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  1. [quote user="Christine Animal"]ornière = rut ?   [/quote] Is orniere a groove too Christine? The beam does have a split along it. I think I'll have to ask him to write the word down![:)]
  2. Hmmm...now that seems more like it! Sapwood is just beneath the bark isn't it?...we thought he was saying that it's mainly the bark areas which have been affected- but there is no bark...so...sapwood sounds spot on! And yes- part of the beam does need replacing as they've got into a crack which was treated 20 yrs ago. We knew it needed doing so it's no problem. 15 litres Xylophene, masks and gloves at the ready!..guess what we'll be up to this weekend! Many thanks folks.....will certainly let you know if it's not auier- Thanks Danny![:)]
  3. Ha!...nope nope and nope[:-))] He's coming over to replace a radiator in a couple of weeks so I'll ask him then- just interested in working it out before hand! We have active woodworm in one of the main beams in that room so it looks like we'll have to treat all the wood anyway. Out of interest.....should you scrape away badly pitted wood if it seems pretty solid??
  4. Nope...got all those words as well!! Can't seem to find it in a dictionary- fine for translating written words, but conversational/slang/local terms are harder going as I'm sure you'd agree[;-)]
  5. We have just had the heating guy round and he was talking about our ceiling beams around the chimney He mentioned a word ....orbier/lorbiere/ourbier.....( we have wood worm in some of the beams) - he was pointing to areas of the beams which were clearly scraped away which were pitted with old woodworm- they seemed sound now. Any help wit the translation folks??
  6. Thanks SD!!! It's what I thought...but I think I started to Google out of date info!! Better concentrate on the woodworm for now then[:-))]
  7. Just getting a bit confused and wondered if anyone knows up to date info about whether my husband needs to get a work permit. We are both UK residents and living in our French house for 3 months whilst my OH is working in France. We will then decide if we shall stay here , or work between the 2 countries.I'm not working at the moment ( trying to improve my French by doing voluntary work) Obviously we want to do the right thing, but my research throws up different information. I have a feeling things have changed recently. Any ideas anyone??? Many thanks!
  8. Remember..it pays a life insurance..could/would you wish to replace that?? Our initial endowment  was for £90 T...surrender value £ 40K  a couple of weeks ago...( well - actually selling on  -  not selling) Surrender date 2015. Advised to leave be as w are in our 50's and life insurance would be high for the same cover. How much d you need the cover/cash???...you need some quotes- (they'll be with you within the week for selling on..)
  9. Maybe we should all start asking them when it's available so they are aware of the demand!!!! Xmas with BBC TV instead of  Interville would be preferable!!!!![:-))]
  10. I have heard that this will be available in France 'eventually'. Anyone know any more details???? From next week would suit me fine![:-))]
  11. Nicos

    Wish me luck!

    Remember to close all your windows!!!! Good luck!
  12. No need to shout RH....I'm trying to listen to what valB is whispering!!![:-))][:D]
  13. I'm newish here Coops 2...but I have to say you are clearly a wonderful man..and have a wonderful wife. Tis so lovely to hear Deb's progress..and your devotion to her.
  14. Just wondering....... we've got private plates on our UK car- how would registering it in France differ?? ( ie do we just need proof of the original registration, or wouldn't it matter??)
  15. I bought one from Kleeneze or Betterware last year. I've not used it much but have found it to be quite frail- ie only takes lightweight stuff- as it bends quite  a lot. Better than no second self though!
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