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  1. After all, we had the quickest journey ever on Saturday from Surrey to the Channel Tunnel - just a short delay just before J11 M20 because of a jack-knifed lorry, but even that was only 5 minutes. Walking along the sea front in France though we could see just how bad the weather had been last week. Stacks of debris all over the promenades. That's why we don't use the ferry any more!! It was funny (and gave us the warm fuzzy feeling) to realise that next time we cross to France it will be on a one-way ticket[:D] Sass 
  2. Not only late but useless too - lets say Elton John instead[:$] Sass
  3. 'Scuse me butting in  (I'm usually too late) - Liza Minelli (That WAS David Furnished, wasn't it)
  4. Surrey, sorry.  (or do I mean Sorry, Surrey). Oh whatever .....   Sass
  5. What curry ingredients do you have trouble getting?  I've seen most spices (admittedly not turmeric), which ones should I buy huge packs of before I move to France? Also - what about Japanese stuff for sushi and Thai ingredients?  I'm sure our local Intermarche stocks coconut milk but lemon grass?  Kaffir lime leaves? - or better still is it possible to grow them. Sorry to go off in a tangent...  I love Cathedral city too but I was planning on weaning myself off it when we get there (and Marmite)   Sass
  6. Brill post, just what I have been thinking about too. Scart switches;  I didn't know they existed.  Do you happen to know the French name for them? Sass
  7. I was desperately upset when my oldest daughter (I think she was a changeling) told my granddaughter aged 3 that he didn't exist.  I kept telling her until she was 7 that he did but she never believed me and kept calling me silly (unfair, I thought) [:(] Now, the funny thing is that the little one came to France with us for Easter (2005, aged 8) and went rushing into the garden on Easter Sunday to see if the Easter Bunny had been - no mention of whether he existed or not.  I don't know whether she still believed in him or whether she was doing it for the benefit of her cousin who was with er - he was only 3. Twinks, you'll get through this and one day you'll be at my stage where the grandchildren rekindle all that magic over again.  It's great on Christmas Eve putting out the Brandy and mince pies for Santa, and a carrot for Rudolph - since me and the OH don't like brandy I wonder just who does drink it........?[8-)] Sass
  8. Still looks like a nasty scar on the landscape to me... but it WILL be helpful for us too - guess there's a bit of the NIMBY in all of us....
  9. That's really helpful advice, Logan. Thank you.  We're checking to see if we can do the same with ours.   Sass
  10. [quote user="aj_dr"]We have a garden centre near here, the person who runs it is English. He has also started up a 'Garden Club' and there are now over 100 members. We meet once a month and talks are given, last month there was a demonstration given on jam making by 2 local French ladies, next month there's a talk on pruning which I shall definitely go to as there are many plants you can grow here that don't survive an English winter. aj [/quote] Where is 'near here' AJ?
  11. [:$]  Oops  - I really should have read below first.  SORRY!!!  Put it down to the ramblings of an old lady!
  12. Following on from the previous post - is there any more news about Brive airport?  All I've noticed is a huge scar (blot?) on the landscape and a few signs for works transport.  I know there were plans to have it open by summer 2007 but haven't been able to find out any more.  Please don't say it's yet another Ryan Air/Stanstead link - they seem to have the monopoly in that region.   Sass
  13. Chocolate fountains are again this year's company Christmas party top accessory.  I'm doing all I can to resist the pleas of my younger colleagues to add one to ours.   I'd like to stay in my party dress all night rather than busting out of it by 9pm!  What with the turkey and stuffing too...  [8-)]
  14. [quote user="Cat 46"] We're a bit untraditional about the whole raclette thing, [/quote] My mouth is watering - sitting at my desk in the office wanting a decent lunch instead of the Marmite sarnie in the drawer!! We're a bit untraditional too.  I like to fill the tray with onion and red peppers, sometimes mushrooms, and when they are warmed through, put the cheese on top until it is cooked and pour over the potato (skin on, of course). PS - Great book Louise, I've ordered it already!
