mum to put her life on hold.
    he left her with nothing not even the basic pension credit (as the euqivalent does not exist in france!!!). he lives on a very comfortable pension and has probably hidden all of his money (about £200K). anyway mum went to court again (she is on legal aid in france) for the validity of the marriage (to cut a long story short he more or less abandoned her the day he got married). anyway now the courts have asked my mum to pay his costs and to pay him income when he is the one whose run off and left her in dire straits. You see under french law also he is said to own nothing (all of his money is in the UK) but no one in france seems to be bothered about this fact. I have told my mum to take this to the papers. does anyone have any idea what we could do? my mum is in shambles. thanks in advance.
  4. we have a mitsubishi delica . we've tried the Macif already . anywhere else worthwhile ? we are based near cahors. is car insurance for Right hand drive cars the same price in general as for left hand drive cars? thanks for any help.
  5. we have a mitsubishi delica 2.8 turbo diesel. we are not of the CV on the engine to get this registered in france.can anyone help. the list goes from 1CV to 40 CV with prices going for the carte grise from 30 euros to 1200 euros. can anyone help?
  6. if you on low income with tax credits...

    we know that you dont have to pay for medicines in the uk. Does anyone know how this would work if you are abroad such as france? can you get a 100 % back or not pay the doctor? thanks in advance.
  7. we are back and forth in the uk. we may not be full time here. we are evaluating at present
  8. on the uk health card do you get reimbursed for dentistry - have tooth pains at mo and we can see a dentist conventionne but not sure if can get reimbursed. thanks in advance
  9. can anyone recommend any book i can buy via amazon or other as partner is struggling with french book as slightly different to uk system. thanks in advance.
  10. proof of income and:or potential of gite and or rental?
  11. thanks for everyone's help. may be easier to get loan. what do we need to get loan? proof of income and:or potential of gite and or rental?[quote user="nicktrollope"]I have never seen a grant that isn't just tax relief (so you need to pay tax in the first place....). Ask in your Mairie, but I doubt if they will have any budget...

    Loans are pretty cheap here (I have mortgages fixed at 3% for revovation) so you could try your bank.


    have appeared. mum had first filling done then got an abcess which caused a lot of pain. was told can happen particularly if she got the superbug a few years back in hospital could trigger worse things after. not sure how true? maybe someone has similar example? anyhow had other tooth done and now has another abcess and i had to rush her to doctors to put her on antibiotics at the weekend. anyone got any advice on this? sounds to me as if the dentist is not that great. mum needs to go back and thinking of going back to her so sooner get info the better so get take a better decision on this. thanks in advance.


    in addition the dentist does not seem to have any out of office hours numbers to call . is this normal??? does one really have to go to a doctor???
  13. a friend of mine spends some time here . shoudl she get private uk medical insurance too as she has been ill on a few occasions in france and i believe with the E101 or new medical card you only get 65per cent reimbursed.
  14. we've owned a property in france now in the lot for just over a year . i got one estate agent to come round to have a look when we were in the uk she seemed to say that prices had not gone up but then again  was not around to give all the info and ideas we have / had on the property etc and not sure that she realised that we had a separate piece of land with well which will be used to supply the house. what are people's opinion? thanks in advance!
  15. mum has been left in poverty after the husband abandoned her. she is in france (having lived years in the uk). her case has been in the french courts for at least 6 years. anyway her x has been living on good pensions whilst she cashed in the past to help him out by cashing in on some policies etc. to cut a long story short, one of his private pensions which pays an annuity are saying that a french court order cannot be applied in an english court. i find this hard to be believe. Could anyone help us with this? thanks in advance.


    in a uk forum i also use this is one reply have had:


    "The best thing to do is to consult a solicitor who is a specialist on pension sharing orders in the UK or contacting a french solicitor who can tell you whtehr or not the order is enforceable outside of France.

    As a thought, if they're arguing that a french ruling cant be applied here, why not try for a pension sharing order to be issued within the UK ? Might be worth talking to a solicitor about that option aswell.


    Does she know that she can also apply for a sharing order to be issued on his UK State Pension ?"


    could anyone also enlighten me on the above. she is on low income in france and is worried all this is going to be costly. because on the equivalent of french legal help no one wanted to help her she has had to pay for solicitors. can anyone help? could she do this via a french solicitor? also we have found that french solicitors dont know how to do things with uk? any useful contacts with be great. we are based in the LOt 46. thanks in advance.



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