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  1. a[quote user="suein56"][quote user="Russethouse"]http://services.completefrance.com/forums/completefrance/cs/forums/3038392/ShowPost.aspx I think the real point is that no one has answered Geoginas other question....[/quote] I wasn't aware it was compulsory to answer questions on here ... have the rules changed over Christmas ? Sue [/quote] And this is another reason no one comes here
  2. Sigh ... no I do not come on here to make friends (seriously confused).  Never mind I have asked a french person in french. I came on here because I was expecting some kind of intelligent response from someone with experience.  And i would point out if there was someone who wanted information here when I joined, I would have no problem giving it for free as I have several people not on forums.. Too many sarcastic offensive comments nowadays......... idle hands Time to go away again for three years. BYE
  3. Well I have not been here for a while but joined in 2004. I am surprised that there are very small percentage of responses to posts on here. Where has everyone gone???  Considering the number of views, the percentage of responses is practically nil I always got a quick response on here but I see how many people cannot even be bothered to help anyone anymore. Sorry it went that way here.  Where has everyone knowledgeable gone.????  Back to Blighty????  (:
  4. Sorry must have been drunk when I first posted LOL Anyway my boiler has been left in a dangerous condition by a complete nincompoop He was supposed to clean (entetrien) the heating system but instead ended up leaving it in what appeared to be a dangerous condition.  He was here an hour so I left him and asked him to shut the door.  When I got back there was broken bits all over the floor.  He apparently removed the door and the (isolate) fell off which is the plaque between the door and the burner at the top which stops the door burning i guess.. It sits behind the burner to stop the door bursting into flames I guess. Now obviously the door got really hot and the flames can be seen from the boiler.  Well I did  not know all this until the bloody thing stopped working two weeks after he came (Sunday even).  No hot water no heating..  The burnt out spark plug had not been replaced and I had someone in who told me it had fallen out.  But actually the bloody door  was covered in soot and the casing had melted as he had broken the isolation plaque.  He said he had to remove this to clean it but did not bother to tell me he broke it.  Then putting the plastic casing back when it was obviously going to melt beggars belief. Now two weeks later and he does not bother to tell me!!!!! He does not bother to tell me that my bloody house would catch on fire. so the next guy I have around tells me "he is no longer with us" well good job as I will bloody kill him, but I bet it is an excuse. Well they said I will have to replace the whole thing (new rules and all that).  Well I heard that one before so I said ''j n'etais  pas nee hier''. My neighbour said that the young technicians always want to sell you a new one and tell you they cannot get the parts. so my question is, as this was taken on a contract, have you any idea what I should do other than refuse to pay them. Does anyone know if there is a law against leaving a boiler in a dangerous condition without informing the owner??? Any French people here?????
  5. [quote user="Pickles"][quote user="Pommier"]Don't Free send you a pre-paid label to return the modem? That's what SFR do.[/quote] From what I have seen on various fora, Free do not do that. [/quote] Yeah Free turns out to be quite expensive. I have checked the speeds in our area and they are appalling, so no it is not that it can get better I am outraged at having to fork out to send this back by post as it weighs a great deal. Pity they do not have an unfair contract law like they do in England
  6. Hi, I am changing from Free as I found their speeds gradually and gradually slowing down to nothing.  Apparently with their offers on mobiles and being the pioneers they got far too many customers and now cannot give the service.  When I look on their website it says I have to send them a form telling them i no longer want to use them.  I have done this but it also said I have to send the freebox back by post (it weighs 7kg) by 'accuse de reception.  Is this right?  I mean when I got the thing I picked it up from Intermarche.  Surely they should arrange the same?  This is gonna cost a packet.  Also they want 49 euros cancellation.  Seems ridiculous. How do they get away with it? By the way be wary when you change supplier as they cut you off without notice. All companies do this.  I had SFR cut off my phone before I even got my new sim card.  They do not give you any warning and plus I got cut off without even having sent back my contract.
  7. Some friends had a quiet country lane near their house and these groups used to gather, this was in England, they have been doing this for years in England. They contact each other through the internet and some are guys wanting guys of whom some are married apparently!!! Imagine if you found that your H was a secret gay guy.  Or else it was called dogging!!!  But it used to amuse me when we drove to our friends' house, the looks we would get from these guys sat there for hours apparently. Nowt weirder than folk.  Guess it caught on in France.
  8. Ugh night in one of those seats like sleeping on the railway line.  Why on earth they made those seats so uncomfortable I will never know. and that new boat too. Anyway the prices quoted on that website above were different, more selection, and cheaper at the station. Interesting??
  9. Thanks everyone - I think if I go to the station I will get a cheaper fair maybe
  10. Can someone tell me the best way to get near Morlaix/ Brest from Dunkirk on December 21st and the. SNCF site confuses me.  Pleeeese???? 
  11. [quote user="Cendrillon"]Betty you really should start using some of those anti ageing creams they advertise on T.V. they can do wonders for the wrinkles![;-)] [/quote] Could be too late lol
  12. [quote user="You can call me Betty"]I thought of this thread today. India Knight wrote all about becoming a grumpy old woman in the Sunday Times today. She's only 46, Gawd help her. If she doesn't get a grip she'll probably have a heart attack before she hits 60. [/quote] well from your photo Betty u sure look grumpy, how old are you 36? lol
  13. Nah, keep you guessing lol anyhow this thread really did rattle a few  cages and got some stuff off of people's chests big and small hehe
  14. [quote user="Loiseau"]QUOTE woolybanana Oooh, Georgynana.... END QUOTE Are you two related by any chance?[/quote] Nah i am not a banana, I am a nice pear haha
  15. [quote user="woolybanana"]Ohhh Georgy porgy, come and grind my gears then and I promise not to bite my nails or cr ap my nappy, but can I please pick my nose?[/quote] Nah you don't sound too sexy, not desperate, probably banana is a bit soft  lol
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