  15. That looks really interesting - anyone on here tried them? Our last-but-one load has just left the UK.  We don't finally move until February 1, so the UK house is looking fairly empty now.  On the up-side, we packed up the UK garden furniture, pots and things and are looking forward to unpacking them in France next weekend - please can we order some good weather so that we can enjoy them - SE England this weekend was VERY wet! Sass  
  16. We have two, one in France and one in England - use them both quite often.  Then the daughters all had to have one (each) too so we have in total bought five!  Then my niece ......... and so it continues...  Should I buy shares in Tefal??? The granddaughter loves it and has to have one every time she comes over. Haven't used the fondu for years but you've given me a good idea for this weekend.  THANKS!![:D]   Sass
  17. Having (ahem) written off my little Citroen a few months back here in the UK, I had to get a replacement pretty quick rather than waiting until I move to France.  It's a PUG 106 and I fully intend to bring it over just because it's easier than bringing it back to the UK to sell.  Should be easy enough to re-register (famous last words?).  We also had a Citroen XM estate which we considered bringing but unfortunately it died at the weekend.  Requiem mass to be held next week (no flowers please). [:(]
  18. Thanks for that Possumgirl - really good website - I've added it to my bookmarks![:D] Sass
  19. [quote user="Jane and Danny"]I think the Indian at the bottom of Bld Gambetta has closed down now. Jane [/quote] From what John-not-Di says it sounds just as well! We also used to go to Chez Silvestre at Bouzic, but Mme Silvestre dealt out such hearty portions that for the sake of the car's suspension, we've not been back for a while! When we eventually move in we will be half way between Souillac and Cahors. We've noticed lots of restaurants around that we haven't tried yet, chilli fix apart (OH is going to brush up on his Indian cookery skills).  There are two on the N20 just north of Cahors - La Garenne and I can't remember the other one.  There are a couple on the back road to Rocamadour in Logis (At Cales??), there's another Logis at Pont de Rhodes and then there's the Pheasant Plucker's (what's that???). All your comments and suggestions are very welcome.  Maybe one day soon we'll meet some of you in one of them! Sass (PS Jane, I've sent you a PM on another subject)
  20. Last time we passed through Cahors we noticed an Indian takeaway and a Chinese restaurant - has anyone tried them and can you recommend them?  Just in case we need the occasional chilli fix when we move in... What about other restaurants in the area?  We know Gindreau and La Recreation but our 'more rustic' (i.e. cheaper and heartier) restaurant experiences have been further north.  Any recommendations will be welcome.  Much as I like cooking, I don't want to have to do it EVERY day!   Sas  
  21. Try this link - you can link to each autoroute company on a map.  Most have sites showing what construction they are carrying out at the moment - some have an English version too. http://www.autoroutes.fr/index.php?lng=2  
  22. Did you not eat your crusts when you were growing up Jayjay?  I'd do a swap if I could - too many unruly curls that frizz at the drop of a hat!
  23. There's nothing wrong with grey hair per se!  I went on the slippery slope when Oldest Daughter was training and needed a model - good old Mum got roped in - then Middle Daughter also went into the same business and needed ......... well, you know the rest.  From then on I haven't been able to grow grey gracefully and now I'm trying to find a way to do it without looking too shocking. I suppose I could just dye the lot grey when I move but I think the OH might have a nasty shock in the morning (and I might frighten the cats too - far more serious!).  But I am so looking forward to getting away from the day job and 6 mile journey that takes me anything from 20 mintues to 2 hours every day .......  And people ask me if I'm going to miss living in the UK!
  24. A young colleague of mine has purple hair - reminds me of the earlier reference to the poem - I wonder what her poem would be - When I grow old I shall wear ... black???? I might try the highlights and lighter colour, thanks - need a few tips from the eldest daughter who is a hairdresser but lives too far away to help me[:(] (Although I believe last time she saw my hair she said I was beyond help! - That reminds me, I really must do away with that spare bedroom before she wants to visit next [;-)])
  25. I'm thinking of undergoing a personality change when I  give up the day job to move to France. How do you undergo the change (not THAT change) from bottle brown to going grey without having that tell-tale half inch of greyish root.  I've even considered having it cropped and dyed the day before I leave the UK for good. BTW - my ex-hairdresser in the UK wanted to colour my hair 'French red' a couple of years ago - hence he is my EX--hairdresser ......
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