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    My Pigs

    Hi we raise pigs in France, got 6 at the moment, and more on the way. We have several choices of slaughter, including the butcher coming round to the house and doing it, the abattoir or taking them to the butchers house...he then keeps all the bits we don't want.... What dept are you in? Have you thought about asking the local farmers if there is pig rearer nearby who could do it for you, or there maybe some small holders who do there own..I can think of four people near me (all french) who slaughter their own pigs, including blood collection for boudin noir. I think killing the pig yourself may not be an option, since they are large creatures and very intelligent etc...imagine if you messed it up, heaven forbid...I would advise you get some experienced help to show you how to do it the first time and then you do one after with supervision. I have seen photos of a pig being slaughtered and there were four men holding it down, not stressed in anyway i add (all humane and calm), but you don't want it moving. As for rules, all animals (sheep pigs etc not chickens and the like) should be slaughtered in an abattoir as far as I know, but that rule is widely ignored...don't broadcast what you are doing. If you're selling the meat, there is a chance you need a certificate of health for the pig, before slaughter from a vet. pm if you are anywhere near my dept 16 and I can put you in touch with a butcher who'll do a home visit. Good luck and enjoy the meat, it's really satisfying to know where your meat has come from and that it's had a good life.  Lisa
  2. Have you thought about Blanchon oils, they come ready coloured and you need two coats. I have a floor sander for hire, but depends where you are , also supplier for Blanchon oils (funnily enough..) but it really does look good as it's oil and therefore without that 'varnished' look. HTH Lisa
  3. Yes they are the ones in the photo, and the nest thing is exactly the same sort of thing too. Thanks Punaise are those stinky sheild bugs. I saw a letter or article in French News last year from someone saying they were studying them and could people send them to him...wasn't you chris?? Well we get thousands of them here loads of shades from browns to greens. They spray a smelly liquid at you if you disturb them. I flick them really hard a quickly out of the window, and mostly avoid getting sprayed. The smell is a bit like soap, but worse... Lisa
  4. I am currently teaching for several companies teaching english and business english and to children after school. I have the CELTA cert and I am a secondary school teacher from the UK. No roblem with CELTA, make sure your CV looks good and show all your experience of teaching, levels and age groups etc. If you want any more help just ask.
  5. Just seen the wierdest thing, well I thought so. Like a nest of around 50 small black furry caterpillars with red/orange eyes...with a type of web around them forming a nest? this was on the ground within the grass, and closeby another 'nest' with same caterpillars but larger.....any idea what they are going to be?? oh and the punaise sp? (yeuk) are out again.
  6. Not sure if anyone can help, but I'm looking for a large white female pig, quite urgently....our female dies four days ago and the male is getting very lonely...Thanks Oh I'm in 16 but can collect if not too far away....
  7. I am looking to buy or even better, to be given a female large white pig around 2 years old. To breed with our boar....if you know someone or have one to sell/give yourself...thanks
  8. You can bring them back on the ferry, got ours through no problem...just don't wave them about infront of the customs folk!
  9. You could buy yourself a little white van, and park it awkwardly on the road edge by your house and stand next to it smoking all day, or just invite the chasse round to visit....they don't seem to have much luck round us, I think deer must have an innate sense or white van = chasse and steer well clear!
  10. I think you have to make some sort of cut in the bark and possible bind the mistletoe to it, not too strongly I would have thought. As far as I know mistletoe only grows on certain trees and I think that's fruit trees and poplar, there are probably others.....good luck HTH not an expert...
  11. Good idea, forgot about ebay and thanks for the reply.
  12. Weirdly I am just trying to do my cv for an interview with anpe tomorrow and I have written concubinage...but not sure if that's correct, any ideas, since I'm def not célibataire
  13. well done, what are you doing for a job then??
  14. Thanks for all your replies, that's all great advice. Just have to get myself sorted out to send off my CV now! Thanks again. I am working in a Uni, so I have got some work, just fancied school kids instead of stroppy students!!
  15. I am thinking of getting a TNT box for Christmas, where can I get a cheap one? Someone told me Auchan does one for around 35€ but can I get it for less? Thanks for your help, Lisa
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