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  1. Hi We are a family of 4 with a very well behaved dog and we are looking for an unfurnished year rental possibly around Sarlat or Eymet.  We need to be near to a reasonable sized town that has a college or Lycee. We are looking to move in August. We are willing to look after the property (maintenance) or help with gite management in return for a reasonable rent.  We require 3 bedrooms and  4th bed/study. Please contact me ASAP if you have something that may be suitable as we will be in the area on Saturday for 1 week. Thanks Lynda
  2. Thanks for your responses! Panda That's the first time I've heard that if there are no objections after a period of time that the 'problem' becomes legal - I may pursue that a bit more! Alex, you've sparked an idea! Perhaps I can find some of that sticky plastic stuff that you can stick on the window that looks opaque - that way I keep the window, which the style is in keeping with the house, and people are less likely to object! Cheers Lynpy      
  3. Hi Can anyone shed some light on this for me please. We have an illegal window (we only have a permit for glass blocks) which overlooks a field which is unused by the owner and the land is 'non constructible'. The owner is happy for us to have a window but he can't swap his piece of land with a bit of ours, in order to make the window legal, as his nephews own half of it. Sadly he's lost contact with them and they're not local. If we can't locate the nephews to resolve the situation and we sell the house in the future will this cause a problem to the sale?  Everyone in this village seems to have illegal windows and buildings. Our neighbour has an unmissable 60ft x 15ft illegaly built barn in his garden which is on view to all and most of the village has illegal velux windows !  Noone is affected by our window. We're still trying to trace the nephews but although they've inherited the land, their mother is still listed as owning it. When I contacted the Mairie of the commune where she was listed they said they'd never heard of her! The only reason we didn't use glass blocks is because it's in the living area and glass blocks would make it look like a prison or a bathroom! Any ideas? Thanks Lynpy
  4. Hi Whitey We only want the frame, not the window. But perhaps I can ask at Lapeyre if they can just make the frame. Thanks lynpy
  5. Hi there Just wondered if anyone knew where we could buy a window frame? We are adding a window to our room and have found a perfect match to the other window in the same room. Unfortunately as it was from Emmaus it came without the frame.  I guess we were so overcome with excitement we just didn't think about it! So any ideas would be welcome! Many thanks Lynpy
  6. Hi there Have you tried sites such as http://www.getafreelancer.com ? I've no idea if they are any good but I've seen some other sites like this which offer freelance work if you are qualified in design, publishing, IT etc. Wish I was! Good luck. lynpy  
  7. Thanks very much for your responses. I have thought about cheaper options but Will has made a valid point about sticking with Orange/FT in case of any problems with the phone lines. I'm hoping to start a small business within the next 6 months so I'd prefer to pay out a few more euros each month for peace of mind. Just one more (probably daft) question, can I still use a cordless phone ? Thanks again lynpy    
  8. Hi there I've just been looking at the 'internet & calls' package with Orange. It appears that it will cost me only 29.90 per month + 7.00 for international calls. This seems a good deal to me as at the moment I'm paying 24.90 for orange internet only and between 20euros - 50 euros each month with Phonexpat! Apparently I will also get a 2nd telephone line via the live box ( Well I think so!). My question is does anyone understand if both of the phone lines will work on this offer or is it just the calls via the livebox that are free? It all seemed so straightforward but as my command of the language doesn't include 'small print' I don't want to sign up for a 12 months contract that isn't really what I had in mind. I'd be grateful for your thoughts! Lynpy    
  9. Thanks Smiley In that case, I think I'd be safer forgetting the scenic route and doing the motorway via Carcassone & Toulouse and drop down to Lourdes/Tarbes. I didn't realise it would take so long to get to Foix, but of course it's difficult looking at a general map to get an idea of the route. Many thanks Lynpy
  10. Hi I'm looking for a family room somewhere between Foix & Lourdes on 14 & probably 15 July. Clean & comfy is all we need. If anyone has availability and would like to direct me to thier website/info then please pm me.   Many thanks Lynpy  
  11. Hi We'll be holidaying in Argeles in July and are planning to drive across to the Lourdes area on our way home. I just wondered if the extra 2 hours drive via Foix was worth it as against the motorway via Toulouse? I believe it's going to take about 5 & half hours.  We live in the Vendee but thought we could across to the west of France so we could see some more of France. The kids are getting the beach & Spain but we want to see the mountains! The one small complication is that we will be travelling on 14 July! I believe the Tours de France will be in Foix area but I have no idea if it will delay our drive. Any advice, thoughts etc. would be most welcome. Kind regards lynpy  
  12. lynpy


    Just a thought, as I don't know what type of business you've been running and if you've got the time but if the business is quiet why not one of you try for some temp work to get you through.  I don't know the legal ins and outs but if one of you was 'temporarily employed' that may put you in the system or so I believe. May be worth a try. Wishing you all the very best, Lynpy
  13. Hi there Shame you're not a bit nearer to 85 as my OH is a pro guitar player and also taught guitar in UK schools for years. Anyway if you check out some of the French music sites you can sometimes find teachers - you can search by area. Here are a few that may help: http://fr.audiofanzine.com/services/petites_annonces/?idpays=1&idregion=21&idtype=0&order_pa=date&prix_min=&prix_max=&model=2&pmpa=0&idproduit=10008&page=1&filtreOK=1 www.vivastreet.com  www.musiciens-dans-ta-ville.com  www.infoo-groupe.com  www.zikinf.com Good Luck Lynpy
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    We are also having a problem with a guest in the attic who likes to play right above our bed, usually at 3.00am! My OH now sleeps with a long handled brush next to the bed ready to bang on the ceiling to frighten it away! He only suceeds in waking me up though! I did come face to face with one of these rather cute creatures a couple of years ago when I was in a furniture shop. I wanted to measure a mattress and I reached into my handbag to get my tape measure out  but instead I pulled out a four legged creature with Mickey mouse ears and a bushy tail! It must have crawled in for a sleep when I'd left my bag open on the kitchen floor earlier! Thank god I didnt pull it out 10 mins earlier at the till at Leclerc!  
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