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  1. Nicos Its either single or three phase. Single is phase means one live conductor and one neutral conductor feeding your consumer unit, meter etc.. Three phase means three separate live conductors and one neutral feeding your consumer unit, meter etc.. Single phase is what most people have in France if they're not needing lots of power. This is the prefered solution for you as it less complicated and less hazardous Three phase is normally provided if EDF cannot give you all the power you need on a single phase.
  2. PG That really is a very interesting article. There was a well known English dog trainer (Barbara Woodhouse) years ago who said that Border Collies are psychopaths. I was ready to believe her because I had had problems with a border collie years ago in Australia when I used to work on farms herding sheep and cattle. However this throws a different light on their character makeup.  
  3. [quote user="bixy"]I've read that it's not a good idea to clutter up your computer with software from the Orange CD when getting connected. We are already connected with dial up (with another provider) but now wish to have ADSL with Orange. How can we connect without putting aforesaid unwanted software on our machine? Thanks Patrick [/quote]Patrick The main change from dial-up to ADSL is that instead of the computer dial-up connection containing your userID and Password, the ADSL modem/Router itself has to contain that information instead. When you sign up for your Orange contract they should give you that info anyway and I think the Modem/Router will ask for your UserID and Password.. As BobT says you should then be able to connect without any other problems.
  4. The price does vary a lot between suppliers so you need to shop around. But don't just think about price. 1. Using surface trunking has the added advantage of knowing exactly where all your cables run. 2. It avoids all the problems associated with the rules of where you are allowed to bury wiring in walls and partitions. 3. It will be easier in the future when you want to make changes or add switches and sockets. Just my thoughts and experiences based on having installed several different lots of gaine (truncking)
  5. [quote user="Anton Redman"] then it is probably faily cheap to fix as it is likely to be linkages or inhibitor switches.  [/quote] I would tend to agree with that as automatics don't usually give problems. I actually had a very similar problem on my Nissan. The kick down wouldn't work either.  I traced some electric cables from the auto box to near the engine air intake/throttle assembly and found a switch which I sprayed with WD40. It was fine after that.
  6. No one can explain satisfactorily, when asked, why it is so "efficient" or cost effective when compared to other forms of heating. It really does seem like a smoke and mirrors scam. I do understand the theory behind the systems. But how can an investment of around €20000.00 + maintenance plus all the complications of installation, for heating in France, be justified when other forms of heating systems are less expensive. It's not as if when you have installed it that you wont have to replace systems after so many years of operation.
  7. I also keep my CT with me. I know there is a vignette on the screen but you may be asked to produce the actual report document. You have to sign it anyway so it may be a good idea to carry it.
  8. That was very well done. I used to do some dressage but nowhere at all near that standard. However I was very surprised when one day I saw a stallion strutting around a field, on its own, showing off and doing some very fancy steps.
  9. [quote user="Mpprh"] Got to go and find the washing [/quote] Your post looks so funny with the flamingo at the bottom. I can imagine a flamingo flying around in search of the washing [:D]
  10. I read the original post and knew my insurance was signed because my insurance agent made me sign it when I went in to renew it. However, yesterday I went to look in my documents that I carry with me and was surprised that it wasn't there. Somehow I had filed it with the insurance paperwork in the house. So signed or not I guess I could have been in deep do do if I had been stopped.  [:(]
  11. There is actually a law that prohibits water from car washing being allowed to flow onto neighbours property. So maybe this has something to do with the first of your items. With regard to bonfires. I don't know of any laws but I'm sure there are some.
  12. Thanks for reminding me Tresco. My mum is very old now and will appreciate a bunch of flowers.
  13. If he knows that he was speeding at the times and dates specified on the tickets then he should definately pay up.
  14. Yes. I saw it. Very convincing and at least the participants sounded rational. But that is the first time I've heard that cosmic rays are responsible for most cloud formations. What about industrial particle emmissions. Don't they also play a big part in cloud formations?
  15. [quote user="Kalyn Computers"] Unless the rules have changed recently, so long as you log in to your Wanadoo/Orange account every 90 days, your email address should remain active UNLESS it was issued when you had ADSL from them. Collectinng emails with an email program or using webmail counts as logging in. [/quote]   Tim Just a small but important point. In order to keep your UK account active you actually have to dial in to the account within 90 days, via your modem from France. It is not sufficient to just "login". I know this because that's what I've had to do for the last five years.   Edit: I forgot to mention that you only have to do this once near the end of the ninety day period.      
  16. I have recently chaged my shower boiler over to Propane from Butane because of storing bottles outside and it works much better. So go for it, but do get the correct Propane regulator.
  17. SD Are all those scooters that sound like they have the muffler/silencer removed classed as non-type approved motorised two wheeled vehicles.  [;-)]      
  18. I don't know how many watched this speech but it was a very impressive delivery. It's a pity GWB isn't able to articulate English in such an eloquent way.
  19.   I couldn't get onto the moneyexperts.com main page of their site but could get to their forum. [:)] http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/         
  20. [quote user="Russethouse"] More here : http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/cgi-bin/viewnews.cgi?newsid1170081918,22653, [/quote] Russethouse I can't get that link to work. I've tried other sites and all OK but not that one.
  21. [quote user="nicktrollope"] If you don't or never have owned the car on the "tickets", I'd just ditch the letters - it simply isn't your responsibility. You will get no thanks trying to do some half-wit functionaries job for them. [/quote] I would imagine that there are possibly serious consequences for ditching (destroying) mail that is not yours. I would think it better to take them to the local La Poste to have them returned to whoever is sending them.  
  22. Sandra You seem to have posted in two separate threads. Here is my other reply.   http://www.completefrance.com/cs/forums/894427/ShowPost.aspx#894427
  23. [quote user="Will"] All tables like that prove really are that if you pick the right set of figures, you can draw whatever conclusion you like. [/quote] I seem to remember something along the lines of "Lies, more Lies and statistics"
  24. Sandra I'm sure you will receive a lot of replies of help but this may give you a start. I typed Agence Emploi into Google and this was the first link that came up. http://www.anpe.fr/ Then select anpe.fr en region and then select the region you want http://www.anpe.fr/region/poitou_charentes/index.html Hope this is of some use.
  25. [quote user="Pilot"]The Pilots' instructions issued by Boeing are quite clear that 737s must be landed firmly and pilots will normally fly them right onto the runway. A 'soft' landing in a B737 could see you leaving the far end of the runway! I've flown a lot with Ryanair and their landings are no harder than other airlines using 737s. In certain conditions (e.g. strong side wind) this may seems to passengers to be extremely firm, but never in my experience as hard as a BA flight I once made to Jersey, in a Tristar I think, when after the first officer had landed the pilot came on the PA and said "Welcome to Jersey. Five feet lower than when we left this morning." [/quote] I was once told by a person in charge of 737 maintenance at a middle eastern carrier that the 737 landing can be thought of as a controlled crash. I suppose your term "must be landed firmly" confirms that.
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