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  1. Thanks very much for that, I will pop around with the comiseration pastis now , then next year he can provide the champagne!!
  2. Trying to help an older neighbour of mine, he has turned 60 this year and has just got his tax habitation which he thought due to his income RFR being below the threshold limit and being on his own would qualify him for an exonoration this year. My only thought was that maybe as the bills represent the year commencing 1 Jan 2009 then maybe that is the age they count you as for the whole year and next year in their eyes he will be 60 and possibly due an exonoration, any thoughts folks ?
  3. Yes I joined a Humax up instead of a sky box and away you go , instructions very easy, they would have to be for me, took about 5 mins, no movement of dish necessary as long as correctly aligned in the first place
  4. Bluebells


    yes last year had my 10 days olive oil etc under docs totalage Then she tried to syringe er no, so off to NIORT and this specialist who applied a very powerfull vax to me ear oles and voila a fag butt in each one (well at least thats what it looked like) amazing I could even here other half say - do you know where the washing up bowl is,needless to say it was stright back to the cotton buds!!!!
  5. yes , what a larf, took my sky card out and after 20 mins came back and all I had was bbc2 and the radio, put it back in and all came back, any ideas ?
  6. no avis yet but got me cheque for windows and fire rebates, a real bonus, cheers
  7. in addition yes they are dressed stone, the rear house wall is north facing and has a set of double glazed french doors down stairs and no windows upstairs
  8. sorry, yes old wide stone walls throughout i am afraid, this is the only bit of the house that goes cold really and i put that down to the cellar below so it would seem the only solution apart from extra heating is too add extra insulation from below, thanks for the replies
  9. at one end of our house leading off the kitchen is a utility / study room above which is the main bedroom. Both rooms are 6 m x 6 m, the attic above the bedroom is very well insulated, there is a fair size radiator in both rooms. All windows and doors both up and down are double glazed. Below the utlity is a cellar accessed from outside, this has had its ceiling lagged with the silver foil insulation stuff. In winter this part of the house remains stubournly cold. Cant really see what else i can do to improve this situation except use rolls of insulation in the cellar between the ceiling beams and then use attic floor covering to hold in place, the cellar is lovely and dry i might add. Do you think this is worth it and does the tin foil layer thing compromise the second insulation roll or vise versa, your thoughts please!!
  10. My two penneth would be no. I would of thought that you would have to have your husbands 40% invalidity as being the same as a French invalidity at 40 %. Where to begin that i know not where but maybe your doctor could help. Other than that there are a few on such pensions I believe on this Forum maybe they will be along and advise or suggest other ways of going about this.
  11. Ron, thanks for that, yes it was all done last year, have a nice day
  12. SD or Ron, does box WG refer to windows and fires put in in your first two years of purchase, mine is not just want to be sure, thanks
  13. it was an endowment policy with life assurance built in !!
  14. I made a total profit of £6500 (9100 euros) at the time after 19 years. So do I put nothing on the Form as I have not used up the allowance or do I put it in and they take the allowance into account ?????
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