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  1. What is the span of the beams (end to end)?
  2. Norfolkline (now known as DFDS) is a real bargain method of getting across the Channel. They come and go every two hours like clockwork, and there is an excellent choice of eateries from basic to fairly posh. I've used them quite a lot on business, but not a great deal of use for the second-home owner in Lower Normandie ....
  3. If you're going onto wood, not sure if this is the best solution. Maybe better to put down some 18mm plywood, screwed enthusiastically.
  4. ... and Antwerpen has possibly the best range of beer in the world
  5. Not sure about "Cumulus". It's usually used as just a generic term for a ballon or chauffe-eau. But then again, maybe it's like "Hoover" ....
  6. Both systems are corrosion protection systems rather than cleaning systems, and don't help against calcaire build-up. The "titane" versions are an "impressed" current system i.e. they are "active" and only work when the power is on at the chauffe-eau. Some of them have a battery back-up so that current is supplied during short off periods, for example if the chauffe-eau is running on off-peak electricity and is off during the day. However the battery back-up is quite limited, so the "titane" type is OK for a house which is permanently occupied, not good for a maison secondaire. On the plus side, it doesn't wear out like a magnesium anode does. I would always go for a branded make like Sauter, I have had a mystery make, it lasted quite well, but the problems come when you want to change thermostat or element: these things ain't standard and interchangeable as in UK.
  7. Nice wall, Dave. That won't be wobbly like some of the minimal rail / montant jobbies.
  8. Are you using wooden studding or metal (rail et montant)? Plasterboard is 1200 mm wide (roughly equivalent to 48 Canadian inches), and stud spacing would normally be 600 mm i.e. two bays per sheet rather than 3 bays at 16 inches. If you are using the metal stuff, it's best to double up the verticals (montants) back to back, otherwise the partition can seem a bit flimsy.  
  9. Ah, but is the devis for a roof or a metaphorical roof ?
  10. In France a Devis is usually very detailed and will describe exactly what is being quoted for no more no less. Was the "quote" from a French contractor ?
  11. It's a pressure relief valve aka "group de securite". It's fitted on the inlet side. Note that as the tank heats up, water will come out of the outlet even in normal service. This is what is inside .... http://w4-web125.nordnet.fr/groupe_securite_fr.htm  
  12. The "popular" size in France seems to be 16mm.
  13. "Nothing ever gets done on time or within budget"  (Cheop's Law) "They'll never be in by Christmas" (Kevin McLeod : Grand Designs)    
  14. Why is it that the amount of stuff taken always grows to fit the transport available? I don't think I've ever been over with spare space for years ... some sort of Parkinson's Law applies methinks.
  15. Whatever .... just don't get confused and put gasoline in your heater. There would be tears before bedtime.
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