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  1. Thank you both very much.  I have now successfully downloaded one but, as you say, it is probably easier to fill it in on line and then print it out.  Regards,
  2. I have just been trying to download this form but can only see the one for 2006, although there is a description of the form marked 2007.  Has anyone else had this problem?  Maybe I am too early and it will appear later! Regards,
  3. Sorry Bud I forgot to thank you for your amazing photo of the pipe-blocking ragondin! Elaine
  4. Thanks for the photos, Chris - they're really good.  Once again, the head seems too heavy and square, this really was a very big rat with a more pointed face.  I caught another glimpse of one swimming away from me but it was too far to get a proper look. Regards, Elaine
  5. Many thanks for all the replies.  Chris - we live between Arles and Salon de Provence, which has some of the features of the camargue, but luckily no mosquitoes! Pads - the tail was definitely a rat-tail. I suppose it must have been a ragondin, but the face was that of a 'whiskery rat', with no 'heavy jaw' or squareish face shape and I didn't see its teeth! (maybe its another variety of ragondin).  Thanks again and I shall look out for more sightings (the dogs are very happy to do this also!!); Elaine
  6. While I was walking the dogs yesterday at dusk I saw two animals hurrying towards me down the dry bed of a stream(we live in an area like the camargue)  I had an excellent view of one of them as, in the scurry of activity to escape the dogs, it walked past me and didn't seem afraid.  It was basically a very big rat, but its face was more like that of an otter with a lot of whiskers and when I looked at the picture of a Ragondin the face shape didn't fit (the Ragondin seems to have a long, strong looking face) The only other possibility seemed to be a musk rat, but I remain unsure - any ideas? Thanks,
  7. Laine

    Re: Carte Vitale

        I read your post with interest as we have been thinking about getting a mutuelle for some time.  It has always seemed expensive but, as you say, this is the nature of insurance of all kinds!  In fact we have lived in France for nearly 15 years (I am 61, my husband 58) and have managed without the traditional ''top-up'.  My husband is diabetic and is covered 100% for anything associated with this condition and I am in good health (touch wood!!)  However, if you can get a basic mutelle for 18 euros a month then that seems very reasonable - I really thought it was much more expensive than that!! Could you please let me know what insurance company this is.   Many thanks. Kind Regards,
  8. Hi Scorpio, Thanks so much for your quick response.  In fact we have also to fill in a 'Déclaration complémentaire' 2042 CK where we declare our (very small) earnings from our business (teaching English and computing), but I was only worried about doing the pensions correctly - thanks once again. Regards,  Laine
  9. Laine


    Sorry to hear of your problems - we have been in a similar position and we turned to the 'assistant sociale' - I think there is one in every village.  If you explain your position I'm sure they will try to help you - it's a pity about the RMI, but there are other payments that you may be able to claim (especially being pregnant) CAF is another organisation that might be able to help you.  As regards the cotisations, if you don't have the money they can't make you pay!  Write very grovelling letters to them and explain that you want to pay but you can't - throw yoursleves on their mercy and you might be surprised. Don't be embarrassed to ask for help - everybody needs it sometimes.  Good luck. Regards, Laine
  10. Sorry it's another tax form question.  Since filling in this form (2042 K) last year (with a lot of help from this forum) I have seen some conflicting information and now am wondering if in fact I did it wrong.  My main question relates to section 8 of 2042- I have entered my teachers pension under TI and old age pension on page 3and I'm not sure whether I should enter the old-age pension in one of these boxes in section 8 or not.  I have filled in 2047 also (OAP on page 1 and teachers pension on page 4 (section VII).  I have nothing else to declare as income on these forms, so you would think it would be simple but I'm feeling lost again! Thanks for any help/confirmation. Regards, Laine
  11.     Hello Lisa, As you are a bit short of replies, I thought I would answer you,  but I don't have much knowledge of how to enter the French system itself (through exam qualifications).  My only knowledge is about the private sector, as we have been running a small private school since 1993, with varying degrees of success!  With your qualifications and experience it is just a question of being in the right place at the right time if you want a job in the private sector (not as easy as it seems) and of course sending your CV to all likely places.   The Chambers of Commerce in most towns offer English courses and sometimes they actively look for native speakers, also there are private organisations which offer 'soutien scolaire' or help for children in difficulty, and again they are sometimes happy to have a native speaker (e.g. Acadomia, ForProf etc.)  An alternative is to register as a profession liberale (independent worker) and try to build up a business for yourself, through advertising etc.  - this involves paying a lot of social charges, so you need a 'cushion' of money to help you get started and another problem  is that you get a lot of private teaching 'on the black'.   Good luck with whatever you decide to do.
  12.     Hello Dotty, Just to add my experience.  My son was knocked over at school by another boy and was taken to hospital because he hit his head and had a fit.   It seems that in France, as a general rule, you give your insurance company all the details (and the other person's company details) and you leave them to fight it out - this is what you pay them for!! If you have to pay out, then just make sure you keep all the bills as proof.  In our case the college didn't get involved, probably because the other boy's parents accepted full responsibility immediately.  We didn't have a top-up insurance (mutuel) so, in fact, the other boy's insurance company had to pay all the bills.  Incidentally the care he received was wonderful and he had no after effects (thank goodness!). Sorry not to be more helpful, but every case is different.  Perhaps you should ask your insurance company for advice. Regards,
  13.  Many thanks Sunday Driver - I have written to our caisse and sent them the E121.  Now we are waiting and hoping! Regards,
  14. Hi all, This is a supplementary question to Sunday Driver's last post  about health cover.  My husband is Profession Liberale here in France -( we have been here for 13 years) and I started to receive the UK old age state pension last year.  At the moment we pay cotisations to a caisse R.S.I.( specifically for Profession Liberale) and my question is,  are we covered under the E121 that I have, or do we need to continue to pay to this caisse?  It would be wonderful not to have to pay these charges! Regards,
  15. Hi, We live in the Vaucluse (Vedene), which isn't too far away.  What would you like to know and I'll do my best to answer your questions. Regards,
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